Board games: Our list with 6 of the best

We live in a time in which entertainment alternatives are almost limitless and where technology does not end up displacing the traditional ones table games. Of course, they have evolved to become instruments that can captivate young and old thanks to their concepts and characteristics.

Today we bring you a list that includes some of the best board games in the world, in which you could not miss the most popular, interesting and unique, with information that will help you to know the ones that are most interesting to you.

Settlers of Catan

This is probably the best board game that exists. Settlers of Catan is a resource management game in which you have control of an island in its basic version, but it has received interesting expansions. It is an exciting, fast, interactive game and, unlike other board games, with an ending, which has made it quite addictive along with some of its expansions: Navigators, Merchants and Barbarians.


It is a fairly complex game and in its latest edition it has undergone interesting modifications. We play a farmer who, after an intense famine, tries to make his land prosper from scratch. Each player represents a family in the agricultural area and all must develop their farm, raise livestock and survive, being therefore, a resource management game.

Adventurers to the train!

The game is based on trying to build the biggest railways. There is an original version and another set in Europe, but in both the game system is exactly the same. The objective is build train tracks that connect cities and thus get the necessary points to win, being interactive to a greater number of users.

Betrayal at house on the hill

It’s about a gothic horror game that transports us to an adventure inside a house that suffers a curse, which is unleashed by one of your playmates, who is a traitor. This is a fun and exciting game that is sure to catch you and make you enjoy hours of fun with your friends.

Dead of winter

It is a game that places you in the middle of a zombie apocalypse in the dead of winter. Players need to learn to manage their survival instinct and avoid mental exhaustion, collaborating with the rest of the group in making decisions that allow the survival of all. A difficult, dense game that can vary constantly, as it tries to be as realistic as possible.

Descent: Journey into the Dark

Here we are dedicated to exploring dungeons divided into teams, as two sides face each other: the heroes and the Supreme Lord. Is a epic game, with the typical confrontation between good and evil, for which it is full of heroes, monsters, adventures and magical artifacts, along with a very dynamic game system that has been improved in its latest edition.

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