What is the best technique to play pool games?

Play to billiards It is the favorite pastime of millions of people around the world. There is very little certainty about its creation but it is usually attributed to Henry Devigne, a little known character. The game consists of putting all the balls through the holes in the table, before your partner does.

Some go to gambling bars, others have tables at home, while many prefer to play online on sites like this website specializing in pool games. In short, it is a relaxing and entertaining game that offers certain challenges, for which you have to learn complex maneuvers that are easy to master with practice.

In fact, billiards is more complex than many people think and therefore, there are different techniques and tricks that help improve in the games of billiards. Today we will show you some of them, so you can improve in this sport.

There are 5 very important basic tricks

If you want to be a true billiard star, you need to master these 5 essential tips to dominate the game.

Hand position

Hold the thick end of the cue, pointing your palm up. Make a circle with the thumb and index fingers of your non-dominant hand, then pass the cue through the circle. The hand holding the cue must be higher than the hand on the table. This would be the billiard basic position.

Body posture

Being tense can be very serious for the game. If you don’t relax, your hands will apply more stress than is really necessary and will spoil your plays by making your shots less accurate. Focus, just relax and maintain a consistent body posture; align your right foot with the cue ball and your object ball.


The mind and imagination are essential elements to perform better in the game. It is often necessary to draw imaginary paths of the balls in order to plan each shot. Draw a straight line from the side of the ball that you are going to hit, to the point where you want it to go. It is good to practice your aiming techniques, until perfecting it.


The movement of the hand must be precise, straight and also relaxed. A common mistake is to stop the cue in its tracks, after the blow, but it is necessary to let the cue follow its path, at least 15 centimeters, and ensure that the body tension does not affect the quality of the blow or the direction.

Avoid moving the white one too much

If you draw a strategy from the beginning, you will have better chances of moving the cue ball less and with this, you will notice how your game begins to improve. Excess force causes the ball to travel too far, so you have to think through the play beforehand, and then hit safely. It is a ritual that you must perfect.

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