‘Riverdale 5’: everything that is known about the new season

Fortunately, it was already clear in the middle of season four of the popular Netflix series Riverdale that season 5 will follow as well. What do we know so far from the news, trailer, and release date for the next season of Riverdale on Netflix?Riverdale 5 is officially back and we can’t wait!

Like many series, the fourth season of ‘Riverdale’ came to an abrupt end due to the coronavirus. Luckily for us, the recordings are in full swing and there is even a date for the premiere of the new season.

In the United States it will be released on January 20 and, with a bit of luck, we can enjoy the new season a few days later! Get the popcorn now, because if we’re lucky we’ll see the new season starting in January 2021!

Season 5

Due to the unfortunate Riverdale creators being unable to continue filming due to Covid-19, they had to use episode 19 ‘Killing Mr. Honey’ as the season finale. This was the last that could be recorded, along with half of the number 20, therefore, season 5 will begin with what would originally be chapters 20, 21 and 22.

The fifth season will begin with the dance episode, with graduation shortly after. The show’s creator, Rovert Aguirre Sacasa, called these episodes great and exciting, so we can’t wait to see them. Much is going to change in season 5. They will no longer be teenagers.

Riverdale fans will be in for a lot of surprises. The series will make a seven-year time jump for season 5. And not all couples in love survive that distance. After the fast-forward in time, Veronica (played by Camila Mendes) is even married, but not who you think.

Archie is not the lucky one, but Chad Gekko (played by Reid Prebenda in the spinoff series Katy Keene). Still, it looks like Reid Prebenda won’t be making an appearance in Riverdale season 5. They are looking for a new actor to take over the role.

Betty and Jughead have been through a lot in seven years too, because the two are no longer in a relationship after the time jump. In fact, it looks like Jughead will have a new girlfriend in season 5. A casting call describes his search for someone to play Jessica, Jughead’s girlfriend.

In addition to the new romances, Archie’s story will be revisited again. After being a musician and sports fan in the first two seasons and spending time in jail in season 3, Archie enters the military at the end of season four. After the seven-year jump, he returns from the military and brings a friend named Eric Jackson with him. The role of Archie’s army friend has yet to be cast.

¿That means Archie and Betty are back together automatically.? Time will tell. We know Archie will be returning to Riverdale as a Riverdale High coach and reportedly working as a firefighter (or stripper?). Kevin also works at the school and still has a repeat relationship with Fangs. Actress Vanessa Morgan, who previously criticized the show, can also be seen more as Serpent Queen, this season.

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