The best villains of Disney

Love them or hate them: Disney villains and villains are often the ones who make this studio’s movies what they are. Sometimes they are just bad, at other times they are funny, but most of all, they are always memorable. They often have the best songs from the movies, with their presence they manage to send a chill down the spine of their opponents and the audience as well.

Since the premiere of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937, Walt Disney Animation Studios has released more than sixty animated films. A large number of them have succeeded and many are now considered classics of the medium. From the beginning, Disney films were aimed at a family audience, focusing on clearly defined conflicts between good and evil.

That means we’ve gotten plenty of memorable heroes and star-starring Disney princesses over the years and tons of unforgettable villains. Whether we’re talking about evil wizards aspiring to world domination or just plain old idiots looking only to ruin circumstances for the good guys, the Disney villain is just as proud a tradition, right now, as the princess.

The most memorable Disney villains and villains

They are magical and everyday, tragic and triumphant, sinister and mocking. But while there are many popular ones, some evil ones have often been forgotten and are less popular than others. These are our picks for the best Disney animated villains of all time.

Captain Hook

Peter Pan is a movie about a boy who doesn’t want to grow up and never has to. He and his friends, all equally convinced that manhood is for fools, live out their eternal youth within the magical confines of Neverland. That makes for a dazzling adventure film filled with unforgettable moments, but one of the most notable characteristics is the way Peter Pan treats his villain, Captain Hook.

Peter Pan’s main opponent in the Walt Disney Studios animated film found some humor, he lost something sinister in his appearance, but he didn’t get any kinder and more likable at the same time. The children’s rival from the country Neverland sometimes falls into hysteria and is terrified of crocodiles, constantly defies the growing boy and constantly loses to Peter Pan in head-to-head fights.

The hideous pirate with a striking hooked hand and an unsympathetic smile is particularly terrifying. In his revenge plans he does not shy away from kidnapping or various murderous attacks. All means are suitable for him because he fights greedily and revenge for the power, wealth and death of Peter Pan.


If the surface of the seas and oceans is crossed by the bandit of a hook hand, then something more terrible lurks in the depths of the waters. The sea witch Úrsula, who came to the aid of the little mermaid Ariel, in her desire to get closer to people, cannot fool even the smallest spectator: it is unlikely that a monster, even surrounded by brunettes, will do something for love of neighbor .

By the way, Úrsula did not originally have her octopus appearance; At first, the main villain of the underwater kingdom was supposed to be a mermaid as well, but the animators failed to make her scary enough. When the fishtail was replaced by tentacles, the character so terrified that it turned Ursula into one of the black pearls in the studio’s villain crown.

With all his might, he tries to win the trident of Triton and, therefore, the dominion of the seas. Unlike many other villains, she does not use violence, but persuasion, and if she ever sees her interests in jeopardy, she can also show others her great love.. She behaves like a diva and almost robs the other characters of The Little Mermaid the limelight. Úrsula just knows how to do it.


Gaston, from Beauty and the Beast, is the most arrogant guy Disney has ever put in a movie. He gives off very creepy vibes and treats Bella as nothing more than an object of his obsession. Muscular self-lover wants to bond with the most beautiful girl in town in a selfish way. He smugly believes that only he deserves Bella.

However, he does not respect the intelligence of the beautiful young woman, he even mocks her thirst for knowledge and wants to force her to become his wife with a nasty blackmail, but the girl, who considers the hunter rude, arrogant and narcissistic, ignores him. The conceited hunter has become one of the studio’s hottest villains, the artists even had to tweak him a bit to make it look worse.


Jafar would like to become sultan and is weaving intrigues into his cunning head that should make him ruler. He is supported by his cheeky parrot Iago, who is often supposed to do the dirty work.

Jafar knows how to deceive people and manipulate them for his own ends. It is also equipped with a host of tricks, making it even more dangerous. However, his thirst for power is ultimately his undoing.

As Grand Vizier (advisor) to the Sultan, he has enormous power. He possesses various dark attributes and can hypnotize people with a magic staff that has a snake head on it. Let’s not forget that Jafar did some pretty scary actions like planning two assassination attempts on Aladdin and using his magic to make Jasmine fall in love with him.


Scar, in The Lion King, is so consumed by his brother’s envy that he plans his murder. A villain has never been so bad and at the same time so charismatic. The worst lion of all time actually passes over corpses in his intentions to usurp his brother’s throne. He is so greedy for power that he even kills his family or has them killed.

