The 23 best mystery and suspense series you should see

Have you ever seen a marathon of series, whether on television, on a streaming service or online, but without a doubt, the ones that are most enjoyed are those of mystery that should not be confused with another very attractive genre: the suspensand. Terror does not necessarily cause fear in the audience, what it causes is an uncertainty that is caused by a situation that is observed on the screen.

The mystery has had great influence not only in sequential programs, but also in short films, great films, comics and even video games, the results of these creations have been successful. If you want to know which are the 23 best mystery and suspense series, we present our list that, of course, we recommend you see if you are a lover of this genre.

The Mess You Leave (Netflix)

It is a series made in Spain that is transmitted by Netflix, it will hook you in such a way that you will see it in one go. The disorder you leave is a production by Carlos Montero, who starts from his own novel. It is based on a mystery thriller that takes place in rural Galicia, where a Literature teacher (Inma Cuesta) will be immersed in a dangerous story that incorporates surprises prepared in every corner.

It is a very intense series with the exceptional performances of Bárbara Lennie and Arón Piper (Elite). It is addictive, it will surprise you, you will see that it will turn out what you were looking for in this genre of series.

Midas Favorites (Netflix)

Made by Mateo Gil and Miguel Barros, in Spain, with a pure rhythm of mystery and tension. The enigmatic plot focuses on discovering who is the person behind the blackmail done to the protagonist Luis Tosar, who is almost on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

It is based on a novel by Jack London, which tells how a renowned businessman is going to have to choose between keeping his privileges or saving the lives of innocent people, at the same time that Madrid is involved in violent protests and the world appears as not a very warm place.

Lovecraft country (HBO)

It is from the mystery series that has fantasy elements, Lovecraft country, is set in the 50s, a time when Lovecraftian monsters have attitudes of racism and hatred towards the African-American community. It is based on a novel by Matt Ruff, with a number of adventures that represent the double threat and place the protagonists in constant danger. It is exciting, it will surprise you.

The sinner (Netflix)

This series premiered quietly, but became a revelation of its kind during its first season. It stars Jessica Biel.

A murder for no apparent reason, an accused woman who has no recollection of why or how she committed the crime, is a narrative journey for the protagonists and viewers who expertly explore the way the protagonist’s psyche works. The serial show is currently in its third season, starring Matt Bommer and Bill Pullman. The mysteries in this story continue to expand. Check it out!

Into the night (Netflix)

What if the sun turned into a deadly weapon and destroyed humanity? This is what is narrated in the fast-paced French series, whose plot centers on a group of survivors who were on a plane and who can continue to fly at night, to avoid being burned to death. Of course, they will find many obstacles that they must overcome and that will force them to make extreme decisions.

Hunters (Amazon Prime Video)

This mystery series is set in New York, during the 70s. A group of very different people come together to find the Nazis who arrived on American soil after World War II and who managed to hide their true identity , avoiding having to bear the consequences of what they did.

The great actor, Al Pacino, is the leader of this team of Nazi hunters who seek justice, finding many surprises.

The Visitor (HBO)

It is an adaptation of a Stephen King play, which ensures suspense and fear, and in this series more than in any other. This exclusive HBO program places viewers in front of an impressive case, as it tells the story of a boy who is murdered. All the evidence indicates that the murderer is the local soccer coach, Jason Bateman, but there are some recordings that show that that same day, the man was miles away.

Is it possible for a person to stay in two places at the same time? That is the question that Ben Mendelsohn and Cynthia Erivo must solve to find the culprit.

Devs (HBO)

Filmmaker Alex Garland has decided to make series in an exceptional way. After the extraordinary Ex Machina and Annihilation, return to explore the most suggestive recesses of science fiction with a plot of suspicious suicides and technological secrets that will be revealed chapter by chapter in a way that you would never have imagined.

