The best children’s movies to watch as a family

An option to share with the family after a long day of work and school or on the weekends, is to sit in front of the television to enjoy together. For this there is nothing better than children’s movies, they are suitable for all ages and what better than laughter, adventures and incredible stories to relax accompanied by loved ones and eating popcorn.

Large production companies such as Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar, DreamWorks, Warner Brothers, among others, over the years have been in charge of creating large film productions. Although these films are mainly dedicated to the entertainment and learning of children, they can be enjoyed by all members of the family.

Finding the ideal movie is always difficult, especially when there are little ones in the family group, however, there are productions that are always a good choice and that no one can stop watching, regardless of their age. This time we present the best children’s movies to watch as a family and enjoy a pleasant and entertaining moment together.

The best children’s movies to watch as a family

There are many quality children’s productions with good messages and learning for the whole family, not just for children. Among the most important 90s classics and modern stories that catch the general public, those recommended as the best movies for the whole family to enjoy are:

The Lion King

This Disney classic is a favorite of many people. It tells the story of Simba, a brave little lion cub who must become the owner of the throne of the African savannah, after the death of his father. To take his place, he must live a series of adventures that give him great personal growth and teaching with his friends Timon and Pumbaa.

It is a film that has been acclaimed by different generations, especially now that it has two versions. The first is the classic animated production that ran in 1994, where the story captured the hearts of all viewers and made more than one hold back tears of sadness and sing along with their characters.

The second and most recent is the Live Action adaptation, in which the characters are more realistic, which led to its production winning the Best Visual Effects award at the 2020 Oscars. Both focus on the same plot, although each One has its peculiarities, but without a doubt, the one selected by the family is not a waste of time.

Toy story

On this occasion, Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar come together to present not just one, but a series consisting of four animated film productions that can entertain the whole family for an entire afternoon or weekend. Each film develops the funny stories of a group of toys that when nobody sees them, come to life and get into trouble.

The four productions are fully recommended for the family group, thanks to the funny moments that make up the adventures of Buzz Lightyear, Woody and their friends. In addition, they leave positive messages that revolve around the importance of love and friendship. It is a classic that, in its 30 years, regardless of age, all the public enjoys.

Home alone

Although it is set around Christmas time and is ideal to see it in December, it can be enjoyed during the year without any problem, thanks to its freshness and entertainment. It is a comedy that tells the story of Kevin McCallister, a mischievous eight-year-old boy carelessly stays home, while the rest of his family leaves for a Christmas vacation in Paris.

During his stay at home, completely alone, he faces two thieves who want to attack his home, so he will be the defender and will have different occurrences to prevent the subjects from entering his home. The best thing about this movie is that it doesn’t just end with its ending, it has a sequel where Kevin is once again seen left aside by his family, but this time in New York City.

Harry Potter

The world-renowned series of books is adapted into one of the most-watched family film series in history. Being a very long saga, consisting of eight installments, the best option is to watch one or two movies a day, accompanied by those close to you, so it is less tedious for the little ones and they enjoy these adventures full of magic to the fullest.

The plot of the films consists of discovering the world of magic, especially what is related to Hogwarts, the school of wizardry and wizardry that Harry Potter attends with his fellow adventurers Ron and Hermione. Although with each movie, the story goes deeper, it is an exceptional story that can be seen by the whole family.


One of the family’s favorite animated film series for the laughs that its occurrences and jokes provoke. These four DreamWorks productions have an original idea that is based on narrating the adventures of the most famous children’s fairy tale characters, along with other new characters.

The main story revolves around Shrek, a swamp ogre who falls in love with Princess Fiona.. Together with Donkey, his faithful companion, they experience different adventures to find themselves happily ever after despite all the obstacles on the way and the enemies that are in each of the stories.


A production that is undoubtedly recommended for all audiences. It tells the story of Matilda, a girl who is extremely intelligent and that is why her family considers her a bit strange, so she is left aside most of the time. During the development of the film, the protagonist discovers that she has telekinetic powers which he uses to punish people who harm others.

How to Train Your Dragon

It is not just a tape, but a Action-adventure-packed trilogy that allows audiences to enter a world of Vikings and dragons. The person in charge of the production of this story is DreamWorks, winner of the award for Best Animated Film of the 2020 edition of the Oscars, thanks to the latest installment of this animated saga.

