20 romantic series that you cannot miss

Romantic series have always been a good option to enjoy with the family. These productions are loaded with a lot of love, passion, dedication and above all emotion. Throughout history there have been great series within this genre of the audiovisual industry and today we want to highlight some of the best romantic series of all time.

Currently, these love programs continue to position themselves as one of the most viewed and preferred by the public. The stories with passionate overtones are characterized mainly by telling stories related to love and real life. Today many production companies strive to continue launching series of this type on the market and mix it with other genres such as humor and fiction.

Without a doubt, there is no better option to enjoy as a family than to watch a good series. Those of suspense, comedy and action are quite interesting, however those with sentimental content are still one of the favorites of the public. For that reason, in the following article we will show you a complete list of the most popular romantic series that you cannot miss.

Most popular romantic series

Do you love romantic series? Then you have come to the right place. Here we present the ranking with the 20 most successful and popular of all time. These stories are loaded with love, passion and dedication, although some of them include a surreal touch. If you need to believe in love again, then be sure to watch these 20 productions that will fill your heart with love.

Feel good

One of the most successful romantic series of the moment is without a doubt Feel good, which has managed to conquer hundreds of followers around the world. It is a blockbuster made in the United Kingdom and released in 2020. The series was directed by Ally Pankow and so far two seasons have been broadcast.

The Feel Good series tells the life story of Mae Martin, a London-based humorist. She must face various personal problems, including withdrawal, addiction and a world full of jealousy with his girlfriend, who previously did not feel attraction for the same sex.


Run is a series produced in the United States and premiered with great success in 2020. It was directed by Vicky Jones, Natalie Bailey and Kate Dennis. It is a short series of just seven chapters in which Ruby Richardson leads a normal life and without much interest until on one occasion she receives a text message from Bill Johnson, her ex-partner from youth, to invite her to resume the relationship and his teenage plans: abandon everything and run away together.


One of the most acclaimed romantic series of the decade is precisely Fleabag; a production that has had unprecedented success in many countries around the world. Although it is true that this story reflects somewhat cruel and harsh situations, especially psychological blows, it is also a narrative loaded with a lot of love and passion.

Fleabag is a girl used to being direct and cheeky, however she must face a great emotional crisis, after losing her best friend. The protagonist will begin to lead a disorderly and crazy life. She has relationships with everyone who crosses her path and is reluctant to lead an independent and mature life at once.

Love life

The creator of this successful American series was Sam Boyd and it was first broadcast to the public in 2020. If you are one of those people who love conventional love stories, then here is an excellent alternative to enjoy as a family. The series narrates the love experiences of Darby, a young woman who in each chapter will show us a different moment of her love life until she finds the long-awaited stability.

Thanks to the undeniable success of the first season of Love life, its creator has decided to launch a second season. Through this series, Boyd aims to explore the ins and outs of people’s love, sex, and relationships, focusing each season on a different character.

Foodie love

Over there they say a full belly, a happy heart and this series comes to validate that popular saying. In this production we can observe several protagonists, among them love and gastronomy. The story centers on a couple passionate about cooking who organizes a date, after contacting each other through an application for food lovers.

The two start a relationship based on culinary art. They visit different restaurants in order to get to know each other in depth. In their conversations they recall some injuries from past relationships. Real feelings such as fear, desire, love, and passion are reflected in this story.

Sees it

A new season of the hit series Love was recently released to the public. In this production the tragicomic relationship between Gus and Michey is exposed, a young couple who share their different points of view about what they consider to be love, having a partner and intimate relationships in the modern world. Certainly one is very different from the other, but at the end of the day they get along very well and they love spending time together.

Master of none

One of the best romantic series made in recent times in the United States. In this story the experiences of Dev are narrated, an actor who is reaching his thirty years of age and who is still not very clear about what he wants to do with his life. Each of the chapters of the series revolves around some aspect of its existence. This series is a clear reflection of how difficult it is to find a place in today’s world. A beautiful story, but at the same time hard and full of ups and downs.


