‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’: everything you need to know about the new Disney movie

What started out as one of the funniest theme parks, ended up becoming a movie franchise. With such resounding success that now Disney is working on its next installment: ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’.

In the plot we have a crazy pirate who stole our hearts from the first moment. So we witnessed his many adventures at sea.

The first one, when he tries to recover his beloved ship, The Black Pearl. Going through a lot of circumstances that make his way difficult.

But … Let’s go to the present! Well, we all want to know what will happen to the next movie.

Let’s see what ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’ is about

In 2017, we saw a fifth of the batch that makes up the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. More than three years have passed and almost at the end of 2020 key information was leaked. The next production will not be a direct sequel to the previous ones.

The version that is handled is that ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’ it will be a reboot. Clearly, this film will be set in the same universe, only there will be several changes.

It is rumored that Redd (original character in the theme park) will have a place in this story. A woman who becomes a pirate, some time after being sold as a slave.

What will happen to Jack Sparrow? How does the plot continue?

There is still no written script, therefore, we do not know for sure how the development of this installment will be. However, Christina Hodson, who wrote the Birds of Prey chapter, is already working on it. This from the hand of producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

Something that has also raised doubts is whether actor Johnny Depp will return in his role as the famous Sparrow. Already many media claim that the artist will not return even for a cameo, due to personal situations of the famous Depp.

Other details of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’

Among the most notorious events that surround ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’ we have:

  • Margot Robbie’s participation. Which, by the way, will have a leading role.
  • It would be logical to think that it will give life to Redd. Of course, all development will depend on the scriptwriters. So it is still unknown if his role will be linked in some way to Jack Sparrow. An acceptable question, since he has been the main character of the original saga.
  • It is very possible that this version of Pirates of the Caribbean has the participation of the son of the reckless and witty protagonist.
  • In addition, with the introduction of the Australian, a new era arises where female inclusion will become more noticeable. Although we were already witnessing it with the character of Keira Knightley, as Elizabeth.

At the moment, there are not too many details regarding the expected Disney movie. Neither is a sneak peek or news revealing which other actors will join the cast.

There is something of which we do have a notion. Well, for the time it takes to carry out a project of such magnitude, its premiere will probably be in 2023.

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