Monster Hunter World: Iceborne! Requirements Before Playing and Tips for Winning

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, is an expansion of the original game that is available for the platforms of PS4, Xbox One and PC. Although it is an expansion, it has some characteristics that make it independent, such as its own list of trophies and achievements.

The game was developed by Capcom and is set on an icy plain. You will have to hunt down several difficult beasts to defeat, so any help you have at hand will be essential.

For this reason, we bring some tips and requirements that you should consider before playing Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. In this way, you will be able to make the most of your experience in this adventure that has become one of the most popular titles of all time.

How to start playing Monster Hunter World: Iceborne?

To start your adventure in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, you need to meet some requirements, such as:

  • Logically, you must have purchased Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.
  • It is essential that you have the original version of the game installed.
  • Also, you must have all the game updates installed.
  • Have at least Hunter Rank 16.

Subsequently, you must accept an expedition mission, in which you have to hunt down a Legiana found in the Ancient Forest. Follow the manager and the lafarillos to the west-southwest coordinates, where you will reach a cliff. Then you will return to the base where you will speak with the commander to start the next trip.

When you get to the new area, you need to explore the area a bit next to the one in charge and you will receive an armor that does not have any attributes. Track down to find Legiana’s tracks and those of another monster.

You will have to face various monsters, but you must bear in mind that your main objective is to catch or exterminate the Beotodus.

After you meet your objective, access the options menu and press “Mission> End expedition”, so that you can officially start playing Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

Tips to help you defeat monsters

In Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, you will find yourself in a hostile environment in which you must defeat a series of very dangerous monsters that you will have to face in order to advance in the game and complete it successfully. Therefore, the following tips will be very helpful.

Know your enemy

One strategy that you can use to your advantage is take some time to get to know the monsters you will have to face better.

If you go to the investigator in Seliana or Astera, he will update your Monster Field guide, give you detailed information about the areas where you will find new objects, and show you the weaknesses of the different monsters.

Group rare objects

It often happens that Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is not taken into account merge objectsIf you take the time to carry out this task, you can get rewards such as special Wyverian footprints, which will help you automatically unlock objects that you can use to merge. Such is the case with rare and difficult-to-farm monster parts.

If you follow this recommendation, and you manage to get a celestial footprint from Wyverian from Steamworks, this will help you get a fingerprint each week.

Do not neglect the search for food

Food missions in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne can be of great help, as they allow you to unlock many of the food bonuses that will be very useful when hunting monsters.

Among the skills that food provides you are: accumulating more than one point and the ability to flee more quickly. Also, by staying well fed this is reflected in elemental defense, health or stamina bonuses.

Use the retractable claw

The retractable claw is one of the items that are available in the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne extension. It can be of great help to you when facing the different monsters, while you are on the battlefield you will be able to access several of his tricks.

At the very least, it is possible to climb on top of the monsters to make them crash against the walls, and thus, when they are weak for a while, you can perform a more forceful attack.

Build armor groups

The Master Rank equipment is the one that can offer you a wide variety of gems that will allow you to customize your armor.

By visualizing your team, you will also see their skills, what’s more, you have the possibility of catalog your armor at the smithy, depending on the skills that she can provide you. Thus, you can verify if your armor is ideal for the type of weapon you are using and, at the same time, make sure if it is the one you really need to defeat the monster you are going to face.

Pay a visit to Steamworks

The developers of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne have implemented a much simpler way for you to get some useful items for the moment you find yourself in the new Seliana base.

Once you have enough fuel, you have the possibility to use the Steamworks, a random machine that dumps gifts, they can be rare heavenly footprints or healing objects. These items will help you stay stocked, and best of all, they’re free.

Give utility to your cloaks

Cloaks are a new option that you can have in the extension of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. They are very useful when challenging the most powerful monsters in the game.

There is a great variety of cloaks with different uses that will be of great help, for example, there are cloaks that allow you to face some elements, others have the ability to eliminate a quantity of damage or also, they will help you to evade attack automatically. , whenever you require it.

Unlock Palico’s gear

The missions of your feline friend will be of great help in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, since thanks to them you can supply Palico with additional skills.

If you manage to unlock Palico’s equipment, you will have Plunderblade’s ability available, this allows you to accumulate monster parts during a battle. Plus, it generates a small bonus.

Do some research

Investigations can be found when you collect footprints, traces or clues. Add an Astera or Seliana research to your list and you will begin your quest to hunt a monster.

These missions will help you get many rewards. At the same time, it is a way to decrease more parts of the monsters, which will make your journey easier.

Tactical traps, a great strategy

By using some tactical traps, you will weaken the monster you are facing long enough for you to deal more damage, heal, or sharpen your weapon.

We advise you to only use a trap for hunting, since if you use them constantly the monster can get out of them.

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