Lifestyles and How to Enjoy It to the Fullest

The lifestyles They are defined by the activities, habits, interests, opinions and personality traits that a human being has. These factors define their behavior on a social level, reflecting attitudes, values ​​and the vision they have of the world around them. Even within the same social class, it is possible to find different lifestyles.

Each person has different ways of living life. While some take the philosophy of minimalism as a basis for developing all their daily activities, others have a profile and values ​​more aligned with consumerism. These typologies are usually very influential in matters such as consumption, clothing and the development of personal relationships.

There is no exact classification in which a person must fit. Every human being has the ability to practice a certain lifestyle and enjoy it in the best possible way, regardless of their socioeconomic status. Human behavior being so diverse and changing, lifestyles tend to constantly evolve over the decades.

Some prevailing lifestyles today

The categorization of lifestyles may vary according to the different authors consulted and the objective of the study. From a marketing point of view, socio-economic stratifications are often used, while in the cultural and social sphere, lifestyles are an attempt to better understand the behavior and behaviors of groups of individuals.

Minimalist lifestyle

It is based on avoid excesses, with a very specific suggestion. Minimalism seeks that human beings enjoy a visa based on objectives and not on accumulating things. It is not about a renunciation of material comforts, but is related to simplifying life to avoid saturation of commitments, objects, information, stimuli and distractions.

It would then be a philosophy of life that seeks to eliminate the excess, encouraging human beings to learn to get rid of what hinders and stops happiness.

Consumer lifestyle

People known as consumerists are those who are characterized by a constant search for immediate gratification and empty entertainment. They have an eagerness to own goods and demand high quality services that offer them maximum comfort. His concept of happiness and quality of life is based on consuming everything you want, it is immediate.

Lifestyle based on contribution to society

It is also possible to find a large number of people whose lifestyle is based on offer direct contributions to society. Examples of them are all the people who spend a large part of their lives developing volunteer activities, which allows them to make a significant contribution to society. The gratification of these people is knowing that they are useful to society.

Altruistic work requires a significant detachment and is usually associated with great personal sacrifices and, even, many people obtain personal satisfaction by investing their own money in charities and social projects.

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