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The Tarot of Love: Discover with your cards what love will bring you

The human being is a social animal species, and this makes each person feel the need for affection and to bond with other people, both friendship and love relationships.

Consciously or not, each person seeks to succeed in the loving world, and for this very reason is one of those fields that causes more curiosity and intrigue in people, and the answers to these questions can be resolved through the love tarot.

And although some people may not have access to a clairvoyant who can do a card reading, what they can do is check the tarot of love here online and for free.

This tarot is designed to clarify the doubts that people may have about their love life.

What is the tarot of love?

It is one of the variables of the cartomancy; it is the card reading of a specific deck of cards for consultations related to the emotional field: feelings, fidelity, sex, affection, lack of love and so on.

Many people want to find love when they feel the need for affection, but this desire is done without closing past cycles, or they do it with expectations that are not realistic.

This type of cards guides people on their sentimental path with a brief reading about their past situations, their present emotional state, and a prediction of what the future holds for their hearts.

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Oracles are perhaps the oldest way people got answers from the energies of the universe. In short, oracles are the manifestation of people’s destiny readings.

Many stories in Greek mythology cite oracles, as in the case of the fate of Pandora’s daughter, Pirra, and her husband, Deucalion.

The deck of love

The deck used for this tarot is the one illustrated by Marcia Perry, in which each of the 78 cards represents an emotional need, a feeling, a relationship or a loving approach (although, basically, it is an interpretation of the Marseille tarot deck).

This deck is distinguished from the others by its use of colors and the use of elements in order to represent something (cranes, flowers, rainbows, among others). It is divided into two groups, which are the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana.

The Major Arcana of love represents emotions and feelings, passions and desires, joys and sorrows.

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The Minor Arcana of love are in turn divided into four groups: Flowers, Seeds, Rods and Lightning, each with a different dimension.

  • Flowers: representing the sentimental, personal desires and aspirations.
  • Seeds: representing wealth, happiness and everything material.
  • Rods: representing passions, energy and desires.
  • Lightning: representing conflict, discussion and fury.

And these groups are made up of 10 cards + 4 figures: King, Queen, Prince and Princess.

How can consultations help?

Cartomancy is not exactly a science, but rather an art that few people master to perfection. This denomination as art already gives it, implicitly, the value of the interpretation of the Tarotists.

When one is in a consultation in real life, everything counts for interpreting the cards of the print run; from the aura and the energy emanating from the person who wants to consult his future, to the stories that this person can tell to the clairvoyant.

All this constitutes a clear answer to the different doubts of the people. But to be more specific, let’s see the benefits of consulting the love cards.

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Illuminates the path of emotional conflict

It’s clear that feelings affect people. And many times those feelings, unexpectedly and unconsciously, cloud the mind in such a way that they become overwhelming and there doesn’t seem to be a solution for them.

By connecting with the entire emotional field, it allows the mind to be liberated and enlightened from these conflicts by offering a resolution for them.

Seek for affection in singles

The vast majority of singles have the illusion of finding their ideal partner, sharing special moments and being able to count on one person for the rest of their lives. But they don’t know how to find that person, how to find them, or how to take the next steps to start a relationship.

Reading the cards can be the necessary driver for singles to establish a relationship, or it can also help clear the mind and close past cycles that continue to cause weight to the present.

It can also help to point out problems that have been committed in past relationships, thus serving as a guide and establishing errors that should not be repeated.

tarot of love

How does it work?

Love is a human need, and not getting it can be frustrating, especially when everyone around you enjoys it and looks happy. Online tarot is ideal for solving the love situation.

This can be seen from two extremes; a consultation with a question in mind or a more general consultation in the emotional field. But the procedure for each consultation is the same, simple and quick.

At random, a selection is made of three cards that are revealed at the end. Each of these three cards has its own meaning depending on the order in which they were chosen: the first card is the representation of the past, the second of the present and the third of the future.

These three interpretations come to life when the cards interact with each other, as the cartomancy tries to unite and spin the different meanings of the cards.

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