Super Mario 3D World, secrets and shortcuts

Super Mario 3D World comes to Nintendo Switch, a game that was actually released in 2013 for the Wii U platform. Starting this year, it can be enjoyed by users of the Switch console. Although it is a new online mode and its characters move much faster, the game remains the same.

In this article, we present you the secrets and tricks of Super Mario 3D World, through which you can achieve infinite lives or the maximum level. In the same way, we bring you the secret shortcuts of the game, which have always been one of the characteristics of the famous plumber saga.

How to get infinite lives in Super Mario 3D Word?

In Super Mario 3D World, as in all other games in the series, you can get infinite lives or the maximum level. For this particular game it is 1100, it is only necessary to know at what stage they can be achieved. To achieve it, just you must repeatedly jump on a Koopa shell. As a result, every time you jump on it you get points that lead to extra lives.

In the particular case of this game, the cave of the Koopas is the right place to achieve the objective. This can be found at level 1-2, where you have two chances:

  • After starting you will find an underground room, which you can access through a pipe or by destroying blocks. Kill the Koopa and grab its shell, stand right in the middle, drop it and jump on it.
  • In the area that follows later, in which you will find two torches, in the same way, defeat the Koopa and grab the shell, stand right in the middle where you will throw the shell and jump on it.

Stars in the starting selection menu

Thanks to this marker, in Super Mario 3D World you can see how you are doing with the goal of reaching 100% of the game. When you meet some requirements, in the game selection menu, a number of stars are appreciated that indicate the following:

  • If a star appears, it means that you have completed the castle of the browser world and you can go to the end of the game.
  • The two stars indicate that you obtained all the green stars from the first eight worlds. That is, a total of 243 green stars.
  • The three stars tell you that you completed the final level of the fire flower world: the parade of the bosses, it is the penultimate level of the game.
  • If there are four stars, the ones you see in the game selection menu, they indicate that you managed to get all the green stars of the eleven worlds, which are a total of 343 green stars.
  • And finally, if you get five stars, it means that you managed to complete all the levels with each of the five characters in the game.

What the color of the flags means

In Super Mario 3D World, every time you pass a level, a change occurs in the color and symbol of the flag that can be displayed on the world map.

  • A green star appears on the pole, when three green stars are achieved.
  • The flag will be golden, as long as you manage to reach the top of the pole where the flag that indicates the end of each level is located.
  • You can visualize a golden star on the pole, when you have completed a level with each character.
  • The flag symbol will depend on the last character you completed the level with. On the other hand, if you are in multiplayer mode, it will depend on the character that managed to obtain the highest score.

The last five stamps

Super Mario 3D World has 85 levels, and in each of them the same number of stamps are hidden, that is to say, there is a stamp on each level. But in addition, there are five other stamps that you can obtain in another way.

These five stamps are from Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad and Estela, and what is required to have them is to finish all the levels of the game with each of the characters.

Quite a challenge, to which you must also add the fact that you yourself must keep track of which of the characters you have already passed all the levels with.

How to get to the secret shortcuts of Super Mario 3D World?

Secret shortcuts have always been an element present in all games related to the Mario character, thanks to the fact that these special pipes are found

Mario can, depending on the game, skip levels and sometimes even entire worlds. The point is that in order to use these shortcuts, you must first find them. This is usually not so easy to achieve, since they are in inconspicuous places and in Super Mario 3D World it is no exception.

Secret shortcuts are very hidden it even requires a certain skill in the game to be able to reach them. In the specific case of this title, you can find two shortcuts:

Shortcut from level 1-2 to world 2

The first of the secret shortcuts in Super Mario 3D World, You will find it in level 1-2 called Koopa Troopa Cave. It is necessary that at this point, you have in your inventory the cat suit that you must have acquired at level 1-1.

As you progress through level 1-2, you will reach an area underground, immediately after you start the journey.

At the first checkpoint, you will run into a transparent pipe through which you will find a triple block with a question mark, hit it, climb on top of it and then jump to the right side where a second block will appear.

Repeat this procedure so that a third block appears, through which you will be able to reach a higher platform. After the transparent pipe, there is a wall that you will have to climb, and It is at this precise moment that you will use the cat suit that will allow you to have the ability to climb to the point where a red pipe is displayed.

And voila, after you enter this pipeline you will be in world 2 of Super Mario 3d World.

Shortcut from level 4-2 to world 5

The second of the secret shortcuts in Super Mario 3D World, You will find it in level 4-2 called La Ciénaga de las Piranhas. In this shortcut, you also need to have the cat suit in your inventory.

As you advance through level 4-2, you will reach a green pipe that allows you to access an underground area where you will find a checkpoint flag.

Then, you will be on a square platform with a transparent block, which you can reach by jumping towards the wall on the left side.

Hit the block, grab the object, jump on top of the block and use the catsuit to climb the wall until you reach a higher platform.

Run and jump through the floating platforms avoiding falling into a purple liquid below, until you reach the end of that area where you will see a red pipe. Access the inside of the pipe and you will already be entering world 5 of Super Mario 3D World.

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