Homecoming (Amazon Prime Video)

It is currently in its second season. Homecoming is positioning itself as one of the mystery series most striking of the moment. First, it was thanks to the secrets that the character of Julia Roberts, who works in a rehabilitation center for war veterans, and now, Janelle Monáe, who plays the role of a woman who wakes up in a boat without knowing who she is or how she got there.

Killing Eve (HBO)

Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer extraordinarily portray two of the most fascinating characters of recent years in mystery series, the first season of which was a huge revelation. In case you like the game of cat and mouse, this is the theme of the first two seasons that were based on the novels by Luke Jennings, and are now available on HBO Spain.

The Curse of Hill House (Netflix)

This mystery series It is about a group of children who grow up in a haunted house and, as adults, must face their past. It has the elements of the classic horror genre, the first season has 10 episodes that catch you and that you will surely see at once. The second stage is an adaptation of the novel Another Turn of the Screw by Henry James.

The paper house (Netflix)

It is one of the best Spanish series that triumphs throughout the world through Netflix. It is a heist movie of incredible dimensions that tells the plot of a group of thieves who get into a paper money factory to print the money they want, while the police harass them and the hostages pile up. You can’t miss it!

Peaky Blinders (Netflix)

This is a mystery series which is set in the streets of Birmingham, dominated by the Peaky Blinders syndicate, a bunch of gangsters with whom you will not want to have problems. This production exhibits the dynamics of organized crime that you are used to seeing on screens, the struggles for control of power, violence and the confrontations to dominate the most succulent businesses that are day to day.

Mindhunter (Netflix)

David Fincher’s work is unmistakable, it is one of the most interesting enigmatic productions that Netflix has brought us in recent months, however, it is not the one that has been most commented on on social networks. The serial killers return, but not with the aim of capturing them, but to try to understand them. They are conversations with real characters that are brought to the TV screen, using tense and disturbing moments that you will not be able to stop watching.

Seven seconds (Netflix)

The first chapter may seem heavy to you, but don’t be fooled because it is a very exciting series that chronicles the murder of a boy in the middle of the snowy landscape of a New Jersey park.

What captures you is that you are going to know the murderer from the first look at this program because the purpose of the story is not to find out who did it, but to know if he is going to be convicted of his crime or if racism, prejudice and injustice is going to be imposed again in American society.

Big little lies (HBO)

In this series, the broad representation of women in the characters and their feminist discourse on and off the small screen should be highlighted. It is an exceptional production that tells a story of murders and mysteries, turning it into a well-plotted thriller, instead of being a theoretical speech. It represents the era in which we currently live. You can see the second season in Spain, through HBO.

Sherlock (Netflix)

Sherlock Holmes has long been the master of mystery in his own right. This is a renowned series that shows the mental processes of the little understood genius of 221B Baker Street, dedicated to solving crimes and any matter submitted to him that is interesting, in the most natural way.

It is one of the best series you can watch when you don’t have much time. It has several seasons and more are being added, but they only have three chapters.

Altered Carbon (Netflix)

Some love it and others hate it since it premiered on Netflix, this series is an excellent choice for lovers of science fiction with cyberpunk aesthetics and mysteries that are more common in the police genre. The story develops the concept of immortality and how it spreads in a chaotic and absolutely unequal world, in which anyone can be resurrected to carry out particular interests.

Stranger things (Netflix)

It’s a must-watch series reveal. It still has two seasons to premiere, it has attracted the attention of lovers of serial programs. It tells an exciting and fun science fiction story with a girl who has supernatural powers and a group of little ones who, without any problem, could have starred in Count Me In.


Hiding the scandals that may appear in the media related to important personalities in the United States is the activity to which the protagonist of this renowned series is dedicated. Many critics have indicated that at times it becomes incoherent and absurd, however it will hook you from the first minute.

The Handmaid’s Tale (HBO)

If we refer to series with tension, this is the one that takes the award, just as the Emmy for Best Dramatic Series was won. It is a dystopia that develops the concept of surrogacy in an environment of dictatorship of the economic elite.

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