The best Clash of Clans tricks for iPhone

Would you like to know the best tricks Clash of Clans for iPhone? It is one of the most popular games, developed by Supercell. It has become one of the most played among iPhone users. Anyone who starts playing it creates an addiction.

Being a strategy game, it allows you to stay entertained, planning attacks on other villages and defending yourself from enemies.

The key to advancing in the game is to build your defenses in the smartest way possible. Doing a good management of resources, therefore, it is necessary that you know a series of tips and tricks of Clash of Clans for iPhone. In this way, you will expand your experience as a player.

What are the main tricks of Clash of Clans for iPhone?

Here we present a guide that will be practical for you with everything you need to know to fully enjoy and get the best out of it.

Among the Clash of Clans tricks for iPhone that you need to know are:

Character strengths and weaknesses

Through the characters, you can use some tricks of Clash of Clans for iPhone. They will be very helpful when determining which character to use during combat.

Therefore, it is necessary that you have knowledge of the strengths and disadvantages that each character presents.

CharacterKindStrengthSoft spotUtility
HenchmanFlyingAnti-aircraftCannon fodder
GoalkeeperLong range attackDefensesAny quick goalQuickly exterminate infantry and defenses
Wall breakersInfantryWallsMortarsIts name indicates it
GiantInfantryDefensive units, infantry and wallsWizard towersDecoy to corner the enemy and surround the target
BarbarianInfantryInfantry unitsFace the bulk of the enemy troops
HealerLong range attackHeal troops
DragonFlyingCannon and mortar attackAnti-aircraftUseful after you’ve destroyed the AAs when you have wall breakers waiting to attack the mortars
MagicianLong range attackInfantry unitsSupport for infantry units
PEKKAInfantryWallsUltimate lure
GolemInfantryInfantry, walls, long-range attacksInfantryDecoy and shield

Raw materials and how to get them quickly

In order to create, expand and upgrade your buildings and troops, you must make use of four basic raw materials:


The elixir is usually used for everything related to your army and its troops, when creating and improving buildings.

The recommended formula to obtain the elixir quickly is by building collectors and a warehouse by spending gold. In no time, you will have a considerable amount of elixir, which will help you advance in the game.

Dark elixir

The dark elixir is used to create the Kings and the dark barracks. If you build collectors you can generate the dark elixir.

But the most effective way to get it is by stealing it. Therefore, if you consider that your troops are good enough to break into enemy walls, you can access their warehouse and steal as much dark elixir as possible.


If you prefer, you can advance in the game without them, since at the beginning they are not obligatory. Although the progress will be quite slow.

In that sense, it is recommended to start collecting them as soon as possible. There are four ways in which you can obtain the gems:

  • Making a payment with real money.
  • Making a payment with virtual money, using Google Play to accumulate credits. These can be used to buy coins.
  • Sometimes when you destroy rocks or trees, some gems may appear.
  • Making improvements to the buildings in your village.


All the raw materials are necessary to carry out the cheats of Clash of Clans for iPhone. Nevertheless, the one that you will require the most will be gold, but don’t worry, because it is also the easiest to obtain. The good thing is that you have at your disposal its main source which is the gold mines.

It is important that you consider, that like all resources, You can only accumulate the amount that your warehouse allows you. That is, if you do not make improvements in the warehouse, when you reach the maximum limit, the gold collected will be lost.

Experience points, the effective way to obtain them

One of the tricks of Clash of Clans for iPhone, requires the accumulation of experience points. To unlock buildings and troops, you need to level up And, this can be achieved with experience points.

These experience points can be obtained through all the actions you perform in the game, but in very small amounts, especially when you have advanced enough. So the quickest way to get them is:

Complete achievements

You can choose to carry out the challenges of the game, accessing them through the Achievements menu. In the list you will find very basic challenges, such as eliminating obstacles and, more advanced ones, such as being victorious in a specific number of battles.

Each Achievement is made up of three levels and each time you pass a level you gain more experience:

  • At level I: by beating it you get 10 XP.
  • Tier II – You get 100 XP.
  • Upon beating level III, you get 1000 XP.

Donate troops to your clan

As you progress through the game, you will have the opportunity to join a clan of players, to which you can donate your troops.

You need to remember that troop donation can only be made in limited quantity. So do it whenever possible.

Destroy the enemy’s town halls

You can also acquire a certain amount of experience points by attacking other villages and destroying their town halls. The only downside is that surely some of these attacked villages are seeking revenge.

Against obstacles

On the map you can find all the obstacles that you can destroy. Depending on the time it takes to destroy the obstacle, the amount of experience achieved will be:

  • 7 points: if the obstacle takes 60 seconds to be destroyed.
  • 6 points: if the obstacle takes 45 seconds to be destroyed.
  • 5 points: if the obstacle takes 30 seconds to be destroyed.
  • 4 points: if the obstacle takes 20 seconds to be destroyed.
  • 3 points; if the obstacle takes 15 seconds to be destroyed.
  • 3 points: if the obstacle takes 10 seconds to be destroyed.

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