The 15 best music movies of all time

The musical movies they have been very relevant for a long time. Because, they are considered as a kind of refuge for people to meet and be entertained. This genre has been around since the days of silent movies. For these types of films, the music is part of the cast, as if it were a supporting actor.

The soundtracks and original melody also add a layer of emotions. They show how This powerful element can bring storytelling to a higher level of entertainment.

These are the musical movies that you can’t stop seeing

Musical films allow us to see actors in a different facet, dancing, singing, enjoying the melodies. We leave you some titles so that you have enough options to enjoy at home.

Mamma mia!

Lacquer, platforms, skinny swimsuits, shoulder pads and glitter, all this is the musical film Mamma Mia. It is a very well structured story with the various songs of this famous Swedish band. He will infect you with his pop, choreography and unforgettable choruses. The voices of the performers are dazzling.

This musical film narrative has been a bit judged for containing a lot of prejudice and coldness. It has themes and hymns that do not lose sensitivity and freshness. Without a doubt, among the best musical films that exist.

The producers

It is a new version of a film that was released in 1967, by the memorable Mel Brooks. However, it is a musical that had been ignored at the time. Years later, it was reborn by the hand of Susan Stroman with great virtues, such as the great songs and the best production cast.

Among them, Uma Thurman with a unique presence. Also, the great Nathan Lane, the star without a doubt of the show. So if you want a good musical movie title this is a good option.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

The genre of musical films and Tim Burton is something already common in the cinema. So in deliveries of this type, you can not miss this director. It has awesome choreography and a large number of songs related to the plot. Burton’s onstage romances are always tied to melodies and used to shape stories.

Accompanied by his inseparable recording partner, Johnny Depp. In the scenes you can see how Burton can substitute tenderness for anger and romance for hatred. The visual perfection is excellent, as is the intensity of the drama.

A barber was unjustly imprisoned for years. For this reason, when he is free he wants to take revenge and with his accomplice they murder his clients to turn them into sandwiches.

Love in red

It is considered among the musical films with the highest rating, by Baz Luhrmann. The writer still felt the heart and soul of Shakespeare and decides to propose this title. In Paris, 1900, a bohemian known as Christian, played by Ewan McGregor, falls in love with Moulin Rouge. To the latter brought to life by popular actress Nicole Kidman.

It was directed with a fast-paced, unbridled and contagious passion. Also, that the soundtrack and the performers are unforgettable. Kidman and McGregor revitalized the musical genre as only masterpieces can. Allowing the audience to feel something different than usual.

Enchanted – Giselle’s Story

Full of songs that are quite cheesy and children’s. For this reason, it is one of those that tops the list of musical films. She is a classic princess who meets her prince charming. Starring the beautiful Amy Adams, and is considered the best project of her career. The actress has the ability to make her audience fall in love with her tenderness and charm.

Of the musical films this is a mix of comedy, action and animation enough not to fall into excesses. In the same way, it is a Disney classic that does not go out of style. A princess who was banished from her world by an evil queen. In doing so, they move to the Manhattan of modernity, where magic and music is not common.


Thanks to musical films like these, the cinema becomes a fantastic place, worth returning to again and again. It is an American film of musical genre of the year 2007. The direction is by Adam Shankman, and it is an adaptation of the Broadway musical under the same title.

In the hour and a half of filming there is no bad song. On the contrary, they are bursting with good vibes, energy and enthusiasm. Among the actors stands out the sensational John Travolta, will prove inspiring and unrecognizable.

Two girls, Tracy and Penny participate in a famous television program where we will see young people compete by dancing. Most of the competitors are attractive, but Tracy manages to enter even when his physical appearance is not requested, to finally become the star of the city.

The Miserables

It is among the most important musical films in the history of Broadway. It was also based on one of the stories in literature, it has everything to be perfect. Its director Tom Hooper could not control a monster of this magnitude. But the cast raised their valuation. Like, the imposing music of Claude-Michel Schönberg.

The wretched invite you to hope and dream, it is a song of love in all its splendor. The scene of Éponine in the rain and Marius remembering his friends are spectacular.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

With this installment, Tim Burton managed to convince a large number of music movie viewers. This is why it is considered one of the highest grossing of its entire career. Which makes a lot of sense, because it has the stamp of this fantastic filmmaker.

His characters, especially Willy Wonka, are really recognizable in the movie world. Therefore, it is capable of providing musical, melancholy and, of course, the fascinating madness that characterizes this writer. Johnny Depp is in charge of bringing the flamboyant Wonka to life. A sweet production full of quite catchy melodies that round off a unique and inspiring proposal.

