Discover the characters of “My hero academia one’s justice”

Fight for justice! “My hero academia one’s justice” appears as a battle action where individualities collide. Experience the destruction of a real world with superhuman power that fully employs “individuality” and various battles that make use of the buildings and walls placed on the stage.

Since there are several modes available in the game, you should start with the first one, the story mode. This offers beginners a solid foundation in the form of a tutorial. You fight as Izuku against Gran Torino and you know the controls.

The story mode itself is based on the manga and can be played twice, once from the heroes point of view, and once from the villains point of view. Characters are set up for individual missions, but you can often switch between multiple characters. Learn about their characteristics here.

Izuku Midoriya

A boy who, like many his age, dreams of one day becoming a hero to all. It is also known as Deku. Although he was born without “individuality”, he discovered his inner qualities as a hero and inherited the “individuality” one for all from All Might. His will to save people is stronger in him than that of other characters.

Tomura Shigaraki

He is a formidable enemy, whose identity is unknown and is shrouded in mystery. The reason is unclear, but he plans to kill All Might. He is the leader of a group that calls itself the League of Villains.. It seems to have “individuality” that destroys the object touched with its five fingers.

Katsuki bakugo

He is a childhood friend of Deku. Characterized by being a confident person with outstanding intelligence, physical strength and a great sense of combat, he has a firm belief that he will become the number one hero and has a strong tendency to rise. His “individuality” is an explosion that causes his nitro-like sweat to explode from the sweat glands in the palm of his hand.

All might

He is the number one hero who is also called a symbol of peace and justice. He was seriously injured in a battle in the past and can only act as a hero for a limited time due to the aftermath. He has a “personality” for everyone that can be transferred by accumulating the power that has been transmitted from generation to generation and that he received long ago.

Ochaco Uraraka

Has a bright personality She is open-minded and is a good friend of Deku. He came to Tokyo just to attend Yuei High School. “Individuality” turns what you touch with your fingertips into a state of zero gravity.

Shoto Todoroki

A character with top-notch intellectual and physical strength who entered the school recommended by Yuei High School. He has professional hero number two Endeavor as his father, but does not have good relations with him because he hurt his mother due to his ambitions. “Individuality” is semi-cold and semi-hot that freezes on the right and heats up on the left.

Tenya Lida

An educated boy, Deku’s classmate. He comes from an elite born and raised in a family of heroes. The “individuality” is an engine that can run at an amazing speed due to the organs located in the legs.

Tsuyu Asui

A personality clear and transparent It makes you say what you want to say right away. The “individuality” is a frog that can do almost any action typical of this animal such as moving freely in the water, attacking with its tongue outstretched, jumping with great force and sticking to a wall.

Denki Kaminari

He is a light and carefree young man. Your “Individuality” is the electrical charge that is discharged from the body and can manipulate. If the electrical power exceeds the allowable amount, the brain will short-circuit and become temporarily extremely stupid.

Momo Yaoyorosu

He has first-class results and outstanding proportions unlike other high school students. The “individuality” is the creation that can give shape to any element as long as they are not living beings.

Shota Aizawa

A professional hero who works as a teacher at Yuei High School, look for rational thinking and don’t waste time. The “individuality” is the erasure that can fade the individuality of the opponent over a period of time.


Commonly known as a “hero killer”. He has a unique sense of justice which is a fake that fools a hero and creates a distorted society that is why he kills heroes that he believes to be false in many ways. It boasts overwhelming combat power with sword attacks and swift movements. “Individuality” is a blood clot that deprives the body of freedom by ingesting the blood of its opponent.

Kyoka Jiro

A rock girl with a pretty laid back personality. The “individuality” is a headphone jack that allows a strong beat to flow towards the target with the earplug inserted or to strike with sound.

Fumikage Tokoyami

He has a bird-like appearance and a cool personality. “Individuality” is a dark shadow that contains monsters that can be stretched and materialize as shadows.

Eijiro Kirishima

Hot blooded and very masculine, that’s his motto. “Individuality” is a hardening that protects the whole body and can play an active role in both attack and defense.

Himiko Toga

A high school girl is invited by a dark corridor to join the enemy coalition of the League of Villains. Police are pursuing her as a suspect in a series of deaths from blood loss. Their individuality and identity are unknown.


Is a mysterious enemy. He received a request from a dark corridor to join the enemy League of Villains coalition. He sticks to Stain’s idea of ​​murdering heroes. All identities and individualities are unknown.

Gran torino

An All Might teacher who used to be a teacher at Yuei High School for only one year. However, there are few records as a professional hero and his identity is shrouded in mystery. The “individuality” is a jet with which you can move at high speed by expelling the air inhaled through the sole of the foot.


A villain with a prosthetic eye. He has the nickname “blood madness” and hurts people with “individuality” as he provokes. He joined the new enemy coalition of the League of Villains. He has a “personality” that allows muscle fibers to wrap around the skin and attack with tremendous power and speed.

All for One

A great villain who once reigned as ruler of evil. Six years ago, he was deeply wounded in a deadly battle with All Might and withdrew from the line. He has decided to succeed him and has become the brains of the enemy coalition of the League of Villains.

You can take “individuality” from others and give it to whoever you want. Plus, you can manipulate multiple “individualities” at the same time.

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