The best getaways for a weekend!

Will you need to disconnect after the days of quarantine and you don’t know how? Do you want to give your friends or family a break after the confinement? Maybe you need a positive idea to cope with the difficult situation the world is going through?

Think no more! Disconnect with a weekend getaway. In addition, with the Smartbox packages, you will not even have to leave the house to give your family or friends a pack, which they can enjoy at any time, since you can send it to them online.

What plans can I carry out with a 2-night getaway?

You can choose a getaway through Spain or Europe. The ideal is to relax and you can do it in a luxury mansion, a charming hotel, a farmhouse, a fairytale castle or a monastery. Enjoy as you like the most!

Massages and relaxation are your thing? Choose 3 days and 2 nights of spa in a spa where you can receive care, treatments and whirlpools, to disconnect and regain well-being.

Do you want to discover unique inns full of magic and charm? There are exceptional and unique places such as castles, palaces or convents, where you can escape and taste unique dishes.

And if history is your thing, you can stay in rural houses, hotels, farmhouses or palaces in towns and cities full of myths and legends or with great historical importance. Learn from the past and immerse yourself in a completely different world, disconnecting from your mobile and daily chores.

On the contrary, do you want all the comforts of the modern world? Find hotels up to five stars, packed with luxury where you will only have to worry about having a drink sitting on the edge of a crystal-clear pool.

Magical nights in Europe

If what you prefer to take advantage of to travel and discover the world, Europe is just one click away! Luxury hotels or rural accommodations. You will be able to find a place that suits your needs while you discover those countries and cities that you have always wanted to see, but that you may not have had a chance. Or, on the contrary, you have already seen but want to visit again.

Delight yourself with Rome, Paris, Florence, Berlin, London, Milan, Naples, and many more European destinations where you can visit the best monuments and most charming corners. The Colosseum, the Eiffel Tower, the Palazzo Vecchio, the Tower Bridge, and as many other monuments as destinations await you.

Three whole days to enjoy the sights, the emblematic places, the different cultures or the foods that you have never tried before!

Unique places in Spain

Sometimes we do not see what we have so close, because we do not stop to look at it. Now you can do it in an exceptional way. The beauty of the Spanish coasts, the most remote and unknown corners of the country, the nightlife of Madrid, the magic and enchantment of Andalusian nights, the endless green of the north or the best food in each region.

Give the peace and disconnection so deserved. Smiles and love for two. The rediscovery of historical and artistic places or all the care that saunas and spas offer. Or surprise the most exquisite palates with a gastronomic stay.

Either for you and your partner, for your relatives, to give on birthdays or to thank a friend; a two-night getaway is a perfect gift that everyone will love. In addition, it has all the facilities to deliver it without leaving home. That you cannot spend a special day with your friends or family does not mean that you cannot make it clear that you are with them.

Give the gift of the tranquility and relaxation of a 2-night getaway!

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