Red moles on the skin: why do they come out?

The red polka dots on the skin they are also known by dermatologists as nevus rufus or nevus ruby, and they are small spots of blood that sometimes protrude from the skin and are felt to the touch.

On the other hand, there are the small red dots known as ruby ​​dots, which have no relation to the moles to which we refer, but which arouse suspicion and the same concern as red moles on the skin.

These dots are capillary dilations, tiny vascular spots that also protrude from the skin, but in this case it is an accumulation of skin pigment. That is, melanin.

In this section we will deal with red moles on the skin that, although they also appear out of nowhere, they are not painful but they are unsightly. They are usually mostly on the chest, neck, arms and legs and, in many cases, also on the hands and feet or in those areas of the body that are usually exposed to the sun.

Why do red moles appear on my skin?

The appearance of red moles on the skin, also called angiomas, can have several origins:

  • Overexposure to the sun
  • Bad nutrition
  • Low water consumption
  • Aging
  • Excess toxins in the liver, blood, intestines, and pancreas
  • Excessively white and delicate skin

It is that any of these causes can promote the abnormal growth of tiny blood vessels. Its measurement ranges between 1 and 4 millimeters, with a circular and uniform shape although in relief, and in some cases it can also appear on the heels, armpits and genital areas.

Do not be alarmed by the presence of a few red moles on the skin, as long as they maintain their size, quantity and color. That is, as long as they do not change their appearance, especially in size or texture (they become rough), shape and color and do not exceed a certain amount (three to five in a specific area).

If it is a red mole that appeared out of nowhere but changes its appearance over time, becoming dark, deformed and larger, then it is necessary and mandatory to go to the dermatologist to perform the recommended tests.

If you are only in the presence of red moles, it is best to pay attention to your diet, habits and lifestyle, and skin care in general.

Some tips to prevent its appearance

  • All skins require protection, especially at those times of the year when the sun is more direct. Therefore, the use of high-fps sunblocks is recommended to take care of it and avoid damage such as premature aging.
  • Take cold showers more often than you usually do, as this helps your skin stay smooth and protected for longer.
  • At meal times, think about those foods that provide nutrients and everything you need to stay healthy. That is, try to stay away from greasy foods, loaded with seasonings, excessively sugary and high in calories but low in vitamins and minerals.
  • Control the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes that tend to add toxins to the body and force the body to accumulate healthy liabilities. This causes damage that affects good health, especially in maturity and old age.
  • Periodically cleanse your intestines, liver, pancreas, and blood. Drink plenty of water (at least two liters a day) and unsweetened natural juices, herbal teas and teas. For purify the body you can take infusion of chamomile, dandelion, cinnamon or horsetail, among others.
  • Eat salads and vegetables in a higher proportion than meats, rice, and try to reduce your intake of refined flours.

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