Sherlock Holmes 3: everything you need to know

It is time to talk about one of the most anticipated releases of the Sherlock Holmes 3 cinema, starring the acclaimed Robert Downey Jr, who plays the famous inspector, along with Jude Law, in the role of John Watson, his faithful companion. An adaptation that saw its beginnings in 2009 with the first installment, but was well received by the public.

The incredible thing is that almost 10 years have passed since we saw Holmes and Watson on the big screen with the premiere of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. A masterpiece by director Guy Ritchie, who was able to give an extraordinary vision to the novel by Arthur Conan Doyle. However, it has been confirmed that it will not be part of the new production.

In this article we will talk about all the data that are known about the next installment of Sherlock Holmes, in which, in the words of the protagonists, it is expected that it will surpass the previous ones. The truth is that the expectation is at the maximum and the fans of the saga are looking forward to the launch.

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Release date

Perhaps the most important piece of information, after the confirmation of the next part of the franchise is to know when it opens. The truth is that the busy schedule of the main actors, coupled with the coronavirus pandemic that delayed countless productions, forced the release of the film to be postponed until the end of 2021.

However, postponing the date has not been an inconvenience, quite the opposite, because, now, Robert Downey Jr., without the commitments of the Marvel films and, Jude Law, who has concluded his commitment to Fantastic Animals, will be able to dedicate themselves straight to Sherlock Holmes 3, scheduled to appear on December 22 (dates that coincide with its predecessors).

It should be noted that the third film in the saga must compete with Hotel Transilvania 4 and Wicked, an adaptation of the famous Broadway musical. A priori, a very uneven dispute in their favor. However, you will have to cross your fingers so that there are no problems with the filming, linked to the coronavirus.

What will it be about?

No images of the production have been revealed yet so it is difficult to know for sure what the plot of the third installment of the franchise will be about. Although it can be assured that Moriarty, the detective’s arch enemy, will not appear again in the saga.

Starting from that premise, the biggest unknown will be choosing the next villain. Among the candidates are: Charles Augustus Milverton, a well-known blackmailer, Professor Coram or Henry “Holy” Peter, one of the few characters invented by Arthur Conan Doyle who is more intelligent than Inspector Holmes.

It is also important to decipher which story the production will be inspired by, something that is not easy to predict, due to the large number of works. On the other hand, the option that the story is free is being considered, something similar to the previous films, but, of course, taking excerpts from the books.

Finally, there are only two confirmed data from Sherlock Holmes 3; part of the filming of the film will take place in California and the plot will address-again- the codependency between Watson and Holmes. Something that does not represent anything new, as it is a trend that has been maintained since the beginning of the franchise.


One of the great changes that the saga will have to face is that of the direction. The manager will be Dexter Fletcher who will have the difficult challenge of replacing Gut Richter, who led the baton in the two previous installments and wanted to close the trilogy, but due to various setbacks, he will not be able to.

Fletcher, who also directed Rocketman and Bohemian Rhapsody (taking over from Bryan Singer) will be joined by Bruce Berman and Susan Downey as executive producers, James Coyne as screenwriter and Paul D. Austerberry as production design.

“I’m not going to ignore what Guy Ritchie did so brilliantly in the previous two films. There will be elements of it, but I also intend to bring my own voice to the project, so it will be something totally different. I suppose that is also the idea of ​​bringing someone new, right? Let’s wait and see what happens ”, commented the filmmaker.


In this sense there are only two confirmed actors: Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, who will return to the skin of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, the famous detective and his inseparable medical companion. They would be joined by Paul Anderson, who is speculated to reprise his role as Sebastian Moran.

Production problems

The coronavirus pandemic affected the film industry and Sherlock Holmes 3 did not escape it. As we mentioned earlier, the third installment was forced to be postponed, due to the crisis that was generated by Covid-19 that even endangered its realization.

“Sherlock has had his own problems on and off. That’s like being relegated to the background at this moment until it is clear where the world is and what is going to happen ”, these were the words of Dexter Fletcher when he was consulted by the sequel on the podcast Celebrity Catch Up.

However, there is already a scheduled release date and, like the films Black Widow, No time to die, Eternals, Fast & Furious 9 and Dune, its release was postponed to 2021, when it is expected that the public can return. to movie theaters. A very important factor, since no company wants to produce a film without being able to count on the viewers who represent the main profit.

The studios are waiting for the cinemas to reopen to count on the millions of dollars that the box office represents. The cases of Tenet and The New Mutants were clear examples of how counterproductive it would be to release a movie under current conditions, since they barely raised enough money to pay for investment costs.

Now, with an entire technical and production team announced and with the actors willing to carry out the project, we can say that Sherlock Holmes 3 is a reality and you can enjoy it on its new release date, along with the Christmas celebrations of 2021.

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