The 25 best comedies you can watch on Netflix

Looking for a surefire way to have fun or lift your spirits? You arrived just in time. Get ready to meet the best comedies you can watch on Netflix!

And is that the streaming platform offers a wide variety of film productions that are to die of laughter. Without a doubt, you will have many options to choose from.

But to anticipate the work of searching the entire catalog, we bring you a recommendation guide. So you can quickly locate the movie that most caught your attention.

Laughter with a touch of drama or action: lthe best comedies you can watch on Netflix

The film industry has a list of successes of this genre that does not seem to end. There is something for all tastes and ages. And of course, the acclaimed streaming platform couldn’t help but have a good range of such content.

So make yourself comfortable, because now we will present you the ones that They are considered the best comedies you can see on Netflix.

Miss sympathy

Starring Sandra Bullock, Miss Sympathy is a film that ranks among the best comedies you can see on Netflix.

The FBI receives a letter from a terrorist with clues about where his next attack will take place: Miss United States.

Who will be chosen to infiltrate the contest? Stubborn Agent Gracie Hart. In which the organizers of the contest will have to work tirelessly due to their lack of good manners.

Will they manage to transform her into a young lady while she does her job?

Crazy Rich Asians

Rachel Chu is an economics professor, born in New York, but with Asian roots. She is in a loving relationship with Nick Young, who belongs to none other than a distinguished Singaporean family. Something that Rachel is not aware of at first.

On a trip to attend Nick’s best friend’s wedding, he discovers that not everything is rosy. Well, it will be difficult for her to be accepted in the culture with which she grew up in part.

Brian’s life

The Magi suffer a confusion and try to deliver their presents to Brian. A boy who is given birth in a portal in Bethlehem, very close to the place where Jesus would be born.

From that moment on, Brian’s life will turn out to be full of completely wacky moments.

One of the best comedies you can see on Netflix, full of phrases and satyr moments. When you think you have calmed your laughter, Brian will get more out of you!

Pain & Gain

Daniel Lugo (Mark Wahlberg) is a recently released convict who works as a personal trainer in a gym. Apparently trying to start a new life.

But the situation is turned around when Kershaw, another coach, thinks that Lugo is a con man. To which he decides to carry out a single plan to turn his partner’s perception into reality.

Ladies in war

Considered another excellent option of the best comedies that you can see on Netflix. Annie is invited to be a bridesmaid at the marriage of her best friend, Lillian. But when he meets the rest of the girls who will also be ladies, their rivalry begins. Specifically with Helen, who to Annie’s disadvantage, is a wedding planner. So he will strive to get the bride to prefer his ideas above all else.

The only detail is that the ceremonial expert won’t let you get over it so easily.

Happened yesterday?

A group of friends gather in Las Vegas for an epic bachelor party. But what they do not imagine is that they will wake up the next day without the boyfriend. Oh, and what is more crazy, without remembering what happened the night before.

Nothing seems to make sense. In the hotel room there are from a tiger to a baby!

‘Happened yesterday?’ had to say present in the list of the best comedies you can see on Netflix.

The wolf of Wall Street

A successful business will end up being the path full of excesses of Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio). Because this character will manage to go very far with his intelligence. Only that it will go a little out of line.

We will see how he managed to form his own broker company. Receiving his nickname to perfection: ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’.

With touches of humor on all sides and very absurd circumstances, this dramatic comedy appeals to everyone. One more of the best comedies you can see on Netflix!

Crazy and stupid love

After 25 years of marriage, Cal and his wife Emily separate because she has cheated on him with a co-worker. Then Cal, depressed and in tremendous spite, meets Jacob in a bar. This like a true conqueror, encourages him to date and dates a good list of women.

However, things will be complicated by the most unexpected events. Seriously, very unexpected.

I am dolemite

One of the best comedies you can see on Netflix. Eddie Murphy’s return to the big screen was a success with ‘I am Dolemite’. A biographical film on the life of Rudy Ray Moore.

Our epic wacko takes on the role of a dreamer who yearns to take his art everywhere. Godfather of rap and comedian of those who have the heaviest jokes, Moore will leave everyone with their mouths open.

Perfect strangers

When a group of married friends get together to have a good time, they decide to start a very special game. Leave their phones on the table and discover the conversations that are stored there.

Are you sure how much you think you know a person? Because in this fun production you will see how much that can be.

Eurovision Song Contest: The Fire Saga Story

Lars Erickssong and his best friend Sigrit create music together and call themselves Fire Saga. Lars’ dream is to win the ‘Eurovision Song Contest’, so one day they decide to participate.

But the audition for your country’s pre-selection turns out to be a total disaster due to technical details.

What the duo will not be expecting is the fact that they will get another chance. Although in the craziest way you can imagine.

This production is available in the catalog of the best comedies that you can see on Netflix.

Isn’t it romantic?

