Knowing a little more Suriname, the Dutch Guiana

Surinam It is a former Dutch colony on South American territory that has a short history as an independent republic. Its coastline overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, and is located between British Guiana and French Guiana, north of Brazil. Thus, nature lovers will discover in Suriname a tourist destination to enjoy excellent beaches, the best Caribbean style, but also Amazonian nature in its wildest state. Surrounded by many popular tourist destinations, such as Brazil, Venezuela and the Caribbean islands, this small country often goes unnoticed. However, it has a lot to offer and here we offer a good summary of its beauties.

Paramaribo, capital of Suriname

As in many other South American destinations, Suriname’s cultural miscegenation enriches its culture. Paramaribo, its capital, is a reliable example of this: it is home to a typical 17th and 18th century colonial architecture with places of worship of different religions, gathered in the same place. Many tourists, in fact, are surprised to find mosques, Hindu temples, a synagogue and a Catholic cathedral in the historic center of the city. The point at which this curiosity reaches its peak is in the Keizerstraat, where there is a Mosque and a Synagogue, practically facing each other. You can also visit the Presidential palace, the Fort Zeelandia Museum and the different areas of the city, with their unique attractions.

The Paramaribo cultural markets They are excellent places to get closer to the cultural diversity of the country. These markets represent a perfect opportunity to get to know the curious local gastronomy, which combines oriental and western cuisine. It is also possible to buy exclusive items from the place to keep as a souvenir of the trip.

Suriname’s natural wonders

As we mentioned before, the untamed nature of the Amazon makes itself felt in this country. The nature reserves of Brownsberg Y Central Suriname They are the main natural attractions of the country and host indigenous animals such as jaguars, armadillos and otters in huge areas of land. In fact, one of the most famous excursions among tourists who visit Suriname is the one to the mountain. Browns mountain, where you can visit the beautiful Irene and Leo waterfalls, the brokopondo lake and enjoy the local fauna in an almost intact ecosystem.

For lovers of marine nature, the Galibi Nature Reserve and the beaches of Matapica they are excellent options. In these places it is possible to meet seabirds and different species of turtles that spawn on the coasts during the summer.

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Another of the excursions requested by tourists is the visit to the Ston island, where it is possible to appreciate the jumping baboons and many different species of fish in a luxurious environment immersed in the nature of the place, and if we are willing to move to the river Commewijne, we will be able to appreciate dolphins, one of the most fun and social species in their interactions with adults and children.

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