Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Trophy, Boss and Quest Guide

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is an action game, released by Activision and developed by From Software, that can be enjoyed by all those users of the PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

This title is set in the Sengoku period, in 16th century Japan. Its main character is Shinobi Sekiro, who will have the difficult mission of rescuing Lord Kuro after he was kidnapped by the Ashina clan.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice It is one of the favorite adventures of the most demanding players and that they are in constant search of a challenge.

Here is a detailed guide with the most relevant information that will help you complete the entire game.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice missions

The missions in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will take you on a path full of surprises, in which you will have to face all kinds of creatures, including some of supernatural origin. Here we explain what are the missions that you must overcome to advance in the game.

Ashina Reservoir

This is where Sekiro’s adventure begins. By having control of the character go to the shiny object and receive the ornamental card.

Pay attention to the basic movement tutorials. During this mission, you will have to face the first of your enemies: the leader Shigenori Yamauchi, which you can defeat through several deadly blows.

Ashina surroundings

When you start this mission you will get the Shinobi prosthesis trophy. During the tour around Ashina, Shinobi should focus on exploring the area, with the purpose of finding an entrance to the castle.

If you stop to talk to the sculptor, you can ask what you want. Then on leaving turn immediately left and head towards the back of the building. You must pick up a light purse with which you will get money.

Hacienda Hirata

The Hirata Ranch is an optional mission, although we recommend that you complete it as soon as it becomes available.

Access to this area is from around Ashina, right on the outer wall idol – path, the one located before the general. During this part of the story Sekiro will be haunted by the memories.

Ashina Castle

In order for you to access Ashina Castle, first you must defeat Gyobu. Once inside, kill the first enemy, advance little by little until a flaming bull appears before you, which you must defeat to begin the search for the ancient lord of Sekiro.

Abandoned dungeon

After the Ashina Castle mission, the next place in history you must visit is the abandoned dungeon. The purpose of this stage is to find a site from which to continue your search.

Temple of Sempo

After you go through the underground channel of the abandoned dungeon, you can have access to the Senpo temple, which you must explore, moving towards the cliff.

Sekiro continues his search and wishes to find something that will grant him more power.

Submerged valley

Upon completion of the mission of the Temple of Sempo, You will go on to the route that will take you to the submerged valley from the Ashira castle. You will be able to reach your destination with the help of an ally.

Ashina Depths

After passing through the canyon in the submerged valley, you will find yourself immersed in the depths of Ashira. To successfully complete this mission you must enter the Poison Pool idol.

Mibu village

You will be able to access Mibu Village after reaching the depths of Ashira and going through the cloud forest.

Tiny beings inhabit this village, characterized by their weakness, however, as they are numerous, they can be lethal. In addition, they launch projectiles. Your objective will be to get the shelter stone.

Return to Ashina Castle

With the shelter stone in your possession, you will realize that the idols of Ashina castle are not available. Then you will realize that something is happening in the castle: a sinobi attack.

Spring palace

Immediately after entering the Spring Palace, you will receive the Ashina Traveler Trophy. You must continue to protect Lord Kuro, while continuing with your plans to exterminate the heritage of the dragon.

Divine realm

In the palace of the spring, you will get a cave that is in the highest part of the building. There is an area where it is allowed to pray, do it and you will immediately arrive at the divine realm, a place that indicates that you are already reaching the end of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Ashina Castle (War)

Upon returning from the divine realm, Sekiro realizes that the entire region is being stalked by the Ministry of the Interior, causing two areas to be affected:

  • Ashina’s surroundings will have their idols blocked.
  • Also, Ashina Castle will once again have idols locked.

Ashina Surroundings (War)

Around the desolate temple the entire area is devastated due to frequent fighting.

Hacienda Hirata (Prurification)

To complete this area of ​​the game is optional, But if you decide to carry it out, you must first meet some previous requirements. One of them is to get the father’s bell charm.

In this part of Sekiro: Shadoes Die Twice, the reality of the events that occurred at the Hirata farm is discovered.

The bosses of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice you will find a wide variety of bosses, which you must defeat in order to advance in the game, and obviously each one is stronger than the last. Some of the bosses in the game appear in specific areas, depending on the route you select.

Among the bosses that you must defeat to continue and complete the game in its entirety are:

  • The giant snake.
  • The divine dredge.
  • Gyobu Oniwa.
  • Genichiro, path of Tomoe.
  • Lady butterfly.
  • Master swordsman, Isshin Ashina.
  • Genichiro Ashina.
  • Monkeys on the screen.
  • Guardian ape.
  • Demon of hatred.
  • Guardian apes.
  • Great Shinobi Owl (parent).
  • Corrupt nun.
  • Great Shinobi Owl.
  • Emma, ​​the gentle sword.
  • Corrupt nun (true).
  • Isshin Ashina.
  • Large colorful tent.

Trophies and achievements

Among the main trophies and achievements that you can obtain in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice are the following:

Gold, platinum and silver

PlatinumSekiroUnlocked all trophies
GoldPeerless manYou defeated all the bosses
GoldAshina TravelerYou traveled to all areas of the game
GoldMaster of prostheticsFully upgraded all prosthetic tools
GoldUnsurpassed techniqueYou got all the skills
SilverAll prosthetic toolsYou got all the prosthetic tools
SilverAll ninjutsu techniquesObtained all the ninjutsu techniques
SilverOptical physical formYou improved vitality and posture to the maximum
SilverSupreme Healing PumpkinFully upgraded the healing pumpkin
SilverAbandonment of immortalityYou discovered the ending “Abandonment of immortality”
SilverPurificationYou discovered the ending “Purification”
SilverReturn of the dragonYou discovered the ending “Return”
SilverShuraYou discovered the ending “Shura”
SilverSwordsman Master, Isshin AshinaDefeated Master Swordsman Isshin Ashina
SilverMaster of the artsYou mastered the mysteries of any tool to the fullest
SilverLapis Lazuli enhancementYou improved any tool to the maximum with lapis lazuli


BronzeVenerable bladeKuro grants you the Kusabimaru sword
BronzeShinobi prosthesisYou got the Shinobi prosthesis
BronzeBiddersYou defeated the bidders
BronzeResurrectionYou came back from the dead for the first time
BronzeGyobu Masataka OniwaDefeated Gyobu Masataka Oniwa
BronzeThe butterfly ladyYou defeated the butterfly lady
BronzeGenichiro AshinaDefeated Genichiro Ashina
BronzeGuardian apeYou defeated the guardian ape
BronzeImmortality of the guardian ape endedYou finished with the immortality of the guardian ape with the deadly sword
BronzeScreen monkeysYou caught the monkeys from the screen
BronzeGreat Shinobi – OwlYou defeated the great Shinobi – owl
BronzeYou have surpassed your fatherDefeated the Great Shinobi Owl at Hirata Estate
BronzeCorrupt nunYou defeated the corrupt nun
BronzeRefined Gift of TearsDefeated the divine dragon and obtained the tears of the divine dragon
BronzeIsshin AshinaDefeated Isshin Ashina
BronzeDemon of hatredYou defeated the demon of hate
BronzeGiant snakeYou defeated the giant snake
BronzeBig colorful tentYou defeated the big colored carp

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