The best board games for two players

The table games they are a wonderful entertainment option for all ages. They are the classic company in the meetings of friends, since they guarantee to have fun moments and are usually quite simple to play.

But not all of them are really fun! Surely, on some occasion you have been excited about a certain board game and the experience has not been satisfactory at all; Confusing rules, excessive difficulty or poor development that causes attention and interest to be lost in the middle of the game.

If that has been your case, today we bring you a selection with the best board games for two. They are the best sellers, popular and with various difficulties according to the taste of each one.

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Twilight struggle

This is one of the best board games for two adults, and it is undoubtedly a gem of its kind. Twilight struggle It is set in the Cold War, having one player controlling the communist axis and the other participant as the capitalist side, allowing to relive a historical conflict in a playful way.

It is a game of war and military and political strategy, which has a strong ideological influence on its theme and with a somewhat high difficulty, which is why it is a leader in sales among the adult public.

7 Wonders Duel

This game is considered a true work of art by connoisseurs of board games. It is a military strategy game in which it is necessary to develop a super civilization with the ability to destroy your opponent.

7 Wonders Duel It is a game with simple rules and suitable for all ages, as well as quite addictive game mechanics, which has guaranteed its success in sales and its popularity.


With this game we find something similar to the Tetris of the old consoles. The mechanics of Patchwork It is very similar, with pieces of geometric shapes in unique combinations, which will allow you to sew your own quilt in “Patchwork”, with tabs that resemble pieces of fabric.

The mechanics are simple, you have to get the best pieces to assemble your quilt. It takes just 20 minutes to complete and is quite addictive.

Holmes: Sherlock and Mycroft

The smartest brothers in Victorian England compete to find the nine clues that will unravel the mystery of the Great Fire of London. This game is set in the novels of Conan Doyle, has beautiful illustrations and a simple way to play.

Its complexity is medium, although at first glance it seems a much more complicated game of deduction.


A game about international trade in eastern lands, where it is necessary to buy and sell different goods with enough cunning to get the most out of each one, without revealing our intentions to the opponent, since otherwise he will take advantage very quickly.

It is played through a fairly solid card system, which makes the games fast and there is always a desire to play again.

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