Scar, he’s hard to beat when it comes to malice. He manipulates, lies and shamelessly instigates the hungry hyenas on his little nephew Simba. He is cunning and calculating, but, you have to admit, in the context of the other characters, on the canvas of a great story, in the magical jungle created by the animators, if it is not lost, then it looks like a pale shadow. Still, Scar is great and is a true villain worthy of our list.

The evil queen

Snow White’s stepmother is scheming and insidious. Embody absolute evil in the form of an attractive queen. But her outward beauty hides her cruelty and icy coldness. Out of sheer envy of the innocent and beautiful grace of the young king’s daughter, he sees death as the only solution.

The villain is obsessed with her appearance and sees only one goal in life: to be the most beautiful in the world, the most perfect and the whitest of all. Young Snow White becomes the main obstacle for the queen, on the way to domination and therefore the girl is first removed from her stepmother’s sight into the forest and then uses a potion and a poisoned apple. Killing for the main beauty title is the greatest cruelty.

Shere khan

The Bengal tiger in The Jungle Book is a predator who wants to kill out of sheer selfishness. The unpredictable villain does not stop in his goal to eliminate the little boy Mowgli. He chases him through the jungle, by whose inhabitants he is permanently feared.

The tiger Shere Khan is probably the most courteous of Disney villains, but that only makes him even more dangerous. Unlike Kaa, his somewhat clumsy rival, Shere Khan is cold, calculating, and deadly to any enemy, but always displays good manners. His only fear is towards fire. It is good that Mowgli had a burning branch at hand, otherwise now it would be another story.


Another feared evil in the league of villains who gives goose bumps and chills just by showing up. Menacing fairy with bad intentions puts the killing curse on the daughter of a helpless king. Until the end, he tries with all his might and later, in dragon form, to separate the harmless Sleeping Beauty and her beloved prince.

When you think of Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent is usually not far away. For many, she is evil in person, which is why she was the leader of the villains in the video game Kingdom Hearts and in 2014, she even got her own movie with Maleficent, The Dark Fairy. Nevertheless, She is one of the most iconic villains out there, especially since it can transform into a terrifying dragon.

Cruella De Vil

A star villain with a selfish personality that is easy to remember. Out of greed to satisfy her fashion ambitions, she is ready to kill ninety-nine innocent Dalmatians in order to make a lavish fur coat. That makes Cruella one of Disney’s meanest characters. Cruella De Vil is a caricature of what is going wrong in the world of fashion.

Slender, slightly angry and completely obsessed with fur coats, she wants to pull the stained fur over the ears of the poor Dalmatians. He does not care that they are living beings, because Cruella’s coats are everything in life. She is so deliciously crazy that it is a pleasure to hate her. This bad and narcissistic woman only thinks about herself and her fur coat. Still, we love Cruella. She is so iconic – her song, style, and personality.


Our list includes wicked witches, cunning assassins, and pirates, but pink teddy bear ranks high among the scariest animated villains. It may seem strange and illogical, but we believe that Lotso’s crime is the worst thing to do in a cartoon. The rest of the ruthless characters in our top acted exclusively within the framework of their fictional world, but this teddy bear’s atrocities go far beyond the screen.

The third part of the Toy Story cartoon is infinitely sad: the owner of the main characters has grown up and no longer needs toys. Woody, Buzz, and their friends find themselves in a creepy kindergarten that looks more like a military concentration camp, and their furry pink ringleader hides the dangerous essence of a dictator behind his cute looks.

Lotso not only terrifies the heroes, but also tells the audience directly: childhood is over and the adult world is dangerous and cruel. This can make not only a small child, but also a mature person cry – this is what true evil means!

Lady tremaine

Widow and mother of two daughters, Lady Tremaine she marries a man of her condition, himself the father of a beautiful young woman, Cinderella. After the death of her second husband, the true nature of the stepmother is revealed and, now, she demands that her stepdaughter perform all the domestic tasks within the house, whose family fortune has been wasted.

Discreet, manipulative and extremely dry, Lady Tremaine she is an authoritarian and ambitious woman. She knows exactly what she wants and is willing to do anything to get it, even through unorthodox means. He dares to face the Grand Duke, advisor to the king.

Although many reproaches can be leveled at him, we are forced to bow to the strength of his character. In addition, she runs the family house with an iron fist and is the only one who can dominate Lucifer, her cat as sadistic as he is cunning. He doesn’t have to remarry to keep the house tidy, a rarity by the time the film was made.

She owes her successes, however rare, to herself and her ingenuity. Without knowing it, Lady Tremaine was in a way a feminist before her time and as such she deserves a small place in this top of Disney’s best villains and villains..

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