Lack of sexual desire: what is it, symptoms, causes and prevention

Apathy towards intimate partner activity or lack of sexual desire is low interest in sexual intercourse. It may affect both men and women, but mostly women.

The lack of desire when it comes to sex can be accompanied by other pathologies, physical or psychological problems. It is very likely that this situation causes difficulties in the couple’s relationship, that is why we will analyze the subject below.

What is the lack of sexual desire?

It corresponds to the moment in which the individual does not voluntarily respond to sexual activities. It is a very common condition in women. In fact, it represents between 51% of women and 15% of men. It puts the stability of the relationship as a couple at risk. That is why the sexologist must be attended in time to find an immediate solution.

Similarly, there are different reasons for having a lack of sexual desire. Since, generally, they are associated with both a physical and psychological problem. Due to this, the first recommendation is to attend the sexologist on time, he will be the one who will define if it is necessary to start a therapy.

This condition usually affects the individual who does have a desire to share intimacy with his partner, it is likely that it interferes with his self-esteem. In the same way, those who have a lack of desire usually find themselves in a very difficult situation, since they feel responsible for the well-being of the relationship. Above all, because when there are few sexual encounters, the relationship deteriorates and communication is lost.

Symptoms associated with a lack of sexual desire

Some of the symptoms that can be evidenced are the following:

  • Lack of interest in any type of activity related to sex, including masturbation.
  • There is no presence of sexual thoughts.
  • Preoccupation with lack of sexual fantasies or activities.
  • Distance from the couple.
  • Communication problems.

There are usually constants excuses to avoid sexual contact. For example, not going to sleep at the same time as your partner or watching a very interesting television program. Likewise, there are those who prefer to do some work, such as cleaning the house, picking up the kitchen, among others. This leads to a feeling of guilt for not fulfilling their sexual commitment to their partner. The rhythm of life causes daily stress, which also influences the state of mind, since people are always loaded with work, tasks, among others.

Causes of lack of sexual desire

As we mentioned before, there can be various causes that cause the loss of sexual appetite. It is almost always about some kind of physical or psychological problem. Among which, we can mention:

  • Chronic diseases.
  • Anxiety.
  • Stress.
  • Constant fights and conflicts in the couple.
  • Drug treatments.
  • Hormonal problems
  • Endocrine problems.
  • Metabolic diseases.
  • Exhausted.
  • Sexual conditions, such as: vaginismus, erectile dysfunction or anorgasmia.
  • Mood disorders
  • Apathy in the face of routine.
  • Fear of not satisfying your partner.


When the lack of sexual desire appears, several types can be observed, which are the following:


It is mainly evidenced in women who have never had enough sexual desire. In this way, they have a null capacity to feel sexual fantasies and behaviors. It can be seen in adolescence and is even worse in adulthood.


It manifests itself in people who have had a normal relationship. But for no reason, and suddenly they lose interest in this practice.


It is when the person does not present desire for his partner or for other people.


The person does not feel desire towards his partner, but if he did other people.

How to prevent the lack of sexual desire?

In reality, this problem is a condition that is not known for sure when it can appear. Therefore, es a psychological or physical condition that is difficult to prevent. However, if it happens due to some of the causes mentioned above, you can take a control with the specialists. In this way, there will be an exhaustive monitoring of the triggers in order to help the patient. Some recommendations are:

  • Identify the origin: the person with this condition must be aware of the origin that is generating the lack of sexual appetite.
  • Pleasure routes: it is probable that it is necessary to consider certain routes of pleasure. In this sense, certain studies carried out indicate that there are neural pathways that are linked to sexual desire. Therefore, for everything to be carried out satisfactorily, it is advisable to put into practice the sexual stimuli of both parties.
  • Regain communication: once aware of the problem, the desire must be strengthened, to gradually recover sexual activity.

Treatments for poor sex drive

There are different ways to treat a lack of sexual desire. Among them:

Psychological treatment for the couple

Going to sex therapy is one way to attack the problem. The specialist may provide techniques and information to perform as a couple.

Treatment for women

The lack of sexual desire in women can be attacked with an estrogen treatment to alleviate symptoms of narrowing of the vagina, in case that is the problem. The specialist may prescribe the medication in different presentations, be it pills, sprays, gels, patches. Also, there are vaginal creams that release small doses of estrogen.

Treatment for man

The lack of sexual desire is rare in men, it corresponds to 15% and affects those between 40 and 70 years of age. In this case, men can also receive testosterone treatments, as long as it is proven that there are precedents that indicate a deficiency of the hormone. Also, it must be indicated by an expert, who after a review of the prostate, will take action for the indication. The treatments available are:

  • Gel presentations for the skin: it is rapidly absorbed, it releases the hormone in 24 hours.
  • Quarterly injection: slow and stable release, with a duration of three months.
  • Monthly injection: after the first week, elevated levels of testosterone appear, then it gradually decreases.

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