Why is a mechanical keyboard better for gaming?

The mechanical keyboards They have become the most desired peripheral for gamers around the world, which is mainly due to the ease of customization and the level of comfort they offer compared to membrane keyboards and hybrids. If you’ve already heard of them, chances are you find yourself wondering if the change is appropriate.

Unlike membrane or hybrid keyboards, a mechanical keyboard does not use rubber or soft material under the keys, but instead has a spring-loaded switch on each key, so you don’t need to press too hard, a feature that gamers usually appreciate since provide a more comfortable and precise game.

Of course, each user has their preferences regarding this device, and it is important to evaluate the advantages it offers before selecting among the best mechanical keyboards. If you want to know more about this technology and its benefits, we have created a list with the main advantages of these compared to the rest of the types of keyboard available.

Advantages of a mechanical keyboard

If you are a fan of video games, surely you have found this publication researching the advisability of investing in a mechanical keyboard. In the following lines we will tell you a little more about the gaming experience and the points in favor of this type of keyboard compared to other equally popular technologies.

More durable

The duration of this keyboard is superior, reaching between 20 to 80 million keystrokes per key, which is much higher than the use supported by other technologies. You could easily use the same keyboard for a decade, provided you have proper care and maintenance.

Higher level of customization

It is possible to choose between models with different types of switches: Cherry MX, Logitech Romer-G, Razer, etc. Each one of them presents particular characteristics and differentiating by color so that the user can distinguish them. These vary in matters such as harshness, tactile feedback, trigger point and even the level of noise they make when the keys are pressed.


The Antighosting It is a very particular functionality that allows the player to press several keys simultaneously. Certainly, many keyboards already incorporate this function, but in a limited way, while mechanical keyboards are the only ones that allow us to press the number of keys we want for the same price.

Greater precision

Besides being faster, they are also more precise and decrease the rate of typing errors in the middle of the game. Due to its direct actuation system, the keys have a higher speed when registering the keystrokes, which has a direct impact on the quality of the game.

Easy to clean

Maintenance and repairs as soon as a failure of this type of keyboard occurs are fundamental issues to guarantee the durability of the peripheral. In this case, a mechanical keyboard allows debris to be easily removed, even when liquid is spilled, since the keys can be easily removed and replaced.

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