Resident Evil 3 Remake: story and extra tricks

Resident Evil 3 Remake is available for the PS4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows platforms. The graphics of the game are extraordinary and therefore the experience for the players has been unmatched.

The first version of the video game was released in 1999. However, little by little the improvements have been numerous and this latest installment is high definition. The story was changed a bit, and those in the know have realized this. It is not something to worry about because the general plot remains the same.

The new phases of Resident Evil 3 Remake

The recommendations for playing Resident Evil 3 Remake will serve both experienced and lesser players. However, the first step to follow is that, if you do not know the game, start training with version number 2.

The latter is not mandatory, but it will allow you to have knowledge of what happened in the previous version. Among the tricks that you have to know to play this spectacular title are:

Hardcore or normal mode

It is an initial mode that is present in Resident Evil 3 Remake with two alternatives, normal and assisted. This section is ideal for beginner players. However, keep in mind that by implementing it you could lose part of your experience. Because, in its development, it is not important to save ammunition or inventory.

In assisted mode, health ability can be restored automatically. In addition, that it also eliminates the sense of emergence, which is experienced when you are chased by Nemesis. Therefore, the best advice in this regard is use the normal mode and not the assisted one. This will prevent the emotion from being lost completely.

Master the punch and dodge it

It is a novelty that is incorporated into this new installment of Resident Evil 3 Remake. Which, This is an extra move that the characters of Carlos and Jill will have. With this option you will be able to dodge with ease and you will obtain dexterity in the blows towards the enemies. After that, you will have the perfect opportunity to knock them out of control.

For Jill it is really useful because it is ideal to get rid of the punches with which Nemesis usually attacks. While for Carlos it is essential to keep away his most powerful rivals “Los Hunter”. Learning to use and master this move will be perfect for overcoming obstacles and saving ammunition.

Shoot safely

In normal mode, the game gives you enough ammunition to finish off any opponent. However, you must take care of your aim and practice until you perfect it. Above all, if you have already obtained for your arsenal the sights of the G19 weapons and assault rifle. With these two, put the knife and ammo savings aside for a long time.

Almost all the challenges in the game are based on killing the largest number of zombies in your path. This has to be done with different types of weapons. Besides, also there are other levels where you will have to blow the cap off the undead with a single shot. So for this you have to be an expert shooter.

Take advantage of the stage

In the game area or zone there are a few items that you can use as weapons. For example, there are the transformers, ideal for generating electric shocks to their rivals. There are also the explosive cans, these when thrown take a few enemies ahead.

The drums can only be used once, but the transformers every time you pass through that area you can activate them. They not only serve to kill zombies they are also good for cerberus dogs and to stop Nemesis for a few seconds.

Items needed to win

Among these are some valuable elements for the perfect development of the Resident Evil 3 Remake video game. In this case they would be the cards, Shears, keys and Lock Pick. All these, They are ideal for opening supply boxes, doors, lockers, hospitals, police stations, the NEST laboratory, among others.

It is important to have all of them in advance of the game and always carry them with your character. Otherwise, if you need one on the way, you will have to go back to the nearest trunk to get it. After all available locks have been opened, a trash can will appear in the menu, indicating that you should discard them. Because they no longer have any other use in the game.

Optimize your weapons

There are endless improvements to the Resident Evil 3 Remake arsenal. In which, the long-barreled, the assault rifle, the G19 pistol, the sniper, etc., stand out. Likewise, there are also elements to improve them, such as a double magazine, a rifle grip, a special load for a magnum pistol, among others.

In the case of complementary elements, these do not take up more space. Best of all, when combined with weapons, they will significantly improve the performance of the arsenal. It’s worth putting all of these pieces together so your characters are ready to win the battle.

Game map

If you get stuck in any part of the game, don’t be discouraged, you can check the map. It is organized by color codes that indicate the rooms of the objects that you have not yet collected.

In addition to indicating the locks that remain to be opened, the location of the trunks, etc. If you need to know what your next play will be, this will be the best way to do it and so you will be prepared.

The sense of hearing

When entering a location, you may not detect that there is a hidden enemy. Either because it hides in a corner, or crawls under objects. For this there is a technique and that is almost all monsters make noise as you pass. Either because of the movement or because they emit roars that will allow you to locate them.

In chases, monsters’ footsteps often signal when they will deliver their powerful punches. But by practicing you can get to dodge these attacks even if they come from behind you, you do this without having to see them, just by listening to them.

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