Review of Star Wars Battlefront 2 for PS4

When Star wars battlefront It was released on the market in 2015 in its first installment, passionate about the star wars saga We jumped with excitement at that announcement. But the joy did not last long, since we met a game that came to us full of imperfections, with short duration and contradictions in its history. Two years later EA DICE brought us back the second part of this game with Battlefront 2. This edition does promise better performance and that is why we decided to do an analysis of Star Wars Battlefront 2 to know if EA DICE really decided to take into account the constructive criticism of the public to make a real change and exceed the performance of its first installment.

The first thing we have to highlight in this analysis of Star Wars Battlefront 2, is that the game is one of the best when it comes to first and third person shooter that perfectly combines a very well elaborated and structured script, something that very We can rarely see in these types of action games. In this edition we also observe that we are not limited to the first Star Wars trilogy, But all the trilogies of the saga were globalized and we can see that in the settings, the characters, the weapons and all the technology of Lucas Film.

As far as the graphics engine is concerned, this is something unmatched, far superior to the first with surprising realism especially with regard to the physiognomy of the characters, as well as the settings and battlefields. It shows that all the details were taken care of in the design of weapons, ships and other vehicles. When we tested it in the PS4 platform we are very satisfied with the projection of the frames. That is why it seems to us a highly recommended game.

Within this analysis of Star Wars Battlefront 2 we cannot overlook the audio enhancements. The sound quality is quite good with an incredible soundtrack and quality of sound effects that we have nothing to criticize.

Regarding the gameplay, here we also add one more point in favor. We are faced with three modalities, including the multiplayer mode in Campaign mode, which was one of the demands made on the previous installment. Here we are located between the Episode VI and VII with the Inferno Squad under the command of their Commander Iden Versio after the destruction of the second Death Star. Filming begins there, but we won’t tell you more. What we do believe in this analysis of Star Wars Battlefront 2 is that there is still discomfort with the producers because the game puts limitations on us with the famous loot boxes Or put more simply, the blessed “loot boxes” (which gave us access to the star cards) and the micro-payment system that seems to be the only way to advance in the game and unlock characters. In our opinion in this analysis of Star War Battlefront 2 we see that this does not end up liking the users at all and we hope that Electronic arts Rethink yourself and try to give it a change so that your sales are not harmed, or the fans of this master saga are disappointed.

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