Nioh Guide 2: Secrets and Tricks to Stop the Yokai Menace

This guide Nioh 2 corresponds to the second part of the original version, released in 2017. This game is set in Japan at the time of unification. Its main characters are an unknown hero named Hiddy and a spirit stone merchant named Tokichiro.

The fundamental objective of the game is to discover the best way to stop the Yokai threat, which seeks to destroy the country and get the nation to unite again somehow.

This type of game is characterized by its complexity, which makes its players meet death on several occasions.

Next, we present a Nioh 2 guide, so that you can expand your experience in this new version, while defeating all your enemies.

How to stop the Yokai threat in Nioh 2?

The following Nioh 2 guide is a proposal for you to discover how Hiddy can stop the threat of Yokai destruction in his country.


Compared to its previous version, in Nioh 2 you can access two additional types of weapons: alternate glaive and beans. Throughout the story you will have the opportunity to try all the weapons you want. Regardless of the ones you initially selected.

What you should consider before selecting your weapons is to determine if it is suitable for the use you will give it. For example, depending on the type of attack you can use a long distance Odachi or a Tonfas in the case of short distances.

Therefore, we recommend that you use all the weapons and when you feel ready you can switch between the stances. Everything regarding the enemy to face and the type of combat.

Another weapon that will be very useful is ki pulse. We advise you to practice beforehand so that you can master it in a short time. This technique can be used to regain your stamina in a faster way. In addition, it serves to eliminate the trace of darkness that is left by the Yokai, which makes your recovery slower.


When it comes to spirits, in this Nioh 2 guide we advise you to first test which guardian spirit best suits your play style.

Similarly, through the tutorial, you can try the three available types: Wild, Ghost and Barbarian. Each of these spirits have a series of advantages and disadvantages that are reflected in their level of speed, defense and attacks.

One of the aspects that you should consider during your game is that in this version, you have a new anima bar, with an initial limit of ten points.

It can be used in the case of a special kickback and a fit of rage. Thanks to this new option, You can break through the defense and stop a Yokai attack causing serious damage to it.


The rarity level of the objects is also a parameter that you can use to your advantage. Common items are white and have a familiarity limit of 300. Also, they do not deal the same damage as unique purple items with a familiarity limit of 900, and if they have a demon associated they can go as high as 999.

If in a team, either attack or defense, you visualize a phrase in green, this indicates that they are part of a group that will give you special bonuses.

In the event that you run into an enemy that is at a not so short distance, in this Nioh 2 guide we suggest that you do not hesitate to use ranged weapons. As for example, bows or muskets. And if the enemy is not aware of your presence and in the same way you decide to attack him, the damage you will do to him will be double.

The techniques of Ninjutsu, Onmyo and the new abilities

In this Nioh 2 guide We recommend that you practice all the modalities found in the Dojo, which appear on the map when returning from a mission. The importance of carrying out this advice is that each one will appear more accesses in the different branches of skills of each character.

Your practice level will depend on your level of experience with weapons and with the ability of your changing form from human to Yokai. The same happens with your ninja aspect and with onmyo magic.

Ninjutsu techniques

Ninjutsu techniques and onmyo magic are of vital importance. Therefore, it is advisable not to put them aside. You can use the prayer shrines to prepare various jutsus, which can be recharged when entering one of these shrines.

Skill branches

Another point to take into account is the relevance of knowing each of the skill branches. Take some time to read their descriptions, since they specify the routes you can follow and the advantages they provide in your attacks.


A trick that we give you in this Nioh 2 guide is that there is a shortcut, through which, you can instantly visualize the skills of each branch.

You just owe press square button of the command control and the complete list will scroll, with an icon that indicates which of them you can unlock and another that allows you to know which ones you already have.

The Yokai and their weapon cores

In this Nioh 2 guide we tell you that in this version of the game there is the novelty of the Yokai soul cores. Which you can get by killing as many Yokai as possible and by grabbing his heart the anima will recharge automatically. You can use any of the shrines to purify its core.

It is important that you keep in mind that you can only keep two cores active at the same time, depending on the adjustment made to your guardian spirit. In addition, each nucleus has an anima cost that varies depending on its power.

Try to check the properties of each of the cores frequently. These not only allow you to enhance the attack and defense options of the guardian spirit, but also provide you with some advantages: such as increase resistance to poison or paralysis. Also, you can gain changeling experience.

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