The best games (for children) not online

The play It is an important part of children’s development, since it not only allows cognitive stimulation, but also participates in the physical and motor development of the child.

Today there are online platforms where it is possible to get children’s games that adapt to each stage of children’s development, from games for babies to those dedicated to children up to 6 years of age.

Importance of play in children

Nowadays, there is a greater understanding on the part of parents of the importance of play for the development of children and for its adaptation in society. Through play, the child improves his learning capacity and that is why stimulation must start from birth.

By playing, the child learns to express himself and communicate with his peers, on the physical, cognitive, psychological and social levels. Parents should assume a participatory role in their children’s play activities, so that strong ties are established and also collaborate with the development of new abilities and skills, such as learning a sport, dancing, etc.

Additionally, parents have the possibility to explore the inner world of the child by observing their games, since in the game inner desires, fantasies, fears, conflicts are usually expressed and it is possible to detect motor and cognitive problems and intervene appropriately with professional help if required.

The best games according to age

The games and the toys They must be adapted to the child’s age, since otherwise they would not meet any pedagogical objective or achieve adequate cognitive stimulation.

0 to 2 years

The stimulation games, like rattles, They are recommended from 6 months, time in which babies become explorers and appreciate bright textures and colors. As of the year, Educational games, binding and slates, are suitable alternatives.

2 to 3 years

At this stage any of the imitation games They are suitable, such as plastic strollers, dolls, strollers, trucks and boats, as well as tricycles and soccer balls. At this stage, games tend to be much more interactive and physical.

3-4 years

This is the stage in which the preference for outdoor games is shown, with balls, training pikes, jumping balls, jump ropes and foam bowling being the best stimulation and entertainment alternatives for children.

From 4 to 6 years

Here at this stage, a combined stimulation must be achieved, since it is necessary for the child to continue doing activities and games outside for their physical development, but construction games and board games that work memory and concentration must be included.

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