The 10 most famous Disney princesses in cinema

Disney Princesses is the name given to one of the most popular and profitable franchises at Walt Disney Studios. There are 10 the main princesses and animated heroines that have been a success for the North American box office. Some of these lovable big-screen figures don’t have that title since birth, and others don’t happen to be such in our culture.

Only some of them have been accepted in the popular taste and, despite the arrival of new daughters of royalty, the classics apparently remain the favorite of the spectators. The selection of a large part of princesses was based on their behavior, values ​​and the magnanimous messages that they generally convey in their respective films.

The franchise has marketed dolls, texts, singing videos, outfits, beauty lines, home décor, toys, and a vast array of other products. Here we present in more detail each of these Disney royal ladies.

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Snow White

The crown continues to be displayed by the esteemed protagonist of the film who continues to portray an image of Disney. The premiere of this work took place in 1937 and to date it has raised the sum of $ 996,260,000 at the box office, a figure that was only surpassed by the film Gone with the Wind.

Snow White is a highborn princess whose malevolent stepmother, Queen Grimhilde, forced her to do household chores. Despite her excessive naivety, she never loses hope that true love will one day come to her rescue. Still, he does not give up his cheerfulness and kindness, no matter how badly he is mistreated by his evil relative.


Awarded two Oscars in recognition of its soundtrack, Beauty and the Beast was the first animated feature film to be nominated in the Best Picture category. After earning $ 934,895,000 at the US box office, the success was repeated again with the live-action remake starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens in 2017.

Bella, is a maiden who lives in the French countryside next to her father who loves to invent objects. This young peasant girl loves to read and recreate the adventures she has imagined. She is not shy and is not afraid to express what she has in mind, particularly in difficult situations, and may hesitate when feeling nervous.


As in any typical fairy tale, Cinderella was originally a servant in her home, permanently exposed to the ridicule of her ruthless stepmother Lady Tremaine and her pair of stepsisters. This story has raised $ 773,804,100 and its protagonist has become one of the indispensable figures for Disney princess enthusiasts.

Despite being mistreated and humiliated, she often maintains hope through her dreams. He still believes that one day his desire for happiness will be reciprocated. When her stepmother and stepsisters refuse her to go to a dance, her heart breaks and she feels dejected.


We have all hummed the unforgettable piece Under the Sea at some time, just as we were thrilled to see Ariel turn into a human. There were numerous factors that made The Little Mermaid one of the most popular Disney films, but not the highest grossing because it only managed to enter the coffers of the famous studio just $ 258,931,200.

Adventurous, passionate and curious about the world of humans, something that usually angers her father, since he has forbidden her to come into contact with them. His great friend is a small fish named Flounder and he has a close relationship with Sebastián, the crab. Ariel keeps recovering objects used by men and women and treasures them in a secret cave.


Its 1959 debut, Sleeping Beauty turned out to be Disney’s most expensive film to date. The $ 664,259,200 raised was not enough for management, so they didn’t film another fairy tale until The Little Mermaid after 3 decades.

Aurora is the only child of Queen Flor and King Estéfano. She is portrayed as a kind, playful, fearful and extremely naive girl who adores animals. The trait of her personality that can be highlighted the most is her enthusiasm for love, which is why she is recognized as an incorrigible romantic.


The nice princess from Aladdin is still one of the most appreciated. In his prime, he raised $ 480,371,900 and continues to dream of ‘An Ideal World’ for children and adults to this day. In May 2019, her real version was revealed, starring Naomi Scott.

As she approaches her fifteenth anniversary, it is time to choose a prince as her husband, according to the order issued by the sultan of whom she is the daughter. Jasmin is young and energetic, with her own thoughts, and is also stubborn and impetuous. She has an endless supply of willpower and is highly talented, but can be extremely arrogant at times.


With this production Disney expected an overwhelming success for this film, due to the popularity of The Lion King the previous year. However, Princess Pocahontas was able to collect a mere $ 297,480,300.

She presents herself as a beautiful, independent, sincere and highly spiritual young woman. She must carry a great weight for being the daughter of the chief of the tribe. He often expresses adult wisdom and provides kindness and guidance to those around him. Abide by nature, talk to spirits and empathize with animals.


She is the only Disney princess of Asian origin, but she did not manage to raise the expected figure, $ 230,695,878, contrasting with the good reception from critics, since she obtained nominations for the Oscars and the Golden Globes. May the live action version to be released soon enjoy better luck.

Mulan differs greatly from previous female roles in Disney animations. She is a beautiful, fearless, self-sufficient young woman and has not thought about marriage. Similarly, she does not conform to what is expected of a young Chinese woman of that time: elegant, reserved and serene, instead she is obtuse, sincere and independent.


With $ 228,121,622 raised at the box office, the character of Tangled did not reach the hearts of viewers. Even with the voice of Mandy Moore (This is us), who dubbed the original version, she achieved the support that this ill-fated adaptation of the Brothers Grimm story required.

She is an adventurous, talented, kind, mischievous young woman, although somewhat naive. You are not afraid to make a life for yourself. After having spent his entire existence in a tower, he was able to educate himself in Literature, showing talent in music and cooking and even in Astronomy. He is passionate about art, that is why he adorns the place where he lives with drawings, but what he most wants is to know what the world is like beyond his window.


Disney made the decision to return to traditional animation, in 2009, and produce Tiana y el sapo. This film failed to convince the American audience that it only gave it a gross of $ 123,767,333. However, Disney’s first African-American princess did win over critics with three Oscar nominations.

Tiana is a different princess, she knows what she wants, she is determined, enthusiastic and logical. He will do the impossible to work and abandon the pleasures of his age in order to achieve his purpose and main dream, to have his own restaurant. It can be pointed out that this obsession is a wall that protects her from the unexpected circumstances of her age and existence.

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