Rust cheats: Survival for Beginners

Let’s talk about one of the biggest and most popular survival games. Experience the most challenging and entertaining adventures with the following Rust tricks.

It is set in a hostile world in which survival is the main objective. This game doesn’t focus so much on finding resources or facing the dangers of nature, actually the biggest risk comes from other players.

When you first enter the game, it is normal for you to feel desperate as you become easy prey for other players.

What Rust Tricks Should You Know Before You Start Playing?

Select a server

The first Rust trick you should perform is the selecting a server for beginners. Try not to choose an official server, since they are the most populated and it is where there are always many experienced players.

If you opt for a community server, you will have a better chance to survive, while you learn how to navigate the game.

To make this selection, access the main menu and then press community servers. In the search bar at the bottom, type “beginner,” “friendly,” or “PvE.”

Similarly, you must remain vigilant because players may try to kill you, but on this server you will have more chances to dodge them.

Create a spawn point: a sleeping bag

Another of Rust’s tricks that will be useful to you is a sleeping bag. If you have a place to put it, you can create your own spawn point.

This option will allow you not to reappear directly on the beach, but from this point that you have already customized.

In order for you to make a sleeping bag, you will need at least thirty fabrics, which you can collect from the hemp plants.

Collect more wood and stone

With the starter tool, which is a rock, you can start collecting more wood and stone, just hit the trees and the big rocks. A greater number of these elements will be useful to you to make other tools.

This collection process is time consuming and can also be risky, so try to do it as quickly as possible. If you hit directly on the red X that appears on the tree, you will get more wood per hit, in the same way you can do it with the rocks.

Feed yourself

Take advantage of the time to collect materials to use your first weapons, hunting an animal that you can cook and eat.

You may need to get rid of a few resources, but nothing that you can’t get back, later in another collection process.

What to make from harvested wood

One Rust hack that you should prioritize is crafting essentials out of wood, the main thing is to make an ax and a pick, after that he continues to collect wood to make other artifacts that will be needed initially.

Among the basic wooden elements that you need to have at the beginning are:

  • Storage box.
  • Bases for building construction.
  • Walls.
  • Bonfire.
  • Door.
  • Lock.

Select an ideal site to build your first base

This Rust cheat is vitally important for you to achieve the main objective of the game. The recommendation is that you locate a hidden site where you have some resources available nearby. Try to locate a place close to your current location, so as not to take too much risk.

Remember this will be your first base. But, if you want, then you can make more. The best place to found your base is the forest, since it provides you with the main resource you need to advance; timber. Plus, it keeps you low-key.

If the site you select has a town or road nearby, it can be an advantage to find better materials.

If you don’t need it, don’t collect it

Collecting more than necessary is one of the most common mistakes made in the game. In these Rust tricks, we advise you that the best alternative is to collect small amounts of the resources that you really need, when you feel that you are very loaded, you can go storing them in the base. In this way, you avoid the risk of losing everything you have managed to collect.

Protect your belongings, use double doors

One of the tricks of Rust, in case you die in the hands of a more equipped player and he does not take all your materials, it is recommended create an extra gate. So try to build two closed rooms and store your materials in the last one.

Try not to light a fire at night

Avoid lighting fires at night as much as possible, this will make you an easy target for other players. It is recommended that you stay in the dark, no lighting torches and walking through the forest.

Take advantage of the daylight to cook enough food so that it is not necessary to do it at night. Make a habit of checking your food supply before nightfall.

Take care of your base: maintain it

Taking care of your base is one of the best Rust tricks that you should take into consideration, since like all constructions, it tends to deteriorate as time passes if a periodic maintenance.

The first thing you should do is fopen a closet with wood 1000 and install it on the base and store a sufficient quantity of all the materials that you used to build your base.

Stay alert with radiation

With a base already consolidated, it is time to start exploring sites where you will find more valuable materials.

It is recommended that you stay alert, as many of the abandoned buildings that you will find around, have a level of radioactivity that can kill you, so remember to wear protective clothing.

Avoid losing yourself

One of the good tricks of Rust is to avoid exploring aimlessly. But in case you get lost, it is a good idea that, before going out to explore new places, consider the location of the solar cycle with respect to your base. In this way, you can always return quickly in case you get lost.

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