Although the central idea is based on large wild dragons, the three installments captivate and excite the smallest of the house and touch the older ones, due to the positive messages and friendship that it transmits. Toothless, the central dragon of the plot is reason enough to fall in love with this trilogy.

Finding Nemo

It is the most successful Pixar production, the most acclaimed by children and many adults, and is the fourth highest grossing animated film of all years. This film tells the story of Nemo, a clownfish who one day is caught by fishing boats on a reef and his father, Merlin, is in charge of looking for him. It’s a movie full of adventures under the sea.

As if it was not enough to enjoy this film to the fullest, the production company released a spin-off called Finding Dory in theaters. This time it is Dory, Merlin’s faithful search companion, who gets lost and is taken to an aquarium. Nemo and Merlin set out on a mission to find her and get her friend back. A film full of color and great adventures, with a meaningful message.


One of the classics from the 90s that do not go out of style and that currently attracts both adults and children, despite having new adaptations that are more modern. It is one of those films that have marked the childhood of many and the ideal to watch with the rest of the family, with the intention that it can be enjoyed from generation to generation.

Alan Parris, played by Robin Williams, one of the greatest actors in cinema, is trapped in a board game called Jumanji for 25 years and is freed by two children who discover the toy. By bringing everything that happened in the game to life, the three of them will have great adventures and witness the most unusual events until they can reach the end of the game.


One of the most emotional animated films that can exist in the Pixar staff, winner of two Oscars and two Golden Globes. For the youngest of the home it is a total enjoyment from beginning to end, while for the older ones, the beginning is a bit sad and it is difficult to hold back tears. Even so, it is an ideal movie to watch as a family on more than one occasion.

It is based on the story of Carl Fredricksen, a 78-year-old man who wants to fulfill the dream he had with his late wife of meeting and moving their home to the Paradise Falls, located in South America. Carl manages to take flight at home, thanks to a large number of colorful balloons, together with an unexpected companion named Russel, with whom he will live great adventures.

ET the alien

In this feature film you can enjoy the story of an alien who was in a spaceship that was sent to Earth to make an expedition to the planet, but upon return, he was stranded and did not return home. While remaining lost, he arrives at a house where he meets Elliot, a boy with whom he will become close friends.

Under the direction of Steven Spielberg, this film production is one of the most recognized in history from the world of cinema that has even been used as a reference for other projects. It is undoubtedly one of those movies that no one can avoid seeing, much less stop sharing with the family.

Darling, I shrunk the kids!

It is one of the greatest family classics that represents the Disney company. A funny film that centers its plot on how scientist Wayne Szalinski tests one of his inventions at home and shrinks his children to the size of insects. The boys will have to cross the garden to solve the problem. In it great and entertaining adventures are experienced.

Space jam

This film brings together two great phenomena from the 90s, the basketball player Michael Jordan and the characters from Looney Toones. For many, this was a bomb and one of the most anticipated combinations since the production announcement. The result was a huge box office success and, after 20 years, it is still a famous movie that is enjoyed as a family.

The plot is that Michael Jordan wants to give up basketball to become a baseball player, despite the fact that he does not master the sport very well, while, on the other hand, the Looney Toones are challenged by aliens to play a game. basketball for his permanence on Earth, which is why they look to Jordan to be their coach.


It is another Pixar production that won the Oscar statuette for Best Animated Film. In this opportunity, the main message that the story imparts is the value of perseverance, making it the ideal film to show the little ones that they shouldn’t give up their dreams and fight to make them come true.

The protagonist of this story is Remy, a sewer rat who dreams of being a professional chef and working in the restaurant of his greatest admiration, Auguste Gusteau. Being a rodent, his desire is complicated a bit, but together with Lou, a chef from a renowned restaurant, they are in charge of demonstrating that a rat can become a chef and prepare the most complicated and exquisite French dishes.


A film produced by Pixar, full of colors and traditions. Share a beautiful message about the importance of friendship and love within the family, especially how to honor and not forget the members who have already passed away. It is a story based on the Mexican tradition of the Day of the Dead.

The dream of Miguel, a 12-year-old boy, is to become a musician and follow in the footsteps of his greatest idol, Ernesto de la Cruz. Due to past events, music in his family is rejected, so everyone is against their dreams, until one day he finds himself in the world of the dead and looks for ways to get out of it and at the same time, receive the blessing to achieve your goal.

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