Natural Tips to Relieve Children’s Coughs

The cough and the colds they are quite common in the little ones, especially after the changes of season. Strengthening your immune system through a balanced diet is the main recommendation to avoid the development of viral diseases, but when the annoying symptoms are already present, it is necessary to alleviate them with the appropriate treatment.

In this sense, there are several alternatives available. For example, it is possible to resort to home remedies that guarantee the relief of symptoms of the common cold that usually have a low price, but it is also possible to choose natural formulas such as that offered by the Santé Verte brand, which allow to relieve cough without causing effects. secondary.

We know that coughing is important for the elimination of infections and the expulsion of irritants lodged in the throat, but the reality is that it is quite annoying for children, preventing a night’s rest, so it is always a good idea to have something on hand quick-acting remedy that stops coughing and is safe for children.

5 natural remedies for cough

Here are five natural cough remedies that you can try.

Naturally formulated syrups

One of its star products for cough relief belongs to the brand Santé To see you and it’s the children’s cough syrup Seditus Cough Childish, which is composed of elements and plants such as Horehound, Drosera, Honey, Plantain and Hedera Helix. It is a combination that allows to reduce the discomfort caused by dry and productive cough in a completely safe, fast and natural way.

Tea and honey

According to a study comparing the effects of tea and the honey with one of the most popular pharmacological medications to calm a cough, it resulted that the consumption of the hot drink at night has a result quite similar to the drug. Consider this home remedy to soothe a dry cough caused by allergies.

Water steam

Productive coughing is usually much better when you breathe water steam. If this is the case, try a hot shower and take advantage of the time in the bathroom so that the little one takes a deep breath of the accumulated steam. You will see how the cough subsides in a short time and you can enjoy the appropriate rest. It is also possible to inhale steam from a bowl for a few minutes, with a similar effect.


The ginger It is one of the classic remedies for cough relief, both in adults and children, especially when a dry cough of asthmatic origin occurs, since it offers anti-inflammatory properties, which relaxes the membranes of the respiratory tract and Consequently, the intensity of the cough is reduced and it may even disappear completely.

Menthol ointments

Finally, one of the best known tricks for cough relief is the application of a thick layer of menthol ointments on the skin of the chest, neck and directly on the throat of the child. This is recommended only in children older than two years.

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