The 15 best PSP games

For years, video game consoles have been gaining the attention of all kinds of audiences. Being portable devices the preferred, since they can be taken anywhere. Therefore, this time we will talk about himthe best PSP games.

These are the best PSP games you should try

Since its launch, this video console has captured the attention of thousands of users, its games have represented the most popular lists. It is a very versatile team.l and it can also be used to play various multimedia files.

Due to your demand, the number of games available are many. But, to focus on what is important, you can use this guide with the best PSP games that currently exist.

Metal Gear solid Peace Walker

This time, it is a continuation designed for PSP. Where you will have the privilege of dominating Big Boss, Solid Snake’s father.

You will find yourself on a mission to try to stabilize Costa Rica. Taken by terrorists and mercenaries. You can play it in a group, with up to four participants.

Kingdom Hearts – Birth By Sleep

It is an adventure role-playing game, which takes place on the Sony laptop. It is a sequel to the adventures in this story. It is developed with three new characters, with a deeper touch and excellent gameplay.

It is a title where unique experiences are lived when advancing in level and obtaining new skills.

Patapon 3

Combine musical rhythm and strategy with a completely hypnotic part. Unlike its previous version, this time it has twenty new enemies, eighty levels and spectacular graphics. Similarly, it has multiplayer mode with great improvements.

Burnout – Legends

This type of video game has varied modes and different tracks. Unlike the latest titles in the installment, this one features a nice and deep package.

Also, it has the Pursuit mode, where users dominate the police car and catch the runners who seek to dominate the streets.


If you are looking for the best PSP games, this is one of them, it contains humor and personality. This edition is skill-based, and has an extremely light platform.

The graphics on the console are not very flashy, but the Daxter colors will add a subtle touch to the image.

Final fantasy

The emblematic characters of this saga come together in this great video game. It is one of the best PSP games with fighting and action content.

Among the protagonists you will get Squall, Kefka, and Sephiroth. Which, will be in charge of facing the enemies to try to win the combats and plan the tactics.


For this installment, the Rockstar Games company invented a character who travels on the back of a bus. However, although he does not have a car, he still has fun stealing some and participating in extreme shootouts.

This title is called Liberty City Stories and it is a continuation of GTA 3. Where the story of Antonio Cipriani is followed, who is rising through the ranks of the Italian mafia.

Lumines 2

In the original version, the audience was fascinated by its combination of strategy and rhythm. Refers to an ordinary puzzle board. However, it is quite challenging at first glance resembles Tetris, but is much more complex.

The player will have to keep his board clean and come up with shapes with the use of colors. Without a doubt, this is one of the best PSP games that you must try.

Tom Raider Anniversary

The return of Lara Croft, with a version for PSP, living thousands of adventures, as only she knows how to enjoy. This was done to commemorate the star’s ten-year career.

It has the original story, but adapts to the dynamics of these times. Lara’s skills and those of the player will be used to overcome obstacles until ending the enemies.

Invizimals – Lost Tribes

It is located in the list of the best PSP games. Is an adventure title, where the dynamic takes place in a house. The player will have to fight to catch imaginary beings.

In addition, it has more invisible figures than on other occasions. This is possible with the help of technology, known as augmented reality.

Mickey’s Wild Adventure

In other regions, outside of European territory, it is known as Mickey Manía. It is a game that was released for the first time in 1994. This with the intention of being used in Super Nintendo and Mega Drive. As well as, it had versions for PlayStation and Mega CD.

The dynamics will take us through different films of the Mickey Mouse sequel. A very original delivery and loved by the little ones, being for them one of the best PSP games.

The 3rd Birthday

Its original version for PlayStation was replaced by a dose of higher-level action. The environment was created in New York, with a kind of tower that is composed of several tentacles that come out of the ground.

The process consists of managing a machine that will be responsible for ending the great threat.

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Impact

This character returns in the PSP console version to face a large number of enemies. The dynamics are excellent, even with 3D scenes.

It consists of going through the original story of the series, while fighting against opponents. It is based on combat, and allows two players to fight together.

Echochrome 14

Is about a game that will put your mind to work. It is located in the puzzle genre and is considered one of the best PSP games. As you play it, you will be filled with challenges and perspectives to know what will come when you overcome levels.

You can download the puzzles of other users and devise some of your own.

Dragon Ball Tenkaichi Tag Team

This title cannot be left out of your list of the best PSP games. Like the previous ones, it takes place in a process of struggles, but adapted to the Sony laptop.

The novelty of the version is that the fighting can be between maximum four players.

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