The 13 best vampire series of all time

Predation is a biological activity by which a living being devours another, with the intention of obtaining nutrients from it. It is also a primitive fear in our species, an atavistic and ancestral fear that connects us with some deep part of our psychology. It was from this source that the first authors of vampire stories drank, which served as inspiration for the realization of the vampire series.

The vampires; those everlasting monsters that consume human blood, and they have qualities that give them an advantage over most of us mortals, they are one of the best-known creatures in folklore, popular culture, film and television. Since Bram Stoker achieved resounding success writing about Count Dracula, no one has forgotten the immortal children of the night.

Therefore, it is common for many modern television series to have the undead as their narrative axis. The terrible fascination and fear produced by the idea of ​​being eaten, plus the undeniable sexual energy that emerges from the mysterious character of the vampire, make this mixture easy to create unforgettable characters. Therefore, today we bring you a list of the best vampire series.

The Salem’s Lot Mystery – 1979

We started with a timeless classic, based on the work of the famous supernatural horror writer Stephen King. This 1979 miniseries stars David Soul and James Maso. It consists of only two episodes of 90 minutes each and to date it maintains an excellent score in the specialized critic portals.

The initial plot is very simple. A writer named Ben Mears comes to the town of Jerusalem’s Lot with the intention of writing a work of fiction about an abandoned and supposedly haunted house that exists in that town.

However, when he is unraveling his work, strange things begin to appear. People mysteriously disappear, until everyone knows that the worst is happening: the town is under attack by vampires.

Dracula – 2020

Another adaptation of the immortal work of Bram Stoker, this time available on the Nexflit streaming platform. It is produced by the BBC in collaboration with directors and screenwriters Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, who we have already seen working on the Sherlock Holmes series. The production consists of three episodes of 90 minutes each.

The plot is a reinterpretation of the myth of the noble vampire of Transylvania. We will see how he tries to move to England with the help of an innocent businessman from that country and what his most passionate appetites are. We will also learn about his fears and how the Van Hellsing family uses them to defeat him.

NOS4A2 –2019

From the name it is already a reference to the famous classic of German expressionism, Nosferatu. This American supernatural horror series premiered in June 2019 and then the second season was released, reaching 20 episodes produced to date. It is based on a novel of the same name by Joe Hill, one of Stephen King’s sons..

The story of this series revolves around the adventures of Vic McQueen, a young woman of humble extraction and not exactly popular. This girl discovers that she can track with her psychic powers an ill-fated and evil character named Charlie Manx, who feeds on the souls of children and is a kind of vampire with spiritual powers. So, the protagonist has to save the children without being a victim of this inhuman being.

Hellsing Ultimate – 2006

An anime series based on the homonymous manga by Japanese author Kōta Hirano, it consists of 10 episodes and has a large number of related stories also published in anime format. Hellsing is one of the most critically rated Japanese animation series and to this day it remains a timeless classic of the genre.

Here we enter a story of violence, blood and action as only vampires know how to generate. The plot introduces us to a secret organization that watches over the security of the United Kingdom and defends it from supernatural enemies, the Royal Protestant Knights or Hellsing Organization. This force was founded by Dr. Abraham Van Hellsing and is led by his descendants.

Protestant Knights face vampires, zombies, sorcerers, and demons. His secret weapon, however, is the first vampire, Alucard. Throughout the anime it is understood that he is Count Dracula himself, dominated by magic and placed in the service of the United Kingdom’s public order forces. Hence, his fighting skills and power are extraordinary.

True Blood – 2008/2014

A long and successful American television series produced by Alan Ball and based on the novel by Charlaine Harris, titled The Southern Vampire Mysteries. It consists of 80 chapters distributed among its 7 seasons Until now, it has been very well received by the general public, although the opinions of the critics are divided.

Although the plot evolves a lot in its long list of episodes, the starting point is the story of Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic waitress from a rural region of Louisiana. In the world where he lives, vampires have already come to light, since a synthetic blood was invented that allows them to survive without killing human beings. Therefore, they are fighting to be accepted in society.

The life of this simple waitress will take a tremendous turn when she falls in love with one of these beings of the night. From there he will have to learn about the differences that separate humans from vampires.

In this series we now enter a more erotic and romantic terrain, although the violence and blood that are essential elements of the myth of the vampire are not left behind. However, the story is well told and is not overly cheesy. It also has a certain Gothic flavor that is pleasant for those who see it.

