Oscar Isaac has been chosen to star in the film adaptation of ‘Metal Gear Solid’

Oscar Isaac has been chosen to the long-awaited film adaptation of Metal Gear Solid by Sony based on the homonymous video game by Hideo Kojima, as advertised by the specialized site Deadline.

First released in 1998 for the PlayStation console, this game follows a soldier who infiltrates a nuclear weapons factory. Its mission is to neutralize the Foxhound terror threat, A special forces unit that has settled on the dark side.

In March 2019, in the middle of an interview with IGN, Oscar Isaac was asked which video game adaptation he would dream of embodying in film. His response was immediate: “Metal Gear Solid” A message that perhaps helped capture the attention of the producers. In the script, the film features Derek Connolly (Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker, The Jurassic World Trilogy, Pokémon Detective Pikachu, and Kong: Skull Island).

“Metal Gear Solid”

Details of the film’s plot have not been revealed, but director Vogt-Roberts told IGN that is not literally adapting to the video game, but neither is going to ignore what seduced the fans.

It is also unknown when filming will begin on the film given Isaac’s busy schedule. Which we will see this December in the movie Dune by Denis Villeneuve, whose premiere has been postponed due to the pandemic.

He was also cast in Moon Knight, a new Marvel Studios series that will air on the Disney + platform, as well as in the comic book adaptation The Great Machine. Finally, the American actor of Guatemalan origin He will play Francis Ford Coppola in Francis and the Godfather, a film that describes the making of the masterpiece The Godfather.

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