Natalie (Rebel Wilson) is an architect who hates romantic comedies. Which turns out to be quite a contradiction as his life suddenly becomes one.

When they try to rob her, Natalie is knocked unconscious and when she wakes up she realizes that she is trapped in what she hates the most.

Of all the best comedies you can watch on Netflix, this is one of the most recent on the platform.

Daddy’s war

Definitely this film could not be missing among the best comedies that you can see on Netflix. Brad is a sensitive and self-sacrificing man who loves his wife and wants to win the affection of his children. But when the children’s biological father Dusty comes into her life, everything is turned upside down.

Both are completely opposite poles. So they start a real war to stand out from the little ones.

How to be a Latin Lover

Máximo (Eugenio Derbez) is used to a life full of luxury with his wife, an elderly millionaire.

One fine day, she leaves him for another younger man. For this reason, he will have to go live with his sister (Salma Hayek) and nephew. But yes … Without stopping trying to apply his Latin lover techniques to find another partner!

Looking for Mexican cinema options? We have this one for you, ranked in the best comedies you can see on Netflix.

Mystery on board

Police officer Nick Spitz has long promised his wife Audrey a European vacation. During the journey, they will find themselves involved in the craziest situation imaginable.

They will have to investigate a murder … Of which they are also suspects.

A movie like this must be one of the best comedies you can see on Netflix. With Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in starring roles, wacky moments are guaranteed.


Roberto and Lucas are a couple of friends who are dedicated to scamming travelers on their boat trip. Business that has given them excellent results.

An elderly billionaire and his daughters and husbands hire them for a tour.

When the time comes for the scam, he realizes and instead asks the two friends for help. Its purpose? He wants to test his sons-in-law and pretends to fake his own kidnapping.

The Meyerowitzes: the family is not chosen

The characters of the Meyerowitz could not be more different. So when Danny moves in with his father and his wife, he coincides with his brothers and everything turns into a disaster.

Here the most absurd and fun conflicts worthy of the best comedies that you can see on Netflix will be presented.

The incredible life of Jessica James

One of many movies that is located in the best comedies that you can see on Netflix. After breaking up with her partner, Jessica is extremely sad. What you most want is to forget.

Motivated by her heartbreak, she decides to find her next partner via Tinder. As is typical in these cases, on a blind date.


Erin, Abby, Jillian and Patty are four women who are dedicated to capturing ghosts in New York. An event that had not happened for almost three decades.

The situation changes the moment Manhattan is terrified. This will make the peculiar group resort to all its strategies.

Its purpose? Eradicate the creepy (and sometimes silly) creatures.

Eight Basque surnames

Pride of Spain, in the best comedies you can see on Netflix, this one could not be missed. Rafa is a boy who has never detached himself from his native Seville. He is a comedian who during one of his shows has a dispute with Amaia, a beautiful young woman from the Basque Country.

The two get into a fight that ends in infatuation. So much so that he decides to move to the place where Amaia comes from and pretend to be a Basque. All in order to be accepted by the father of his girlfriend.

The other Missy

Banking executive Tim Morris is on a blind date with Melissa, or ‘Missy’ as she likes to be called. Resulting in a complete disaster due to the girl’s sense of humor and strange self defense techniques.

After the fateful encounter, Tim meets the one he thinks is the woman of his dreams, who also happens to be called Melissa.

So when a special trip from your company comes along, you decide to invite it. The only detail is that he gets the wrong chat and ends up inviting the wrong Missy.

Dad wanted

Little Blanca loves BMX and wants to participate in a competition of this sport. This is something her mother does not approve of, since she does not even let her ride an ordinary bike.

In order to solve her problem, the girl will create a plan to find a fake dad to represent her. Since it will be the only way you can participate.

I love you idiot

In this film from Spanish cinema we will see how Marcos tries to reinvent himself after the abandonment of his girlfriend. To which just before it was over he would propose to her.

Taking into account his misfortune, he looks for a way out of that hole and resorts to the simplest means. Internet.

As you try to apply the advice of a crazy youtuber, you will run into people who sometimes make things for you … A little more complicated.

Spell of time

One of the all-time classics, of course, it’s among the best comedies you can watch on Netflix.

Arrogance and nonconformity will be the cause of Phil Connors’ punishment. A reporter frustrated with his career advancement visits Punxsutawney to cover ‘Groundhog Day’.

Everything seems to go as usual when he goes to the place, but a snow storm makes him stay the night. The next day he discovers an impossible fact. You have to live the day before over and over again!

Scott Pilgrim vs. the world

In 2010 this fantasy, action and comedy film was released. Today it is still valid and is another of the best comedies that you can see on Netflix.

Scott is a young musician who one day meets the girl of his dreams: Ramona Flowers. But what is not expected is that she will have to beat her seven ex-boyfriends in order to be with her.

And all like in a video game! With powers, abilities, lives to be deducted or earned, and more.

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