The big business of influencers on Instagram

The influencers They are a new type of celebrity who, asserting that an image is worth a thousand words, are in charge of promoting to their thousands of followers on social networks the products and services of different brands with which they establish a strategic cooperative relationship.

They are the proclamation of hedonism, showing a lifestyle that many can only dream of, although sometimes it is a fantasy, a character that is created solely for the purpose of selling and generating content with the ability to be viral in the social media.

Involved in brand generation

To be an influencer, the main requirement is to have a community of followers that exceeds, at least, the 5,000 followers. On Instagram, they have to generate enough interactions to justify brands paying the fees that these characters set for their collaborations.

The number of followers will depend on the noise they make on social networks and their ability to influence potential customers and encourage the purchase of a product. Likewise, the number of followers in the community will be the basis for calculating the cost of their services and the conditions of collaboration.

That is why buying followers is a common practice in some influencers, looking to grow their community, increasing the authority of social profiles quickly and with little effort, thus avoiding having to work with marketing companies that achieve growth. of the networks through classic digital advertising strategies.

Influencers are involved in the brand generation. With the content they share with their followers, they have the ability to influence public opinion and even completely exhaust the existence of a product, as is the case with macro (with more than half a million followers).

Given their potential to viralize content, they have become the darlings of digital marketing strategies carried out by different brands and companies of all sectors. A well-conducted strategy has the ability to improve the image of a brand and reach new audiences.

The naked influencers business

It is a fact that it is possible to sell through social networks, and although influencers are not dedicated to direct sales, they are in charge of promoting products of different brands through Instagram.

Brands come to pay large amounts of money and although the results are excellent when choosing the right characters from the company’s niche, there are times when the brand incurs losses by investing its money with little judgment.

To ensure the effectiveness of the strategy, the brands and companies that hire these media personalities have to carry out a conscious analysis of various indicators in order to measure their real influence and be able to take real advantage of these collaborations, working with the appropriate intermediaries. that filter the most prominent influencers in each sector.

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