Van Helsing – 2016/present

This is a Canadian dark fantasy drama series that introduces novel elements to the vampire myth.. To date it has 4 seasons and is available on the Nexflit platform. Although some do not consider it a good series, many love it for the way the story unfolds and for the treatment of each character.

The action in this series takes place in a bleak future where vampires rule the entire land. Vanessa Van Hellsing, the last living descendant of the well-known vampire hunter, awakens there. In her blood she has the key to return humanity to monsters, that is why she is in charge of leading the human resistance against the immortal blood drinkers.

Vampire Chronicles –2009/2017

A dramatic and romantic story that takes advantage of the rise of Twilight and young adult literature to narrate the love triangle between three vampires. It is produced by Kevin Williamson and is based on the homonymous literary saga by LJ Smith. It consists of 8 seasons and just over 170 chapters.

This series tells us about the adventures of a young woman and her friends in a small town in Virginia. The girl in question is named Elena Gilbert and she is identical to an ancient vampire who converted the Salvatore brothers and played on their love for her. Hence, both vampires also become obsessed with this woman.

Penny Dreadful – 2014/2016

One of the best series of recent times, although we had not talked about it before because it is not exclusively about the creatures of the night. This production is a gothic horror fiction and drama, set in Victorian times. Created and written by John Logan, it consists of 3 seasons and a total of 27 chapters.

The theme of this television show is about a psychic named Vanessa Ives, who lives in London at the end of the 19th century. The woman forms a team to rescue a close friend from the hands of a dark character, who turns out to be a vampire. Along the way, he comes across sinister forces and other individuals from Victorian Gothic fantasy: Dorian Gray, Abraham Van Hellsing, and Caliban.

A fascinating series wherever you see it. It mixes with supreme delicacy the darkness of fear, the subtlety of Victorian creations and the repressed sensuality of many myths that are hidden in the most sheltered corners of human psychology.

Supernatural –2005/2020

Supernatural is a legend of the North American series, holding the title of the longest-running fantasy production in that country. It is produced by Eric Kripke and consists of 15 seasons, reaching the number of 327 episodes. Until now, the criticisms and opinions of the majority about the series are positive.

The argument behind this television success is simple. A pair of brothers travel the United States chasing any type of supernatural or sinister creature that may threaten the safety of the population. However, things get complicated when vampires, demons and increasingly powerful beings come into play.

Yaşamayanlar – 2018/present

Streaming services have allowed emerging markets to spread their cultural products more widely. One of the countries that has made the best use of this democratization of cultural markets has been Turkey. With Netflix we can watch Turkish series and novels, even an interesting vampire story like Yaşamayanlar.

Released in 2018, so far it has only one season. The story is about Mía, a young vampire who vows revenge on the being who turned her, an older and more powerful vampire named Dimitry. Apparently Mia hopes that killing Dimitry will restore her humanity..

However, his goal is not easy. Dimitry controls the city of Istanbul with criminal groups of vampires. Therefore, Mía must seek allies and that leads her to become involved in a bloody war between humans and vampires for control of Turkey.

Moonlight – 2007/2008

A fantasy drama from the United States, which uses the history of vampires in a very original way and with a lot of positivity. This production consists of only 16 episodes and a single season. However, it left a very favorable impression among fans of the genre and positive reviews from specialized opinion. It was created by Ron Koslow and Trevor Munson.

The series follows the adventures of Mick St. John, a vampire who is dedicated to using his powers to help mortals. With his special abilities, he dedicates himself to solving mysteries and earns his living as a private investigator. In his work he is assisted by Beth Turner, a crime reporter who develops a deep emotional connection with him.

La Cepa – 2014/2017

A television play that masterfully combines science fiction, horror, and the classic elements of a vampire story. In addition, it is an adaptation of the novels Trilogy of Darkness, written by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan. Both men also worked together in the production of this series. It consists of 4 seasons and 46 episodes.

The series begins when a mysterious commercial flight from Berlin lands inert at JFK Airport in New York. Inside all the passengers were dead, although it is not known what could have happened. A group of researchers travel to the scene, and soon discover that those individuals who appeared to be dead were not after all. Something worse happened on that flight.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer –1997/2003

We end this listing with another product from the United States. This time under the baton of Joss Whedon and with a duration of 144 episodes, spread over 7 seasons.

The series tells the story of Buffy Summers, a teenage vampire slayer. She desperately wants to escape her responsibilities to enjoy a normal youth, but her attempts are unsuccessful. Throughout the program, you must face your destiny to protect the people you care about.

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