The easiest way to become an Influencer

The unique moment that we live in the history of communications and information is incredible.

Contemporary man continues to transcend in the way he deals with his consumption habits and how he enjoys his free time. Now he stands up to the big brands of products and services, with a very powerful weapon: Your opinion.

From the new Marvel movie or the next season of Stranger Things to the new versions of the time-honored Stephen King classics such as Animal Cemetery or the terrifying It (It) are subject to a review or opinion.

Perhaps the new generations do not know the first versions and reading first-hand the opinions of those who did have the opportunity to see the original films will help them make a decision of what to watch or in what to invest their time.

Now the last word when buying a product, going to eat somewhere or enjoying a good movie will depend on us, those of us who consume, taste and laugh in front of the big screens.

It is not the same that you read it in a review written by a user than that you see it in a repetitive TV commercial or read it in a magazine. Who would you believe more?

With Peoople you can recommend your favorite topics.

The power of communication is now nourished by the opinion and credibility of the true “experts”: the users who consume and who live the proposals of the brands.

Before, a movie trailer could leave you hooked, leaving you eager to go see it at the movies and then leave the room a little disappointed. Now you can read the opinion of people or influencers whose criteria you respect and make the decision to go or not to pay the ticket, to wait to see it on Netflix or to simply skip it.

It is easier, more credible and effective to identify with the experience, review or opinion of another user or influencer than to believe the promises of the brands and their sharp advertisers.

The principle of the Peoople application is simple but powerful, you just have to create your username to start following those influencers whose opinions you respect and are decisive.

You know that they know first-hand what you want to know about what you want to know.

Do not forget that thanks to social networks, your words, thoughts and opinions are also worth a lot, therefore, when you create your profile on Peoople it is very possible that they will also begin to follow you as an expert on a certain topic and based on your collections , experiences, location, labels and of course reviews, other users will be able to make a decision, both at the point of sale and in front of the screen of their Smartphone or computer.

In our small planet, we are all potential influencers, we all have the tools and we have access to the same platforms, the power is in your hands. Do you dare to use it with Peoople ?

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