The 20 Best Lawyers Series You Need to See

Here you will find a list of the series of lawyers or related to the legal activity that you have to see and enjoy, but we do not pretend that it is a ranking, because, of course, everything will depend on the performances and the particular tastes of each viewer, so let’s get started.


One of the most successful in recent years. The plot is about a law office that is located in New York, but that is a facade, because none of those who work there ever attended a Law School.


It focuses on narrating the experiences of a recognized and charismatic lawyer from the city of Los Angeles to whom the only thing that matters is to win the case. However, the circumstances make him have to change his vocation and have to become a prosecutor, after he achieved the declaration of innocence of an abusive man who after that murdered his wife.

How to defend a murderer

With University environment, but touching on the darkest aspects, a professor of Criminal Law at the University of Philadelphia and who also works as a criminal lawyer, assumes the defense of her high-end clients with the help of a team of six of her students that forms the first day of his class.

The series manages to portray the plot from the point of view of the different characters and using the flashback as a resource, in order to understand the motivations of each one.


It’s about a TheGoodWife series spin-off, but this time the protagonist, who has been ruined by a financial scandal, joins a law firm that is heavily influenced by the presidency of Donald Trump.

Boston Legal

With traces of comedy, in this series they demonstrate ethical and moral dichotomies that are crossed with legal skill by their characters. Are rich lawyers, with a professional career that has positioned them as successful in the field of civil law, whose only goal is economic benefit.


Olivia Pope, the main character, is a lawyer who specializes in handling scandal and crisis situations that threaten the lives of her exclusive clients, among whom is the President of the United States. Its objective is to safeguard and defend the image and life of its clients.


This is a series of which were made seven seasons, whose main protagonist returns to the practice of law after her husband, who is a prosecutor in Illinois, is sentenced to spend time in jail. Each chapter is intended to address a topic related to current affairs, such as illegal government surveillance, war with drones, gay marriage, among other topics.


The plot combines comedy and drama around a young lawyer who, after having lost her job for having denounced a partner in the law office where she worked for sexual harassment, is hired by another renowned law firm in the You will have to work with your ex partner and his wife.


Charon, is a former policeman who had to serve a prison sentence for his crime of which he is not guilty, begins to practice as a criminal lawyer with the aim of justice and the defense of those who he thinks are in the same predicament.

I know who you are

It is a Spanish series whose plot is the life of Juan Elías, a lawyer who is with a judge, from whose marriage there are two children. When he suffers a traffic accident, the police find his car and, inside, his mobile phone and traces of blood from another person, who turns out to be his niece.

The consequence of this is a struggle between Juan Elías and his niece’s father, who acquires the services of a lawyer who is a former student of Juan Elías. However, Juan Elías, who suffered amnesia from the accident, tries to prove that he is innocent, although you really will not know if that is true.

ToyBoy, 2019

This series is a thriller made in Spain, is the story of a stripper who is accused of murder and sentenced to fifteen years in prison. After having paid half of the sentence, his defense is assumed by a young lawyer who tries to prove his innocence, achieving that he was granted conditional freedom.

TheNight Of

This series is carried out by two individuals, one is the suspect of a homicide and the other is the lawyer hired to defend him. However, the defense will be complicated, because the suspect has no knowledge of what has happened, does not even know if he is guilty.


It is a drama series in which a lawyer who is fired by his firm partners, of which he was a founder, spent his time in a bar, instead of going to court. The plot turns interesting when he gets the opportunity to work a case against the best client of his old firm..


It is a series winner of 8 Emmys, whose argument is developed in a law firm practicing criminal law, in which the ethics of the practice is analyzed and shows the difficulties of lower-middle-class lawyers with respect to obtaining clients and financial benefits.

American CrimeStory

Each season of the series is about a famous American crime, although the critics have said that the best was the first one, which dealt with the case against OJ Simpson and all the misrepresentations and errors that occurred both in the prosecution and in the defense.


Candela is a judge who has been assigned to serve on the island of El Hierro. Upon assuming office, he succeeded in murdering a young man on the same day that he was going to marry the daughter of a gloomy businessman who appears as the first suspect.


It is a legal thriller in New York, about a well-known and unbeatable lawyer who specializes in lawsuits against the management of large companies, focusing the argument on American scandals, demonstrating that underneath the success and power, what underlies are the secrets , betrayal and lies.


Madeline Scott, who was finally found not guilty after years of being accused in a case that received a lot of coverage in the media, is now a smart lawyer who dedicates her practice to reopening old cases in order to obtain justice for those who they have been convicted being innocent.


It’s about a spin-off of the series ‘BreakingBad’ in which the plot of a corrupted lawyer who establishes a relevant network of contacts with the underworld is told, which leads him to work for the most feared drug trafficker in New Mexico.

Duty shift

It is a Spanish series that reflects the justice and crime that existed in Madrid during the 1980s.

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