The series has been an indisputable success from the first moment of its premiere in 2014 and the different seasons carried out prove it. This production tells the experiences of Dylan, a boy whose life will change after discovering that he is infected with a sexually transmitted disease. He will try to locate women with whom he has had sexual relations in the past to inform them about the pathology they suffer from and urge them to get tested for STDs.


If you are looking to see a series full of emotion and surprise, then you should consider the option of Insecure, a production in which the life of Issa is narrated, a girl who is at a standstill in several aspects and who begins to feel trapped in her relationship with the one she believed to be the man of her life. There have been four seasons so far and it is a comedy that follows the tribulations of a modern African American woman.

Crazy ex-girlfriend

This American blockbuster tells the story of a female named Rebecca, who will have to abandon everything to move to a new place, specifically to the city of Los Angeles, where she will try to achieve her dreams, although she is not very clear about what exactly she wants. . It is not a romantic series in its entirety, but it deals with very passionate topics such as Rebecca’s obsession with her ex.

You’re the worst

Romantic series don’t necessarily specialize in love. Many of these stories also use heartbreak as a central plot. This is the case of the series You are the worst, which explains the relationship between Gretchen and Jimmy. They make up a dangerous and toxic couple. One is worse than the other, but even so, they will fall in love and try to have a healthy coexistence in the midst of so much dysfunction.


This series shows us a rather peculiar story. It is based on the crisis that can generate in many people reaching the age of forty. The story focuses on the characters of Sharon and Rob, a couple who meet in a bar, have sex and she is pregnant. Beyond adversity, both decide to bet on love and give themselves a chance. From there they begin to live an exciting adventure.

You me her

Series produced in the United States in 2016 and which obtained unparalleled acceptance among the public. The story centers on a married couple made up of Jack and Emma. They decide to hire the services of a companion to give a new touch to their relationship, however everything will change when the love between the three arises.


American series produced in 2015 and which addresses the reality of a dysfunctional family made up of Valerie, a girl who has recently separated from her husband and who decides to move with her daughter Laura to her brother Alex’s apartment. The two relatives will help each other, in order to improve their seduction techniques to succeed in the complicated world of love dating.


This successful romantic series reflects the life story of a nurse named Claire, who, in the company of her husband, decides to travel to Scotland after the Second World War. The plot will take an unexpected turn when Claire is transported to 18th century Scotland, where she meets Jaime, a warrior with whom she ends up falling deeply in love.


One of the romantic productions transmitted by the small screen that has had the greatest popularity in recent years has been Special, which premiered in 2019 and has been widely accepted by the public.

This serial program not only touches on aspects related to love, but also includes a lot of good humor. The story centers on a boy with cerebral palsy named Ryan. After the accident, he decides to start enjoying his life to the fullest, even looking for a new illusion. The story is inspired by real life events.


In romantic series, infidelity and adventure cannot be absent. Wanderlust tells us the reality of life of a married couple who at a certain moment make the decision to include new people in their romantic relationship, but also both begin to have passionate experiences, separately, outside of marriage, in order to revive the flame of love and sex.

A place to dream

A place to dream is also one of the most successful series in recent years. Seeing her and not being moved will be practically impossible. This production airs the story of a girl named Mel, who throughout her life has been working in the nursing profession. On one occasion, she decides to leave her routine in the big city to go to a small town to work as a midwife.

Upon finding herself in her new place of residence, Nurse Mel meets an attractive man with whom she falls madly in love from the first moment. From there both will begin to experience the deepest feelings of love, passion and commitment, building a relationship of height and example.

This is us

This interesting series was released to the public in 2016 and was broadcast by a major television network in the United States. It is a family story in which the connections of several people who share the same birthday and the ways in which they are similar and different are appreciated. This group of relatives will have to face difficult moments in their lives.

The virgin

One of the main attractions of this program is that it maintains a soap opera style throughout its different seasons. The story centers on a young woman named Jane. She is a virgin, but is accidentally inseminated, becoming pregnant without her planning. From that episode begins an entertaining and passionate story full of love, conspiracies, deaths and, above all, many moments of tenderness.

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