Tablet shopping guide: 5 aspects to consider

Do you plan to renew your tablet? This device has become an essential part of many people’s lives, in the same way as smartphones. Every year brands are updated and new models of tablets with increasingly advanced specifications are launched on the market, evolving along with smartphones.

There are suitable models for each user, so when making the purchase it is important to take some considerations to make the correct choice.

We leave you one quick buying guide which includes all the details that you must take into account when purchasing a tablet. First, consider how the device will be used and the user’s age before moving on to the other important aspects of the selection process.

Table of Contents

Screen size

In the market we can find all kinds of tablets in different dimensions. Most of the most modern models opt for screens with thin frames, very similar to those we see in smartphones. Logically, the screen size it will depend on the user’s needs and comfort, although generally the 10-inch ones are the most requested.

Storage, RAM and processor

Most of the tablets on the market use the same processors as smartphones, so if you know a little about this topic you will have an easier way to understand which is the best alternative according to the range of the device. In general, what you are looking for is a tablet with at least 4 GB RAM, a mid-range processor and 64 GB storage.


The quality of the cameras It is gaining more and more importance in the choice of this device, especially for people who require them to use typical telework applications such as video calls. If this is your case, consider that the quality of the front camera allows video calls with good resolution.


Another important aspect to mention is the connectivity. Although all the tablets on the market have Wifi Y Bluetooth, the presence of a headphone jack is also essential, a slot to expand the storage by means of Micro SD, in addition to port USB that are usually quite useful in a wide variety of situations.


Finally, one of the most necessary details to consider is the drums, its duration and charging time. The battery will depend on the level of autonomy that we have during the use of the device and in a tablet with a system Android the battery should not be less than 7,000 mAh, which would allow doing one of the same for several hours before requiring a new charge.

Accessories such as keyboards, stands, covers, pencils, and other details are also an issue to consider.

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