The best superhero series (that you can see on Netflix)

For fans of the best series, there is a well-stocked catalog of fascinating superhero adventures on Netflix.

Are you from the team Marvel or from the team DC? Whatever your preference, you have the opportunity to enjoy various series on this online platform that is already present in many homes.

Let’s see what the best titles present on Netflix so you can spend marathons of fun in your spare time:

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You don’t have to see the movie to see the series. Blind since childhood, Matt murdock He fights injustice during the day, practicing law, and becomes the reckless superhero at night to fight crime in Hell’s Kitchen, New York.

Jessica jones

This is the second series in the Marvel franchise available on the platform where we follow a disillusioned former superhero, who has become a private detective. A new investigation, however, reveals the old demons in the young woman.Jessica jones It is the heroine we were waiting for!

The punisher

Frank Castle, an ex-marine, is determined to avenge his murdered family by all means. A dark universe, well-developed action scenes and extremely well-known characters. It is worth mentioning the excellent performance of Jon bernthal In the role of The punisher.

Iron fist

Left for dead, Danny rand returns to New York after fifteen years of absence to take over the family business. With his mastery of martial arts and his destructive fist, he will fight the criminals and corruption that are destroying his city.

Luke cage

Due to an experiment in which it is used as a guinea pig, Luke cage gains superhuman strength and indestructible skin. As he tries to start from scratch, he will have to step out of the shadows to save his neighborhood, Harlem, and face a past that he thought was buried.

The Defenders

To protect New York from a terrible threat, four superheroes (The Defenders) join forces to fight their common enemies. They respond to the pseudonyms Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist.

Black lightning

Jefferson pierce, a married high school principal with two daughters, is a leader in a narrative about racial tension in America today. This hero who controls electricity lives adventures in settings of great majesty.


In this DC superhero series, Arrow live between ruthless fights and adventures in the style Flash, trying to preserve his personality in a less realistic, but dark environment. The vigilante Arrow, also known as Oliver Queen, is the ace of the bow dressed in green.


Gotham is a very popular series that has been adapted from the world of Batman. In this case, the forces of order led by a young commissioner Gordon (Ben McKenzie), they fight against the darkness brought by the countless enemy villains of Batman that hangs over this mythical city.


Titans takes place in a scene of urban violence and adolescent spirit in the city of Detroit, under the DC universe. It is a realistic and ambitious bet that delves into the development of some characters.

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