The Great Showman

Nobody imagined the overwhelming success that this would have. A great musical project. The plot unfolds as PT Barnum indulges in imagination to engineer the “Barnum & Bailey circus. Exotic artists, feats and the best musical numbers are presented there. This show is so fascinating that it became the best entertainment in that place.

The greatest effect is achieved by activating a complete machinery of stars and musicians united in a single event. He won the Golden Globe for his best song “This is me.” In addition to receiving great nominations as best actor in musical films and as best film of the same genre.

The Other Side of the Bed

Of the musical films this is one of the best, it was starred by Guillermo Toledo, Natalia Verbeke, Paz Vega and Ernesto Alterio. Similarly, it was produced by José Herrero de Egaña and Emilio Martínez-Lazaro. Its excellent musical content is due to Roque Baños and there songs by renowned groups and singers are performed. For 2005, there was a sequel called “The 2 sides of the bed”, Toledo and Alterio also participated.

The story is from Javier and Sonia who have been dating and living together for years. Meanwhile, Paula and Pedro have been dating for a long time, but they don’t live together. The last couple ends their relationship because she fell in love with another and tells Pedro to be just friends. But Paula’s hidden love is Javier and he has to deal with the betrayal of his wife and his best friend.

Costumes, choreographies, musicals and sets were the protagonists of this film. In it, great successes of Spanish pop are achieved and a unique cast, committed to the triumph of the musical. Among the songs that served to express feelings are those by Kiko Veneno, Los Rodríguez or Coque Malla y Tequila.

All about my riot

Among the cast of this installment are Rose Byrne, Katy Perry, Colm Meaney, Johah Hill, Elisabeth Moss and Russell Brand. Aaron Greenberg works on a discography. For this reason, he has the mission of getting the rocker Aldous Snow to participate in a concert in Hollywood. He refuses the proposal, because in those moments he is focused on winning back his great love.

The screenwriter is Nicholas Stoller and it premiered in the field, under the direction of “Paso de ti”. All about my riot It is one of the musical films focused on romantic breakups. In it, it is possible to recover the uncouth and funny humor of other proposals with the same label. Despite its good acceptance in the US, in Spain the film went a bit unnoticed.

The Muppets

It is one of the American musical films that was released in 2011. The film is about Walter, who is played by Peter Linz, the most fan of the group. For company he has his brother Gary, and his girlfriend. They are both played by Jason Segel and Amy Adams. Their purpose is to raise ten million dollars to save the family theater.

In the direction you have James Bobin and wrote it Nicholas Stoller and Segel. Regarding production: John Scotti, Bret McKenzie, David Hoberman, Matrtin Baker and David Furnish. Its distribution is from Walt Disney Pictures and in 2014 its sequel was released called “Muppets Most Wanted.”

The city of stars: La La Land

Other musical movies that you have to see. It has a first-rate cast, such as: John Legend, Rosemarie Dewitt, Emma Stone, JK Simmon and Ryan Gosling. Some have failed to recognize the musical and its fantastic history. Being so much so, that It has been compared to the musicals of Hollywood’s golden age.

What stands out the most about the film are the initial numbers that made the return trip possible. It is a story of heartbreaking love that denotes the price of dreams. Like all the works of Damien Chazelle, they are stories of life itself but with extraordinary people.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

In certain moments, musical films are born out of nowhere and become famous. So this is one of them, which in the end conquered the hearts of the viewers. It is a completely captivating musical, both in form and in substance. Which, with the passage of time, becomes more and more famous.

From its opening scene to the end it leaves everyone surprised. With the project dJohn Cameron stars as director, protagonist and screenwriter. The job it is inspiring, exciting, free and amazing. The staging and the unforgettable soundtrack make this installment an anthem with the ability to break chains.

In 2001 the film was awarded the Best Director Award at the Sundance Film Festival. In addition to the Gotham and National Board of Review awards, as the best acting debut.

Across the Universe

Of the musical films of 2007, this is an extraordinary installment. It was set inspired by the 60s in the US, while the music is thanks to the great British band known as “The Beatles”. It developed around Jude, a working man leaving his hometown. This for the purpose of getting his father to America.

In this journey the young man is struck by radical change. But not everything is bad and he gets his great love Lucy, played by Evan Rachel Wood. This is a wealthy, strong, and smart girl who decides to join the New York City anti-war movement.

Many of the characters that are part of the film pay tribute to relevant figures of that time. Starting with The Quarrymen, the initial group of The Beatles. Which, they played in Liverpool, specifically in the Cavern Club at the time that Jude danced with his love, Lucy.

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