The 6 most luxurious hotels in the world

All of us at some point in our lives dream of beautiful places, full of charm and paradisiacal details that can transport us to imagine indescribable experiences. Well, we can tell you that these wonders exist in the form of accommodations, which obviously, due to their astronomical prices, are not available to everyone. But knowing about its existence allows you, at least, to let your imagination fly for a few moments, so we will tell you more about some of the most luxurious hotels in the world, specifically, the 6 most luxurious hotels in the world.

The 13

First of all, according to various opinions, we have the most expensive hotel in the world, The 13, is located in China, specifically in the Macau Island. If you have the ability to afford to spend 100,000 euros in one night, you can enjoy a 2000 square meter suite decorated in a style Louis XIII, where each guest has a private driver available Rolls Royce with 24 karat gold details.

International Hong Kong

We continue in China, and this time we refer to the famous, recognized and internationally awarded hotel International Hong Kong, with a magnificent view of the island. This accommodation has some of the most spectacular Presidential Suites of Asia, as well as high-class restaurants.

Park hyatt sydney

The hotel Park hyatt sydney, this luxurious space of contemporary style, has available 155 rooms and suites designed with glass doors, splendid balconies, solarium and rooftop pool, 24-hour butler service, and for its incredible location in one of the most beautiful ports of the world, has a wonderful view of the Sidney Opera House.

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The Savoy

Another of the exquisite hotels is the The Savoy of London, is one of the most emblematic in the world. Open since 1889 and magnificently restructured for the modern era, retaining its glamor. It is located in The Strand, the main street of Westminster, Its majesty has led very important guests to occupy its wonderful spaces, we refer to royals, famous movie stars Y leaders from around the world.

The Burj Al Arab

It can be defined as a modern symbol of Dubai for its distinctive silhouette of a sailing ship. But it is not only its impressive structure that makes it one of the most extraordinary in the world, but also its exquisite customer services, it offers a private reception on each floor with a discreet check-in for each room, with a private butler and driver. 24 hours.

President Wilson

In the perfect Swiss An extraordinary hotel could not be missing, we refer to the President Wilson with his Royal Penthouse Suite, located next to the Lake geneva.

When you think that there cannot be more luxury, you find one of the most expensive hotels in the world, and if you want to spend a night in the Royal Penthouse Suite It can cost you up to 46,000 euros, for this majestic amount you can come across Bill gates!

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The most demanding guests can enjoy the 12 marble pools while relaxing with the beautiful view of the Lake and the surrounding mountains. In addition, it comes with an extra included, the upper floor has bulletproof glass, which in addition to luxury provides you with security. And for your entertainment, you have pool tables and a private gym.

More extravagance than these hotels, impossible!

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