Pokémon GO tricks to win and fight in gyms

If you are looking to become an expert in gyms, you have to consider the best Pokémon Go tricks that will allow you to win. This video game has conquered a great fan base.

It is an adventure game with augmented reality that was developed by Niantic Labs. It is available for iOS and Android devices.

The best Pokémon Go tricks for gyms

Are you trying to find the Pokémon Go cheats for become an expert in gyms? If this is so, you have to know that the fighting is a fundamental part.

Its creators decided to adapt the fighting between trainers and creatures to mobile devices. Next, we leave you a guide with the best tricks to play the gyms and battles of Pokémon Go.

Movements and attacks

Strategy is always present in Pokémon Go battles. It is a fight carried out in real time, and where they are limited to two fighting movements. Which are released by pressing on the screen. During this process you must avoid or dodge the opponent’s attacks.

Among the actions you can take are the following:

  • Quick assaults: refers to the main option, constant, and with repeated keystrokes.
  • Charged Assaults: it is the one that produces the greatest damage, and requires strong pressure to be exerted. Always trying to fill the power gauge to the maximum.

Dodge and defenses

The dodges are used as one of the tricks of Pokémon Go to defend of the opponent. Your position must always be attacking and you must be attentive to overcome the level.

You have the option to choose the creature that will fight first. After it falls, you will not be able to choose the substitute again. But keep in mind that at any point in the fight you can change it. That is why it is recommended that Before starting the battle, plan the strategies.


You will find a large number of gyms that are scattered throughout the map. They are considered as PokéStops very tall and outstanding, in which it is always found even a creature. To fight is the ideal place, but to participate you will have to pass level 5 as a trainer.

Types of gyms

  • Allies: they appear in our team color. It means, blue, red and yellow or what is the same Wisdom, Courage and Instinct. In them, the defense of any Pokémon can be applied.
  • Rivals: It is the color of the opposing teams. In these, all creatures can be used to weaken opponents and achieve conquest.


Apart from the tricks of Pokémon Go, you also have to know the essential features of the game, such as:

The maximum number of Pokémon in a gym is six.

  • Only one species of the same type is allowed in every gym. This means that if you have a pikachu in defense, you cannot put another in the gym. The only option to do so is that the former is already weakened.
  • If you deposit a species in the gym, it will not be able to be used regularly, because it occupies a position that is outside the range of direct control.
  • The Pokémon that are on defense have their own motivation. Which is equivalent to the combat points accumulated by that specimen. It comes with a heart and can be reduced over time. In addition, that attacks and defeats also weaken it.
  • Use the berries, One of the best Pokémon Go tricks is providing your creature with berries. They will be previously located in the gym. With this, the motivation score is increased, and they can keep defending for longer.
  • The effect of the berry will be greatly reduced if a Pokémon is given the same type repeatedly. One of the best Pokémon Go tricks is the use of the Golden Frambu berry. With this you can fully recover the player’s motivation.


Gyms grant various rewards, so it is good that you play with strategies and knowing all the tricks. When you get close enough you will have the alternative of turning the photodisk. This in order to get random objects or elements.

In the event that the gym is dominated by your team, you will additionally achieve another object as a reward. As you improve your medal, you can find up to three more objects. Likewise, once a day you will have the opportunity to get a free raid pass.

Conquest of gyms

If you need to conquer rival gyms, you will need to know another of the Pokémon Go tricks. Which, it’s about getting closer to the opponent’s gym and using your creatures to weaken the defenders. You have to decrease the motivation of your Pokémon to “0”, finally the gym will be neutral and you can capture it.

It is important that you know that these elements have a total level of motivation. Therefore, they serve to identify to a lesser and greater extent the difficulty that it has.

Also, you should remember that the best you can do is group up with other players to join forces. Solo gyms are the hardest to conquer, so don’t go for it, it’s an unprofitable option.

Raid on gyms

Among the tricks of Pokémon Go, this is a very good option. It’s about that gyms are converted, on certain occasions, into raids. They are used to obtain diverse creatures going to these and weakening them.

These enclosures are protected by a single species and known as the raid boss. Likewise, they have a limit period for them to participate in them. You have to spend a pass so that you can enter the venue.

They are limited to levels 1-5, but the last step is reserved for legendary creatures.

As soon as the raid is available, a Pokémon Egg will appear on it with the level identification. The pink color is grouped in level 1 and 2, level 3 and 4 yellow, and level 5 would be black.

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