The best headphones for your video games

You’re a video game lover, and you are also a lover of sound quality. To get the best sound, to be able to enjoy good music and fully immerse yourself in the worlds of your games, you need to have headphones that are really good. Only with them will you be able to hear every little sound, every step, every shot, every line of dialogue and every musical note with total clarity.

Find the best wireless gaming headsets it can be quite complicated. Finding the best gaming helmets in general is difficult, but adding the wireless component makes the search more complicated. You have to compare, take a look at brands, see characteristics, prices… Or you can do it much easier. How? Taking a look at This guide that we bring you to find the best wireless headset for video games.

How to find the best wireless gaming headsets

To find the best wireless headphones for gaming, you have to assess a number of essential factors. The first thing is to make sure they are compatible with the platform you are playing on. Is not the same buy a wireless headset for PC, generally compatible with almost everything, than to do it thinking about play on PS4, Xbox One, or even PS5 or Xbox Series X.

Having that starting point clear, and thinking that the new generation is already there, now we are going to give you some recommendations to buy the best wireless headset to play. Pay close attention if you want to make a really successful purchase, and never forget that price is also another factor to consider. In the end, what you should always do is try balance the balance between price and quality.


Ergonomics and design are two factors that go hand in hand and that are part of the essential components that you should look at when evaluating the purchase of a wireless gaming headset. Look for a model that adapts well to the shape of your head and is light, since you do not want to carry a large load on your neck when playing.

In addition to that, it is a good idea to have a material on the pads that breathes easily to prevent sweating, as well as to have pads on the headband to fit comfortably on your head. Likewise, it is very important that the material of the earmuffs is good as an insulator, since it will prevent sound leaks and you can hear everything as clearly as possible.


Another extremely important aspect is the autonomy of the headset. Keep in mind that it will not be connected to any type of device by cable and that, automatically, means that it has to use a built-in battery in order to work. Look for models that offer the longest possible duration and that, of course, do not put complications of any kind when charging.

We are looking for something that lasts a long time, so you can have long gaming sessions without interruptions. Also, if it is also compatible with the option of using cable to use it equally, the better. More versatility equals more options and fewer limitations. That is always welcome.

Surround sound

Here we enter personal tastes. There are gaming headphones offering 7.1 surround sound self-generated, others who advocate 5.1, Dolby Surround or just stereo. Obviously the latter are usually cheaper, since they do not require so many features to generate the sound that surrounds the player; however, the result is inferior when it comes to perceiving sounds.

If you are someone demanding, who wants to notice every step, every shot, even every whisper in a game, then the best thing is that you go for those helmets with greater enveloping capacity. Without a doubt, they will be the best option, but also the most expensive.

With or without a microphone?

When it comes to playing online with friends, having a microphone is essential. You can find many gaming headsets that offer you the option with an integrated microphone, which we highly recommend because sooner or later you will miss it. The vast majority already include it, but there are few cases where it is not.

It is better to leave those cases automatically discarded, since they are not recommended at all. Stick with mic headsets, they’ll give you that utility that goes even beyond games.

The best brands of wireless gaming headsets

Of course, in this sector, as in any other, there are several names that have already become great references for consumers. If we rely on what they explain in the Engadget guide, we can see several well-known firms with some models that are also quite interesting. It is convenient for you to have them in accounts if you want quality guarantee and good prices, that combination that every buyer likes to hear.

Names like HyperX or Corsair They are more than advisable, they have models such as the HS50 Stereo for the latter or the Cloud Stinger for the former, which offer features that comply with everything we have mentioned above. They are truly interesting proposals, and necessary if you want to enjoy sound with true quality in your games, in a sound environment that is really capable of enveloping you when it comes to getting into that virtual world.

Of course, you can’t forget either Razer, or to Logitech. They are two more than reputable firms in computer science, and also in sound. What these four companies offer is far above what the rest offer, it’s that simple. Both for materials and models, as well as for sound quality, as well as for prices. If you want to get them at suitable figures, we always recommend take a look in online stores and compare, is the key to finding something that fits the benefits well.

You don’t need more to find the best wireless gaming headsets. We have given you all the necessary information, now you just have to get down to work and find what convinces you the most.

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