The filler chapters of Naruto you don’t need to see

The Naruto series and its sequel Naruto Shippüden, are recognized worldwide for being one of the most extensive. The first installment has 220 episodes. Therefore, it is to be assumed that among the chapters that make it up, there is a considerable amount of filler chapters of Naruto.

A filler chapter is one in which its content has no relation to the normal development of the series. Generally, these chapters are presented in order to give the creator more time to generate more themes for his work.

On some occasions, these types of chapters become too many, as is the case with Naruto. The animated version of Masashi Kishimoto’s manga, which reaches a total of 84 filler chapters, although these are few compared to those presented by Naruto Shippüden.

Next, we present a list with the filler chapters of Naruto that you do not need to see.

Save time! These are the filler chapters of Naruto that you can skip

The following are the filler chapters of Naruto that you do not need to see, because they add nothing to the original plot sequence. Also, most fans of the series have found them boring. Therefore, if you want to see the entire series, you can skip them without affecting the original development of the plot.

Season 1

Chunin exam bow

  • “Special report! Live from the forest of death ”. Chapter 26

Season 4

Tsunade’s quest arc

  • “Kidnapping! Naruto’s adventure at the spa! ” Chapter 97
  • “The will of fire continues to burn!” Chapter 99.
  • “A must see! The true face of Master Kakashi! ” Chapter 101

Escort Mission Arc in Tea Country

  • “Mission: Help an Old Friend in Tea Country” Chapter 102.
  • “The race started! Trouble on the high seas! ” Chapter 103.
  • “Run, Idate run! Nagi Island awaits! ” Chapter 104.
  • “The Great Battle of the Wavy Lightning!” Chapter 105.
  • “The Last Effort: A Final Act of Despair” Chapter 106.

Naruto filler chapters: season 6

Research mission arc in the country …

  • “Covert! A super S type mission! ” Chapter 136.
  • “A people without law. The Shadow of the Fuma Clan ”Chapter 137.
  • “Pure betrayal and a brief plea” Chapter 138.
  • “Pure terror! Orochimaru’s house! ” Chapter 139.
  • “Two Heartbeats: Kabuto’s Trap” Chapter 140.

Mizuki’s tracking mission arc

  • “Ton Ton I’m counting on you!” Chapter 143.
  • “A new team: Two people and a dog!” Chapter 144.
  • “A new formation: Ino – Shika – Cho!” Chapter 145.
  • “Remaining Ambition: Orochimaru’s Shadow” Chapter 146.
  • “The battle of destiny! You cannot defeat me! ” Chapter 147.

Bikochu search mission arc

  • “Even Akamaru is jealous of his ability! The Search for the Rare Bikochu Beetle ”Chapter 148.
  • “What is the difference? Aren’t they all the same? ” Chapter 149.
  • “A battle of insects! Imposters and deception! ” Chapter 150.
  • “No fear, Byakugan! This is my ninja way! ” Chapter 151.

Kurosuki Family Elimination Mission Arc

  • “Funeral March for the Living” Chapter 152.
  • “The fists of love!” Chapter 153.
  • “The Enemy of the Byakugan” Chapter 154.
  • “Dark and tenebrous clouds” Chapter 155.
  • “Raiga Strikes Back” Chapter 156.
  • “Run! The curry of life ”Chapter 157.

Gosunkugi Capture Mission Arc

  • “Trust me! The Great Survival Challenge ”Chapter 158.
  • “The Wasteland Bounty Hunter!” Chapter 159.
  • “Persecutor or persecuted? Confrontation in the temple! ” Chapter 160.

Naruto filler chapters: season 7

Cursed Warrior Extermination Mission Arc

  • “The Appearance of Strange Visitors” Chapter 161.
  • “The Phantom Warrior” Chapter 162.
  • “The Strategist’s Purpose” Chapter 163.
  • “Too late to help!” Chapter 164.
  • “Naruto’s death” Chapter 165.
  • “When Time Stood Still” Chapter 166.
  • “When Herons Spread Their Wings” Chapter 167.

