Meet the new ‘Titanic’ that will set sail in 2022

It may seem a bit extravagant, but in a world where experience is what counts, more than one will be willing to travel in the new ‘Titanic‘, which is scheduled to set sail 110 years after the tragedy of the original that has become part of popular thought, especially thanks to all the legends, stories and media coverage that the case has had.

A little history

The ‘unsinkable’ of the White Star Line hit an iceberg a few days after starting its maiden voyage. He left Southampton for New York, but a couple of hours after the collision it completely sank. Of more than 2000 people on board, barely 700 survived. And the event aroused the interest of the whole world, as it marked a before and after in the history of navigation. ‘Titanic, James Cameron’s film adaptation from 1997, not only managed to win 11 Oscars, but also won the hearts of the audience.

The wreck

In 1985 the wreck was found and numerous recovered objects have been auctioned among the most passionate nostalgic. So far only researchers have been able to dive in to explore what’s left of the ship, but that will change very soon. It is expected that, in 2019, the Blue Marble will begin to offer the experience to curious tourists. The dive will be 4000 meters and the submersible will be made of titanium and carbon fiber. The visit will cost almost 90,000 euros and the main attraction will be the famous Titanic’s main staircase.

And the new project?

100 years after the tragedy, Clive Palmer, an Australian billionaire announced the construction of a replica of the ship. He created his company, Blue Star Line, and estimated that the Titanic II it would be ready in 2016. What seemed like a crazy idea began to take shape, but 2018 came and the project seemed to cool off. Only, recently, it became known that there is already a date for the maiden voyage: 2022. Fair 110 years after the sinking of the original Titanic.

The crossing

The Titanic II is scheduled to be built in China and, from there, to Dubai. Then he will go to Southampton and from there he will go to New York. Is expected to have Capacity for 2400 passengers, distributed in three classes, and 900 crew members. Only this time the lifeboats will suffice for at least 3000 people and not 1200. The new boat will integrate the design of the original with the state-of-the-art navigation and security technologies. So apparently there is nothing to worry about.

The costs

It is known that Palmer put around 440 million euros on the table to bring the project to life. Of course, this is not impossible for him, who has an estimated fortune of 2.6 billion euros. However, it is to be expected that the tickets will cost according to the degree of luxury that will be offered.

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