The 15 best Nintendo DS games

More than a decade ago, the mini portable video game console was first unveiled. Since then everyone wants to get and play the best Nintendo DS games out there. And it has become the best-selling of all time, generating a significant profit for its creators.

The dual-screen device is not only famous for its highest level of hardware, but it also marks a turning point due to its powerful software.

This is the list of the best Nintendo DS games that you must try

This device has the advantage of being an excellent video game console to use anywhere. Which, is located in position four of those that have already exceeded the barrier of one hundred million sold. For this reason, the fifteen best Nintendo DS games that have been positioned today are detailed below.

Super Mario 64

Known as such because it accompanied the Nintendo 64 since its appearance. Therefore, years later he did the same with the DS console.

With the success of the previous one, the Japanese company did not hesitate to make it one of the favorites of the new invention. To do this, they made some changes, such as allowing you to choose to play with Yoshi, Wario, Luigi or Mario. In addition, you cannot miss the graphic evolution and the use of the touch screen to control characters and the camera.

Mario Kart

Nintendo consoles have always been accompanied by this game, and the DS is no exception.

The greatest attraction of the video game is its variable modes. For example, the Battle Vs. Tournaments modes. As well as the Mission mode that is quite entertaining and complete. For this and more it is considered one of the best Nintendo DS games.


In this edition, Johto and a whole new world are enjoyed again. Also, exciting experiences such as the fights between Ho-oh and Lugia can be relived.

In the same way, it will be an adventure when searching for legendary dogs and with a higher quality experience.

Mario & Luigi traveling to Bowser’s Center

It is a game of platforms and roles with great fame in the market. For this reason, it is on the list of the best Nintendo DS games.

Its dynamics is about controlling Luigi and Mario through different addictive and exciting worlds. As they progress, they will encounter various fighting enemies, which they will have to defeat to level up.


The protagonist of the game is known as Shanoa. It corresponds to the Ecclesia Order. She, after an accident, lost all her emotions and memories.

In the course of the game, you will discover certain secrets and emotions that the other characters keep. This title is quite solid and complete, that’s why it ranks among the best Nintendo DS games.

Professor Layton and the Call of the Spectrum

Along with his disciple, Luke Triton, Professor Hershel Layton reappears to unravel enigmatic mysteries. It is a title that comes from three previous versions.

The professor receives a letter from an old acquaintance who urgently needs his help. Because, a gigantic shadow takes over the town of Mistahllery, destroying everything in its path. For that and many reasons, it is located in the best games for Nintendo DS.

Star Fox Command

It was released years after the Nintendo DS console was released. In this case, a terrible evil threatens the galaxy, known as Lylat. Therefore, the dynamics of the game will be to stop it. Also, the delivery will have different endings which is interesting for the players.

Dragon Quest IX

It is an RPG game and it is a completely unpublished installment of the famous series called Dragon Quest.

After the fame it achieved, in the PlayStation 2 version it reappears in DNS format. Which led to it quickly becoming one of the best Nintendo DS games.

New super mario bros

This saga, to date, is available for Wii, Wii U, Nintendo DS and 3DS. The game recovers all the fantastic of old Mario and turns him into something refreshing.

You can enjoy different levels loaded with worlds that resemble the beginnings of the character.

Kirby Super Star Ultra

This is too funny a title. Which is based on the classic old game, but with ultra expansions. At that time, different minigames and great modalities had to be overcome.

With respect to this edition, players will have to face various enemies, with phases that unfold differently. It is as if it were playing with several games in one, which is why it is considered one of the best Nintendo DS games.

Animal Crossing Wild World

It is a town full of anthropomorphic animals. In the same way, the social aspect will always be present in the story. For this reason, the interaction with the villagers occurs.

To progress in the game you will have to fulfill activities, such as going fishing, catching insects and collecting various objects.

Get in

It is easy to play, which is why it is considered among the best Nintendo DS Games. It is related to the puzzles where you have to combine blocks of the same color to win.

You must be aware, because if the screen fills up, you will immediately lose the game. At the beginning the levels are easy, but as you pick up the pace the difficulty will increase.

Grand Theft Auto

In this case, Rockstar also topped the list of the best Nintendo DS games with this title. The graphics are excellent, and the touch options are incredible.

Inazuma Eleven 2

It is a mix of role playing and football, where you will have the mission to save the world. It is a rain of black balls destroying the Raimon Institute. In addition, a troop of aliens from the Alius Academy appears.

Mario Vs. Donkey Kong

It is a minigame adapted to the DS platform. It incorporates missions, challenges and challenges with incredible dynamics and the best quality of definition.

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