Munich in 3 days

What to see in Munich in 3 days

Are you planning to spend a little holiday, or a getaway, and have not yet decided your destination? Do you want to visit a really unforgettable and beautiful city? Well, Munich, capital of Bavaria, may be the ideal place for this weekend plan. Three days will be enough to see in the Bavarian city a great variety of tourist spaces, with attractive histories and a great beauty.

But what to see in Munich in three days? No doubt time seems short, and Munich’s numerous spaces could generate doubt about what to see first or where to go. Thinking about it and to make your weekend in the most organized city, this article contains a kind of itinerary, so you can organize your trip and get an idea of what to see in Munich and surroundings in three days, as well as the best tips to visit Munich.

First day

The first day in Munich, it’s very important. Expectations and excitement accelerated by knowing each space of the city, visiting the best places, taking the best photographs for the memory. Well, since it is only three days and there are different spaces that you will surely love, we will propose for you a list of the best places that are undoubtedly ideal to start the tour.

Then, delight yourself with the description of what may be your first day in the city.

Deutsches Museum

If you love technology, science and history you should start your route with a visit to the Deutsches Museum, it’s a fantastic idea! This is one of the most attractive areas north of the city. This place gathers around 100,000 emblematic historical pieces in the field of science and technology. Among the most notable disciplines are chemistry, music or astronomy.

Munich Cathedral

Not considering visiting Munich Cathedral is a mistake. It is one of the oldest and largest in the city, whose history will catch you. It was founded around 1468, on the remains of the ancient Roman basilica. Also known as Frauenkirche, this place is one of the most important of the German Gothic. Its main attraction inside is “the footprint of the devil”, which is said to have been left by Satan himself.

Munich Cathedral


Another place that deserves to be included in the list of what to see in this Bavarian city is, without a doubt, Marienplatz Square. A beautiful place, recognized since remote times as the soul of the city. In this square there are different historical attractions of great importance, such as the St Mary’s column, the New Town Hall, the old Town Hall, the Town Hall’s carillon clock and the Fischbrunnen fountain, rebuilt after the Second World War.

New Munich City Hall

The repowered building of the New Town Hall is inside those places that you cannot miss. A place of history, created by the need to improve the government offices in the nineteenth century, giving a new image, with a façade approximately 100 meters long and 85 meters high. This building is located in the heart of the city, the square Marienplatz. Giving visitors the opportunity to know its interior and observe the city from the heights.

Hofbräuhaus Brewery

Among the ideal places to see the first day in the German city, there is the Hofbräuhaus Brewery, founded in 1589 and become one of the biggest tourist attractions today. It receives the daily visit of up to 35,000 tourists, a figure that increases during the Oktoberfest celebration.

Hofbrauhaus Brewery oktoberfest

Second day

After a successful and entertaining first day, your trip doesn’t stop! Here’s the itinerary for day two.

Englischer Garten

If you are looking for contact with nature, tranquility and beauty, this city has the ideal attraction. The English Garden has more than 400 hectares of land divided into two sections, north and south. Its extension makes it one of the green lungs in the largest city in the world.

Nymphenburg Palace

Catalogued as one of the main tourist attractions of this German city, this beautiful palace was built in 1964 in a baroque style, whose destiny was to be the residence of the Wittelsbach family. It has an imposing garden of more than 8 thousand square meters, also decorated with beautiful buildings. Inside, in addition to being a genuine construction, has a museum of floats and different works that cause a sensation.

Nymphenburg Palace

Olympiapark München

Impressive, colorful and extensive. These words perfectly define one of the city’s most popular tourist wonders. The Olympiapark München has about 300 hectares of land, which were used in 1972 for the Munich Olympic Games. It also has different recreational activities such as swimming pools, ice skating and a stadium, among others.


It is not only the largest market, but also the most attractive due to the brightness of the colors shown in the food exhibited there. The purchase of fresh products, beers and even eat something fast, are some of the activities that can be done in the more than 140 stalls in this market located in the center of Munich.


Architecture and history are the main attractions in Munich. One example is the Odeonsplatz, also known as Odeon Square. This square is located between gigantic and beautiful buildings of the city, which can be seen perfectly from the place.


Third day

The third day of the visit cannot be the least important. This day’s tours will close your trip, so the itinerary requires more excitement and truly unforgettable places.

Neuschwanstein Castle

This is one of the busiest places in Germany. This is mainly due to the fact that the building is not only attractive in itself, but also has the best landscapes. In fact, Walt Disney relied on Neuschwanstein Castle for the creation of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Dachau Concentration Camp

When it comes to history, this camp is one of the most characteristic. Since its construction in 1933 it had served as a concentration camp, initially for politicians, until it accumulated more than 200,000 prisoners. A true reminder of the atrocity of war.

Dachau Concentration Camp


Built in the 18th century, this square represents another of the city’s historical emblems and tourist attractions. Located in the center, it connects with Marienplatz, allowing you to enjoy its remarkable infrastructure and surroundings.

Excursions to visit from Munich in one or two days

You also have the possibility of making excursions around the city with a duration of no more than two days, ideal for enjoying a lot in a short time. Some of them are mentioned below:

Neuschwanstein Castle

If you want to know this beautiful and attractive castle, the excursion to it is not only the best option, but one of the most complete. It consists of transportation and a guided tour throughout the day. Not only will you enjoy the attractions of the castle, but also exclusive details that only a guide can offer you for an approximate price of 57 euros.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Dachau Concentration Camp

An interesting option to visit the Dachau camp is an excursion. Beyond the place and the events, it is the history that covers this space that makes it interesting. And making the tour accompanied by a guide will provide valuable information. In addition to being economical.


If you want to get to know this dream city, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can do so on a one-day excursion, which includes transportation and a guided tour. A guide in Spanish throughout the day costs about 50 euros.

BMW Factory

Car lovers won’t want to miss the 2.5 hour tour offered by the BMW factory excursions, located across from Munich’s Olympic Park. With an advance booking via email or telephone, you can enjoy the process of production and assembly of the vehicles live.

What to see in Munich with children

If you visit Munich with the children of the house, you will undoubtedly find in some of the places mentioned the best option to take them for an entertaining walk. The BMW factory, the Deutsches Museum, the Town Hall Tower, the Olympic Park, the Englischer Garten or the Nymphenburg Castle are some of the best plans. So this Munich itinerary is ideal for the whole family.

Where to stay in Munich

The accommodation topic in Munich is not at all complicated, even in tourist seasons such as the Oktoberfest, you can get rooms, since in the city are located about 65 thousand hotel posts. However, making your reservation in advance will allow you to secure your stay comfortably and probably at a better price.

The option of apartments, hostels and lodges is also considered very acceptable and sometimes cheaper than a hotel. People who travel in groups and even those who travel alone, can get different options from only 14 euros a night.

visit munich

The weather in Munich, when it’s best to travel

Although the temperature in Munich is widely changeable, summer is usually considered the best time to travel to the city, between August and September. However, any season is good for this magnificent Bavarian city, because it has hot climates in summer and winters with a minimum average of less than 2 degrees below zero in which snow is often seen.

However, the city never loses its charm, so you can choose your favourite season to visit it.

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