The best Batman comics

Whenever they refer to the best batman comics, many things must be taken into account: criticism, sales, graphics … among others. Without a doubt, the dark Knight it has managed to earn its fair share of quality stories in its vast existence. Next, we will see the 6 best copies of this mythical hero.

Best Batman Comics

Since its appearance in 1939 at the hands of Bob Kane, Batman has revolutionized the world of comics. His multiple stories constantly drift in and out of what is expected of a hero like him, leaving readers thirsty for more. That is why we have created a list of what we consider to be the 6 best comics in the world. gotham city superhero.

Batman: Black and White (1996-2013)

It is a collection of short stories of Batman and other characters from Gotham City, framed in white, black and gray, giving the saga a much more mysterious and horror hue. She has been awarded 3 times with Eisner Awards.

Silence (2002-2003)

It’s integrated by 13 intense numbers that will leave you intrigued, because at no time is it known who is the villain that is causing havoc in Gotham. A well thought out plot where the greatest villains and even Superman, put our hero in trouble.

The Fall of the Bat (1993-1994)

A superb and intense story that rivals all other Batman comics. At, we can see a dejected and worn batman and his fight against a new villain out of nowhere, Bane. A tragic work that makes a difference in the way you see this dark hero.

Batman: Son of the Demon (1987)

A very deep and captivating story, where love causes incredible consequences. Bruce Wayne fixates on Talia Al Ghul, daughter of the villain R’as Al Ghul, with whom he is teaming up to hunt down a terrorist. Who can guess what will happen?

Batman: A Death in the Family (1988-1989)

A story that frames the worst of tragedies, robin’s death. Although Batman has had many pupils who have posed as Robin, it is Dick Grayson who, ignoring Batman’s advice, puts himself in danger when he meets his terrible executioner.

Batman: the dark knight returns (1986)

Considered by many the best comic in the history of this emblematic character. Being brutal, bloody, honest and dark, it counts the story of a Bruce Wayne aged by age (approximately 50 years) that the bat suit is put back on. This event triggers a broad chain reaction involving the return of old villains and even allies. This marks a before and after, as many of the later Batman comics are based on him.

Other perspectives

While there are plenty of other great Batman comics that might deserve a spot on the list, these have been the most popular and praised in the history of the character. It all depends on the way you look at things.

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