Review of Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch

If you are a passionate and follower of Super Mario games, the plumber more famous of all time, You must have been impressed with the quality and perfection of his latest masterpiece: Super Mario Odyssey. In this Super Mario Odyssey review that we have prepared for you, we will tell you why we consider this game the masterpiece of one of the most beloved sagas and played by generations since its first appearance in 1985. It is considered the best game for Nintendo switch Until now. Before doing an analysis of Super Mario Odyssey, we must recognize the company’s ability to create a Super Mario game that continues to captivate fans and those who join this great adventure.

Super Mario Odyssey takes place in a new setting far from the Mushroom world to always rescue the Princess peach from the clutches of evil Bowser. The map presented by the game is surprising, we can consider it a memory exercise full of good moments that bring together all the best of the previous games in the saga, but with the total freedom of exploration and movement of this new delivery. To move we will do it in our spaceship and we will have to collect as many coins and moons as possible at each site; there are many hidden moons On the way, they can add up to a total of 800 at the end of the game. The game is open and you can explore with total freedom, the graphics are excellent and the movements respond perfectly thanks to the Joy-con from the console. which undoubtedly tells us that this game was Designed exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

Within this Super Mario Odyssey review it is important to highlight the selection of audio content. Nintendo took care of these details to perfection and in addition to the usual sounds we have songs that bring us good memories of unmemorable times such as Jump Up Super Star.

The most outstanding novelty of this game is the new adventure partner inseparable from Mario: Cappy, a top hat that has many abilities. With this hat Mario acquires three new movements: Hat Throw, Hat Jump and Capture. According to our review of Super Mario Odyssey the best move is Capture, that allows Mario to acquire the shape of the objects or people with whom he interacts and this gives him more abilities including that of taking control of his enemies. He can swim, fly, traverse difficult paths, use super powers, and catch his enemies. All these skills and many more will give you hours and hours of entertainment when you want to see how each one works. Also another detail to highlight in our Super Mario Odyssey review, is that we can choose a number of accessories that will be available to us throughout the game. We can dress and characterize our character with as many costumes as possible thanks to the fact that in each kingdom you have a store where you can buy a variety of costumes and accessories to decorate your ship. A very well thought-out game that, if we want to make an assessment after our Super Mario Odyssey analysis, we rate it a 10.

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