Racism in the 21st century

Racism is still a reality in the 21st century. Despite the cruel experiences of the past caused by racism, today racist ideas continue to have sympathizers in the world.

Political parties with openly racist postulates have resurfaced, especially in Europe. The ideas that promote that one race is superior to another today use social networks and the Internet to spread quickly. They have more resonance, they add supporters who could become voters.

Racism in the 21st century manifests itself in everyday life through offenses, insults, qualifications, racist jokes, hostile gestures and glances. Other expressions of racial discrimination are the denial of access to certain places, and avoiding interaction with the other. In cyberspace, racism is evidenced in hate speech and messages, in many cases shielded in anonymity. These messages put freedom of expression to the limit and represent a challenge on the legal issue.

Currently, they are valued equality and tolerance, it is promoted the fight against racism and xenophobiaBut the racist demonstrations continue to happen. They keep happening because humanity has not been freed from the fear of the different, the unknown, and the fear of losing their security. Diversity is still seen in the 21st century as a threat, not as a gift, as I said. Nelson Mandela.

Subtle racism

The United Nations defines four types of racism, of which the aversive is the most characteristic of racism in the 21st century.

  • Aversive racism it claims equal rights and apparently condemns racist behavior. In reality, this type of racism is expressed in a subtle way, distancing itself from the other person, showing coldness and lack of empathy towards them.
  • The aversive racist does not express his beliefs openly, but inside he feels discomfort, fear and rejection towards those who are different. It is a latent, silent racism that adapts to social control. The public demonstration of what is actually believed is limited by social pressures. Reactions are held back for fear of being singled out or sanctioned by society that hopes that there is no racial discrimination. Aversive racists justify discrimination by focusing on aspects other than race so as not to be viewed as prejudiced. To evade censorship in anti-racist settings, the aversive racist uses indirect ways to attribute inferiority to the other race.

The truth is that these thoughts and feelings remain latent, but they can reveal themselves openly and violently. It would happen if conflict situations arise, if the aversive racist feels threatened because the conditions in his environment change.

Other forms of racism in the 21st century are

  • The infra-humanization: considers that one’s own group has a human essence superior to that of other ethnic groups. To these they are judged as less human based on attributing the absence or lack of intelligence, language and human emotions.
  • Ontologization: it is a form of racism that places other ethnic groups as inferior. Consider that the differences between human groups are cultural, but also natural. Prejudices prevent social contacts and mixing. Underlying this type of racism is the myth of racial purity and the fear of racial contamination.
  • Hetero-ethnicization: it is a form of racism that attributes exaggerated cultural differences to other races. The other ethnic group is considered inferior because of their culture. It is a way to cover up true racial prejudice.

Anti-racism demonstration

The different types of racism in the 21st century show that it has the capacity for transformation and adaptation. In this way it manages to hide beliefs and attitudes that would be censored and would damage the image of the person in a context where political correctness prevails.

Racism gains ground in politics

Some of the political parties with racist and xenophobic postulates that have gained ground in European electoral preferences are:

Racism is not patriotism banner

  • The Freedom Party: is part of the coalition that currently governs Austria. He opposes Muslim immigration, as the country accepts more immigrants. Christian Schilcher, one of the party members, he has compared migrants to rats.
  • Northern League: is part of the coalition that leads the government in Italy. The most recent slogan of the party is “Italy first.” If a few years ago he openly manifested his discrimination against the inhabitants of the south of the country, now he does so against immigrants.
  • Movement for a Better Hungary: members of this party They even requested that the inhabitants of Jewish origin sign a special registry. According to them, the count of Jews was necessary because these people represented a risk to national security.
  • German National Democratic Party: is the game neo-Nazi from Germany, and like other European far-right parties, he opposes immigration and has an anti-European discourse.
  • Danish People’s Party: it is a nationalist party, it rejects immigration and Islamization.
  • Vox: it is an ultra-conservative party Spanish who recently won his first seats in parliament with a xenophobic speech.
  • Conservative People’s Party of Estonia: the leaders of this party are openly racist and xenophobic. They make it clear through gestures associated with racism in their country.

Two politicians who have been accused of being racists and xenophobes and who won the presidency of their countries are Donald trump (United States) and Jair bolsonaro (Brazil).

The most tragic facet of racism in the 21st century is mass murder perpetrated by white supremacists. Recently, Norway has lived with the crimes of Anders Breivik; in New Zealand with the attacks carried out by Brenton Tarrant. Also, in the United States, with the murders that Dylann Roof committed against a group of African Americans gathered in a church.

Racism in the 21st century has even been studied by Harvard University. This institution made a map of the most racist and the most tolerant countries in Europe, using data obtained between 2002 and 2015.

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