Kaima’s Capture Mission Arc

  • “Stir it, stir it, bring it to a boil, let the copper pot heat up!” Chapter 168.
  • “Regards, the lost page!” Chapter 169.
  • “The Closed Door” Chapter 170.
  • “Infiltration! The trap set! ” Chapter 171.
  • “Despair, a broken heart!” Chapter 172
  • “Battle at sea! The power released! ” Chapter 173.

Buried Gold Digging Mission Arch

  • “It just can not be! The Money Jutsu ”Chapter 174.
  • “On the treasure hunt!” Chapter 175.
  • “Running, dodging and even zigzagging! Chase or you will be chased! ” Chapter 176.

Star Guard Mission Arc

  • “Please, Mr. Postman!” Chapter 177.
  • “Confrontation! The boy with the star’s name! ” Chapter 178.
  • “The Lullaby of Memories” Chapter 179.
  • “Hidden jutsu! The price of Kujacu ninja art! ” Chapter 180.
  • “Hoshikage: The Hidden Truth” Chapter 181.
  • “There is little time left!” Chapter 182.
  • “The Bright Light of the Star” Chapter 183.

Hawker Escort Mission Arc

  • “Kiba has a dog day” Chapter 184.
  • “The Onbaa! A legend from the village of the Leaf! ” Chapter 185.
  • “Shino laughs” Chapter 186.

Season 8

  • “Open to the Public, Sheet Moving Service” Chapter 187.
  • “The mystery of the persecuted salesmen!” Chapter 188.
  • “Unlimited Supply of Ninja Techniques” Chapter 189.
  • “The Byakugan discovers the weak point!” Chapter 190.
  • “Forecast of dead weather, cloudy day with possibility of sun” Chapter 191.

The third green beast arc

  • “Ino’s scream! Chubby paradise! ” Chapter 192.
  • “Long live the challenge of the dojo! Youth is only passion ”Chapter 193.
  • “The Mysterious Curse of the Haunted Castle” Chapter 194.
  • “The third super beast!” Chapter 195.
  • “The faight of the teacher against the studient!” Chapter 196.

Konoha Recapture Plans Mission Arc

  • “Crisis! The eleven from the village of the Leaf gather! ” Chapter 197.
  • “The ANBU surrender? Memories of Naruto! ” Chapter 198.
  • “Target missed!” Chapter 199.
  • “A powerful help!” Chapter 200.
  • “Trap upon trap! Countdown to destruction! ” Chapter 201.

Yakumo Kurama Rescue Mission Arc

  • “Sweat and tears among the ninjas, the 5 best battles!” Chapter 202.
  • “Kurenai’s Decision! Team 8 was left behind! ” Chapter 203.
  • “Yakumo’s Sealed Power” Chapter 204.
  • “The secret mission of Kurenai, the promise with the third Hokage” Chapter 205.
  • “Genjutsu or reality?” Chapter 206.
  • “Skills That Should Have Been Sealed” Chapter 207

Gantetsu Escort Mission Arc

  • “The Weight of the Valued Artifact” Chapter 208.
  • “Enemy! The Forsaken Ninjas ”Chapter 209.
  • “The Puzzling Forest” Chapter 210.
  • “Memories of Fire” Chapter 211.
  • “The Path of Each One” Chapter 212.

Season 9

Menma’s Memory Quest Arc

  • “Faded Memories” Chapter 213.
  • “Recovering Reality” Chapter 214.
  • “A Past to Erase” Chapter 215.

Sunagakure support mission arc

  • “The missing craftsman! Target: Shukaku! ” Chapter 216.
  • “Alliance of the Arena with the Blade Shinobi!” Chapter 217.
  • “Sealed Sand: The Counterattack!” Chapter 218.
  • “The Last Weapon Risen” Chapter 219.

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