The 15 best Netflix miniseries to do a marathon

Streaming platforms have a wide catalog available, which makes it difficult to choose among so many options. Therefore, nothing better than knowing the best Netflix miniseries, ideal for running a marathon.

In the following list you will find an excellent selection, covering romance, comedy, drama, horror. Stories that catch and that are worth seeing a whole weekend. Get ready to enjoy them, in good company and with your favorite snacks.

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At times, the title can seem attractive, everything indicates that it is one of the best Netflix miniseries, but then you find a plot that is not to your liking.

To save you time and get to the exact point, we collect the most recommended by users, follow the list and you will have a marathon of entertainment.

Midas favorites

To enjoy this title, you only need to have about five hours or a little more. Its director is Mateo Gil, and he was the one who made such an entertaining series possible that it keeps its viewers captivated.

The plot is about a group of extortionists, who are looking for Víctor Genovés to request fifty million euros from them. If he does not agree to the request, it will be the cause of an unknown person dying every five days. It is almost certain that, when you start enjoying the thriller, you will be hooked and want to enjoy it until the end.


It is the story of a young woman who, after suffering a tragic accident, undergoes surgery. In this sense, it is a transplant from which she manages to escape unscathed.

The story lasts approximately seven hours, and after those first events a whole search unfolds. This is because the girl is obsessed with knowing who saved her life, giving her her heart.


The drama centers on the memories of Deborah Feldman, who is a Jewess who decides to abandon her religious beliefs. It starts in New York City and then decides to move to Germany. This with the purpose of fleeing from his family and his sentimental partner. However, said escape and changes presented in the story will not be easy at all.

How to sell drugs online

Are twelve exceptional episodes that are part of the best Netflix miniseries. In it, a teenage girl gets started in the world of drugs and distributes it over the internet.

The only purpose for which you do this is to impress your ex. However, the situation gets out of hand when it becomes the main distributor in all of Europe.

Fire chasers–Fire hunters

Worthy of rank among the best Netflix miniseries. A small documentary that narrates the fight that firefighters maintain in California, during the year 2016.

The heroic characters try to save the citizens and their houses. It is a very close look at the work done by men and women who are dedicated to this profession.


In the period of two and a half hours that it lasts, you will closely follow a group of thirty-somethings. The team is in charge of fulfilling the duties of property guardians, in exchange for living in the hospital. Days later, Lulu arrives from London and, having neither a job nor a home, she stays in that same place. From there, the precedents of a reality in which one crisis is lived after another begins.

The theft of the century

It corresponds to one of the best Colombian Netflix miniseries. The account is taken from real facts and it is quite similar to the famous “Casa de Papel”. With it you will give yourself a small and not so tiring marathon so that you can enjoy your days of relaxation.

The last Dance

A production that recounts the last year of Michael Jordán in the Chicago Bulls team. You will see the route of his entire sports career. It is ideal for basketball lovers and is one of the best Netflix productions.

Alias ​​Grace

It is a successful miniseries, which tells the story of a maid. A novel written by Margaret Atwood consisting of six chapters. To see it, you only need a total of four and a half hours. It is about a famous murderer in whom shadows of true guilt still weigh.

Lady’s gambit

A miniseries that captivates from the beginning. The story tells the life of a young woman who had to overcome a difficult childhood. Despite the circumstances that surround her, she develops a unique ability for chess.

It only has 7 chapters, but each of them will catch you in an impressive way. You will need a little more than 6 hours to see it in full.

The mess you leave

It is a Spanish miniseries. The development is so shocking that it grabs you from the start. You will be on the lookout for what will happen to the new teacher’s life and the threats she has to face.

Season 1 has 8 chapters. In just 7 hours, and a little more, you will discover the mystery that surrounds the institute and its characters.


If you like stories where the clues are the protagonists, this Netflix miniseries will enchant you. An important detective will be given the task of investigating crimes that occurred in London. The results will lead him to meet drug traffickers, secret agents and criminals.


Can you imagine what the female-dominated Wild West would be like? In this Netflix miniseries you will find the story of a visitor who arrives in a town where each of its inhabitants faces risks and keeps mysterious secrets.


It is one of the best Netflix miniseries that creates an impact from its first chapters. Based on real events, tells the story of women who have had to face their fears of rape. Although a young woman dares to give her story, she will also have to run into people who question the truth.

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